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We all know and adore Chrissy Teigan; gorgeous model, hilarious social media darling, wife of John Legend and just all-round sound lady.

Teigan visited Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show for a chat to discuss her new cookbook, Cravings 2, and the clapback queen discussed the topic of retouching in the modelling industry.

While some take issue with their hips, thighs or facial area, Teigan confessed that she has a major problem with showing her feet. Random…

Chrissy claims that her feet are so ugly that she has written in her legal contract that they must be retouched or hidden in every photoshoot. This is the gospel truth, we swear.

After casually mentioning her hatred of bare feet, she was quick to cover up her toes while sitting in Ellen's infamous chair.

Chrissy laughed and said jokingly, "I have Asian jungle feet, like we're meant to climb trees." (Her mother is from Thailand, her dad is of Norwegian descent)

Of course Ellen tried to get a good look at those notorious toes, but Chrissy slid off the couch and literally sat on her feet so nobody could have a viewing of them. Damn, we're intrigued now. 

When asked how she could pull off this contract clause in various shoots, such as swimsuit campaigns, the media personality explained:

"I used to have it in my Sports Illustrated contract: no feet," she said. "I would bury them in the sand."

Now, we have obviously had to google 'Chrissy Teigan feet', because we had to see this. Her feet were, dare we say it, GLOWING. 

Teigan admitted that she has to wear open-toed shoes to red carpet events and other major media ceremonies, but we have no clue why she's insecure about her feet. They're prettier than our future. 

Keep slayin' Chrissy, your down-to-earth vibe is keeping us alive.

Feature image: Instagram/@perezhilton


In a refreshing change from the norm, actress Emma Roberts has launched a new lingerie campaign without any image retouching whatsoever.

The 24-year-old is the newest face of Aerie, and as part of the label's #AerieREAL project, her first shoot is completely Photoshop-free. The campaign has already featured a number of unretouched models over the last year, but Emma is the first celebrity to sign up.

Emma's shots show her posing in a bra and underwear, and while she looks nothing less than gorgeous as always, it's definitely a positive development to see normal bodily features like freckles, varying skin tone and stretchmarks not being edited out for once.

The actress said she was delighted to be approached, especially after seeing the other #AerieREAL ads on billboards around New York. "Unlike other ads that make me feel like I need to work out more, or I need to buy this for my face — those made me feel good, not like I had to hide behind anything," she told Refinery29.

Despite going without the Photoshop safety net for the first time, the Scream 4 star said she didn't have any pre-shoot nerves. "I've actually never felt more confident and comfortable on a set — which is amazing, because you don't have that safety net. But I saw the photos and was like, you know what? This is great — this is just me, in clothes I feel good in, being who I am."

Growing up in the spotlight, Emma's no stranger to Hollywood's high beauty standards, but she says her real motivation for the shoot was to reassure other young women that it's okay not to be perfect. 

"I have a little sister who's 14, and I see how insecure she gets looking at photos on Instagram and Twitter. People post photos that aren't real. So to be able to be like, 'This is me as Emma, not Emma Roberts,' was important to me."

The actress isn't the first celebrity to give fans a glimpse of the person lurking behind all that retouching. When Khloé Kardashian bared her newly toned body for Complex last month, she was quick to share a 'before-and-after' shot of one of the images to prove that her flawless look wasn't all down to Photoshop:

We hope others soon follow in Emma and Khloé's footsteps.