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Coffee and mornings go hand in hand, right?

But sometimes, a cup of coffee just won't do because you know your stomach will be grumbling about five minutes later, right?

Some days, you just need that little bit more to give you a kick, so now SHEmazing! readers, feast your eyes on this espresso coffee spread.

You can now spread espresso on toast

The creators behind this fab treat is Flat Brew, and they came up with the recipe for the UK's National Coffee Week.

The company's aim was "to create a spread that didn’t alter the pure and simple taste of the coffee beans."

And we literally couldn't think of anything better for a mid-morning snack.

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The Huffington Post claims that the recipe nearly took a year to create and finalise, but it was worth it.

The espresso spread includes a blend of Arabica coffee, cocoa butter, a little sugar and some cream. Drooling.

And it packs a punch too, with each jar containing 35g of coffee.

However, like all good things, there's a catch. For now, it's only available in Selfridges in London.  

However, Metro and the Evening Standard think it's going to catch on like wildfire after being released to the public.

Unless you know someone living or travelling to London, we can only dream…


In the US, Starbucks hold various Starbucks Evenings where people can go to have a glass of wine or a pint of beer in the chain restaurant for one night only.

Yep, it's something we all wish would come here sometime soon, but another thing that might be stepping onto the scene in the near future is the Starbucks cocktail.

The coffee chain has just debuted its new drink which is made by an espresso and… beer.

It's called an Espresso Cloud IPA (they've already trademarked it) and it sounds hella' complicated to make.

According to Delish, you "shake up some espresso with ice, orange pieces and sweet vanilla to create a frothy foam and then spoon it on top a pint of hoppy IPA to imitate the head of the beer.

"The rest of the citrusy espresso shot is served on the side for you to pour into the IPA which creates the namesake 'espresso cloud' of the drink."

OK, so instead of all that mumbo jumbo, you basically just drop an espresso into a glass of beer and it goes really foamy. It does look delightful, though.


If you can't live without your daily cup of coffee, we feel you. But sometimes you might get bored of your usual milky latte or espresso fix, right?

So, if you want to change up your regular coffee, feast your eyes on this new (and ah-mazing) infographic. 

The chart illustrates just about every coffee you can think of, and many more. We're sure you probably haven't even heard of some of these either. 

The handy graphic, created by Follygraph, maps out the exact measurement of ingredients and style and size of cup/glass needed for all 38 drinks. 

It's also interesting to see the subtle differences between each coffee, which allows you to figure out just what kind of coffee kick you need. There's also some pretty cool styles, like the Spanish cortado or the Vitenamese ca phe sua da.

Click on the image to launch a larger view of the chart and enjoy all of your new coffee experiences: 



Most people in this world have some sort of coffee addiction.

But with prices forever going up, it’s shocking how much money you actually spend on coffee if you add it up.

So, to save you some cash on your coffee runs, here are handy coffee shop hacks you need to know:

Split a large cup of coffee with your friend

If you have a friend who also loves a good cup of coffee, order a large cup and ask for two smaller cups. Then just split your latte (or whatever kind you prefer) into the smaller cups. You can save up to €2 every time you do this, which adds up if you buy a coffee everyday.


When ordering an iced beverage, ask for ice on the side

Typically an iced coffee is half ice and half coffee, but by asking for ice on the side, they will fill the whole cup with coffee. More coffee yet less money. Score!


Create your own latte for the price of an espresso

Order two shots of espresso and add your milk afterwards. DIY latte, for less.


Pick up a loyalty card

Most coffee shops offer loyalty cards, so take advantage of them and order the largest most extravagant coffee when you get your free one. It’s so worth it!