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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have the best relationship.

They have always been open with one another as partners and parents, speaking up about difficulties and praising one another when deserved.

And John is more in love with his wife than ever.


my incredible man. what a surreal life.

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As a musician, his career requires him to travel all over the word. So, each time he returns home he truly treasures every moment with his wife and two kids.

Chrissy recently shared a video of the two lovebirds in which John is looking into her eyes with a content smile.

The mum is trying to play the piano and sing along to the notes like her talented hubby.

But she and John can’t keep it together and break out in hysterics, laughing at her musical attempt.


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“Well well well, look who decided to finally contribute to our family’s finances”, she joked on her Instagram.

The happy couple appear to be attending a fancy affair that night. John is dressed in a white tuxedo and Chrissy is dressed in a glamorous pink dress.

Her hilarious behaviour is classic Chrissy and John loves that about her.

Fans adore how cute the couple is together and were quick to comment on their funny moment.


my incredible man. what a surreal life.

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“You two are awesome!” said one. “Couple goals”, said another.

One thing is for certain, Chrissy has many talents, but it seems like pursuing a singing career may not be the best option.

We love how John and Chrissy can completely be themselves with one another and can’t wait to see what funny moment they share next.



Chrissy Teigen and her daughter are such #familygoals.

The gorgeous model shared a video of little Luna and her playing with her new dollhouse, but not in the traditional way.


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The model is teaching her daughter how to build the house out of her small set of tools.

It appears that Chrissy wants to ensure her daughter learns a well-rounded set of skills outside of traditional gender roles.

And we are loving it! Luna seems to be having the best time.

She furrows her brow in concentration, preparing the materials for her mother who screws in one of the walls into their place.

“An idea weekend honestly”, Chrissy captioned the activity.

In another photo, the entrepreneur passes on even more responsibility to Luna, teaching her how to use the screwdriver herself.


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What a great message for the young girl!

She can have her dollhouse, but they will have to build the home themselves before they can enjoy playing with it together.

“Builders”, Chrissy proudly posted on her Instagram.


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"You two are so cute," said one commenter.

Another called the mother-daughter duo “real family goals”.

It is great to see the powerful boss mama passing on her knowledge and tendency to do things on her own to young Luna.



Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are serious #couplegoals.

After surviving the struggles of a long-term relationship, parenthood and busy careers, the enduring couple are more in love than ever.

Yesterday marked the lovebird's five-year wedding anniversary, and Chrissy could not stop gushing about her doting husband.

“12 years ago today, I met the man of my dreams. And 5 years ago today, we got married,” the model began.

“We have two babies and some pups and a life I am grateful to have. My everything, I love you and am so proud of the story we’ve created.”


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The mum has always been open about her parental journey and credited her hubby for always being there to support her, no matter how tough circumstances were.

But the sassy girl we all know and love finished off her marriage tribute Chrissy-style.

“But you are an a**hole for releasing your The Voice news on my target launch day for real”, she joked.

Yesterday, the All of Me singer announced his role as a coach on the upcoming season of the popular singing competition.


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On the same day, Chrissy announced that her new kitchen and tabletop collection was available in the department store Target.

John tried to make up for his mistake writing, "What can I say on a day like today? I could talk about the 12 beautiful years I've known you. I could talk about the 5 years of wedded bliss, the 2 wonderful children we've brought into this world.

"But I feel the urge to say something far more important. I LOVE your new kitchenware line at Target," he said cheekily.


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"I can't wait for it to come out on September 30th. I'm so proud of everything you've done in your career and how much joy you bring to people's lives.

"Did I mention that your Cravings Cookbook is coming out Tuesday? Because it's coming out Tuesday. I love you, baby."

It’s sweet to see that the happy couple can light-heartedly poke fun at one another while knowing how truly head-over-heels they still are.

Congratulations to Chrissy and John on your milestone anniversary! We hope the years to come are as special as the first five.



Model Chrissy Teigen and husband, John Legend have shared the first picture of their second child.

Teigen announced the arrival of their first son on Twitter on May 16. 

Taking to Instagram, the model uploaded the sweetest picture of their newborn, along with his name.

The adorable snap was captioned:

"Hello, world! This is Miles Theodore Stephens – We are drowning in his little peeps and nuzzles. Our household feels overwhelmed with love. Thank you for all your well wishes!"

The couple is also parents to Luna, who turned two last month. 

It seems that their little boy resembles his big sister.

The mum-of-two took to Twitter to say they have the "same nose."

John Legend according to Refinery29, revealed details of how the newest member of the family got his name. 

On the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, the singer said his children's names always have a sprinkling of musical history.

Inspired by one of the most influential jazz musicians, baby Miles got his name from the great Miles Davis. 


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Little Luna didn't miss out either, as her name links back to the incredible Nina Simone. 

"We named our first daughter Luna Simone Stephens, and every name we give to our kids will have a little bit of musical history," Legend said.

"So Miles, of course, is the same name as the great Miles Davis."



Here's some fantastic news to start off your morning!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may have just welcomed their second child. The parents have previously said that they are expecting a boy.

The mum took to Twitter and wrote, "Somebody's here!" With the baby bottle emojis added in, it didn't take long for fans to read between the lines.

According to People, the parents were expecting their new addition in June, so they may have gotten to meet their son sooner than expected!

We're sure their daughter, two-year-old Luna, is also thrilled to meet her little brother early.

We'll keep you updated as we hear more on this story.

And, of course, congrats to John and Chrissy on their growing family!


So, in case you didn't know already, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are about to gift the world with another offspring and if that's not an excuse to celebrate, I don't know what is. 

To mark to occasion, Kim Kardashian threw Chrissy the cutest surprise baby shower, complete with a stellar celebrity guest list and some of the most PUN-derful cakes we ever did see. 

Of course, fans were able to catch a glimpse of all the action on social media, with Kim uploading several Snapchats over the course of the festivities. 

One clip in particular made had us drooling at the mouth, when Kim showed her followers the array of gorgeous cakes on offer, all of which were iced with various puns including "A Legend in the making" and "Legendary."

Y'know – just in case there was any confusion over who the father is. 

John Legend and Kanye West also shared a sweet moment when they put there political differences aside and posed for joyful selfie. 

Taking to Twitter, Kanye captioned the snap, "We got love. Agree to disgaree" –  most likely referring to the fact that the pair has been involved in an exchange over differing views on Donald Trump's presidency earlier in the week. 

All in all, it looked like great craic altogether, with Chrissy even showing her silly side by taking a seat on a decorative sheep which Kim claims is a priceless collectors item. 

But hey, it's Chrissy's baby shower so she can do what she wants, right? 


Losing a pet is utterly devastating. Those fluffy friends of ours become family, which makes saying goodbye so very painful.

Chrissy Teigen shared on Instagram yesterday that her and John's pooch Puddy has 'gone on to the pup heavens'.

The darling dog was named after David Puddy from Seinfeld because, in Chrissy's words, 'they both shared a love of sitting and staring at nothing'.


Today our baby, Puddy, has gone on to the pup heavens. John and I got Puddy in our first year of dating, when I convinced him half-birthday presents were a real thing. 10 years ago, on May 30th, I found the dog that would be there for us through every up, down, new house, new city, new tour, new travel. He welcomed new pups and loved on new babies and new bellies. He was there for everything. Every time I needed a taste tester, someone to kiss or needed to sob into his stinky rolls, he was there. It’s true what they say. We are their entire lives and it is the greatest shame that they can only bless us with a short spark of time in ours. I always knew I would lose a piece of me when he left us. I feel the hole now. I will love you forever, my boy. My heart aches. Thank you so much for everything, everything.

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"John and I got Puddy in our first year of dating, when I convinced him half-birthday presents were a real thing," the model wrote, "10 years ago, on May 30th, I found the dog that would be there for us through every up, down, new house, new city, new tour, new travel." 

Puddy truly was there for them throughout everything, Chrissy explained in her emotional post: "He welcomed new pups and loved on new babies and new bellies. He was there for everything. Every time I needed a taste tester, someone to kiss or needed to sob into his stinky rolls, he was there." 

Chrissy also shared an adorable photo of Puddy gussied up as a groom next to his blushing French bulldog bride, writing, "Not many people know this but Puddy is survived by his wife, Pippa. Yes, they were married." 

We couldn't help but tear up, especially looking at the tender video and photos of Puddy with newborn Luna. It's clear he was such a big-hearted pup.



The Parkland shooting survivors and the March for Our Lives movement are working to make the U.S. safer in the wake of the Florida school's tragedy.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen supported these brave teenagers recently by donating $25,000 (about €20,500) to their cause.

"We support the students. We're proud of the students," John told AP Entertainment, "We've already sent them money. We sent them $25,000 to help with whatever costs they have for organising, and we believe that our gun culture needs to change in America."

Considering that the couple are parents to Luna, 22 months, and are expecting another little one soon, it's no wonder they are so concerned about gun violence and its sad prevalence in U.S. schools.

"I don't want our kids to keep going to these shooter drills, and all these other things that I can't even believe kids are dealing with right now," the 39-year-old singer shared, "They shouldn't have to deal with that. But I'm glad these kids from Parkland are saying enough is enough, and we support them."

Indeed, the young survivors of the tragic shooting on February 14 are fighting for gun control with a vim and vigour that has inspired many in the States. They plan on holding a demonstration for their cause on March 24 called the March for Our Lives.


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In the interview, John lamented the fact that the U.S. experiences so many mass shootings, saying, "We stand out among other major countries in the world when it comes to these types of massacres, but also in the everyday gun violence that people have to deal with.

"I don't think that we should accept that as normal. I think we've decided that everyone having unfettered access to guns is more important than all of us being safe, and I think we need to reshape that balance a bit so that we're all more safe."

We commend John, Chrissy, and the multitudes of people who are using their voices to work towards keeping others safe.


In November of last year, Chrissy Teigen announced that she was expecting her second child with husband, John Legend.

And earlier today, she went one step further by revealing the sex of her unborn child in a move which has delighted social media users.

Taking to Instagram six hours ago, the model and author announced that she and John will be welcoming a son into their lives.

"Mama and her baby boy," Chrissy wrote alongside a photo which shows the pregnant mum-of-one tenderly touching her bump at last night's Grammy Awards.


mama and her baby boy

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The upload, which has amassed more than 843,000 likes in mere hours, has been inundated with congratulations from fans and followers.

"You’re radiant and every mother to-be’s dream," wrote one Instagram user. "All the best of luck and love in you’re birthing and continuing your beautiful family. You deserve nothing less."

"She must be the most glamorous pregnant woman in ever!" added another.

32-year-old Chrissy, who married John in 2013, welcomed baby Luna in 2016 after battling fertility issues.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Chrissy confirmed that she and John took the same route when conceiving their second child, saying: "We did the IVF thing again. We put it in, we knew what was going on. So, that was easy. But we’re really excited."


Massive congratulations are in order for model Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend, who are expecting their second child together!

The mum-of-one announced the exciting news about their second baby via her Instagram, sharing a video with her 15M followers jokingly saying, 'It's John's!.

She also shared the post with her 8.5M strong Twitter following, where it already has over 44K likes.


it's john's!

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The video shows their daughter Luna, alongside Chrissy's growing baby bump.

Luna Simone, who was born in April 2016. 

Chrissy has been very open about the fact that Luna was conceived through IVF, as well as the difficulties she faced both during and after pregnancy.


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Fans have been celebrating the expecting parents' good news non-stop on social media.

'Congrats to your beautiful family,' said one of Chrissy's Instagram followers.

Another fan commented, 'Luna is going to be a great big sister. Much love to you and your family!'


Chrissy Teigen has hinted that she and husband, John Legend, are planning to add to their brood.

The couple are already proud parents to one-year-old Luna, who they conceived through IVF.

The procedure left the pair with three embryos, one of which remains frozen.



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Speaking to InStyle, Chrissy explained: “The first little girl didn’t work, and then the second is Luna.”

According to the magazine, the mother-of-one went on to say how the third embryo would be transferred to her womb “in the coming months.”

There's no guarantee the Chrissy will become pregnant, though she did say that her, John and Luna, are in a really happy place right now.

"I'm much luckier to have John's personality in my life than he is to have mine," she said 



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"He is insanely patient and such a dork, and he loves seeing me happy, even if that means watching The Real Housewives of Dallas with me for two and a half hours."

Adding: "There's a balance. If he's watching MSNBC and is excited about something, then I've got to be in that realm."

Here's hoping everything works out for the happy family!


It might seem like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are the epitome of true love and happy families, but as we know, even the strongest relationships come with their fair share of struggles.

From fertility issues to drinking problems, John spoke openly about his personal life in a revealing interview published in Cosmopolitan this week.

The 38-year-old singer and Chrissy, 31, have been married since 2013 and last year welcomed the arrival of their first daughter, Luna, conceived thanks to IVF.

Speaking about their fertility struggle, John admitting that having a baby is “a big challenge for a couple” – made especially difficult when you “can't conceive naturally.”

“You want to feel like everything’s working properly and want everything to be perfect, but sometimes it’s not. I wouldn’t say we can’t conceive naturally, but I would say that it’s enough of a challenge where it felt like we needed help,” he said.

John also addressed comments made by Chrissy last month when she opened up about her decision to cut back on drinking.

“When she was thinking about how she wanted to drink less, we talked about it. I just want to support her. I want her to be happy and to live the fullest, most awesome life she can, and I want us to do it together.”



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When asked about his reputation as the “perfect spouse”, the All Of Me singer admitted he that while he was flattered by the label, his relationship is not always perfect.

“I think that’s awesome. I don’t want to present myself as the “perfect spouse” and I don’t want to present our relationship as the “perfect relationship” because I don’t think anybody meets that definition. I think it’s too much pressure to put on anyone.”

“I think it should be cool to be a good partner, a good spouse, a good father, and/or a good parent. If I’m one of the people who helps make that cooler, I think that’s great.”

He finished off the interview with some words of wisdom for his younger self, admitting he wished he had taken more risks – but really, we reckon everything tuned out just fine for the Grammy award winner.