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We all know and adore Chrissy Teigan; gorgeous model, hilarious social media darling, wife of John Legend and just all-round sound lady.

Teigan visited Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show for a chat to discuss her new cookbook, Cravings 2, and the clapback queen discussed the topic of retouching in the modelling industry.

While some take issue with their hips, thighs or facial area, Teigan confessed that she has a major problem with showing her feet. Random…

Chrissy claims that her feet are so ugly that she has written in her legal contract that they must be retouched or hidden in every photoshoot. This is the gospel truth, we swear.

After casually mentioning her hatred of bare feet, she was quick to cover up her toes while sitting in Ellen's infamous chair.

Chrissy laughed and said jokingly, "I have Asian jungle feet, like we're meant to climb trees." (Her mother is from Thailand, her dad is of Norwegian descent)

Of course Ellen tried to get a good look at those notorious toes, but Chrissy slid off the couch and literally sat on her feet so nobody could have a viewing of them. Damn, we're intrigued now. 

When asked how she could pull off this contract clause in various shoots, such as swimsuit campaigns, the media personality explained:

"I used to have it in my Sports Illustrated contract: no feet," she said. "I would bury them in the sand."

Now, we have obviously had to google 'Chrissy Teigan feet', because we had to see this. Her feet were, dare we say it, GLOWING. 

Teigan admitted that she has to wear open-toed shoes to red carpet events and other major media ceremonies, but we have no clue why she's insecure about her feet. They're prettier than our future. 

Keep slayin' Chrissy, your down-to-earth vibe is keeping us alive.

Feature image: Instagram/@perezhilton


You might think you're making the healthy choice by choosing a piping hot coffee over a chocolate digestive for you mid-morning pick-me-up, but let's face it, more often than not you'll end up reaching for both anyway.

Well, you're not alone, in fact, a new study claims there's actually a scientific reason why our bodies crave sugar after a few sips of a tall Americano.

It seems that caffeine could alter our perceived sense of sweetness, meaning that our sugar craving are heightened after a cup of coffee.

The study, published in the Journal of Food Science, divided participants into two groups. One set were drank caffeinated coffee while the other set drank decaf, but neither group knew which was which.

Both groups were then asked to add sugar to their drinks and rate the sweetness.

The results showed that the group who drank caffeinated coffee rated their drink as less sweet than those who drank decaf.

What's more, both groups of participants reported a boost in mental alertness, though this is probably down to the placebo effect.

Researchers believe that caffeine works to mask our tastebuds somewhat, leading us to crave more sugar in order to be completely satisfied.

So, if you're thinking about cutting your sugar intake, you may want to consider dropping that coffee habit too.


Whether you suffer from cramps, bloating and/or irritability, the days leading up to your period are no walk in the park, and for many women, chocolate is the go-to remedy when it comes to alleviating those dreaded PMS symptoms.

But, as it turns out, those cravings could all be in your head – or rather put there by clever advertising and cultural exposure.

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University at Albany, which looked at the PMS symptoms of 275 women in different parts of the world, those born outside the US were 50 per cent less likely to experience menstrual chocolate craving, compared to women born to US-born parents.

The results found that almost half of all American women surveyed experienced chocolate cravings around the time their period was due, however, this figure fell to just 17 per cent for first -generation immigrants living in the US.

It seems that women who display the strongest cravings for chocolate were more likely to be 'westernised' than those who did not.

Researchers suggest that popular culture could contribute to this pattern as it encourages women to use PMS and pregnancy as a socially and personally acceptable excuse to consume 'taboo' foods.

"PMS chocolate cravings are just one example of this process," said nutritionist Georgios Tzenichristos, according to Metro.co.uk,  "which also serve to highlight our own cultural norms and myths in relation to food, cravings and body image."

But, while we may not be able to use the 'hormone' excuse anymore, we're not sure we're ready to say goodbye to those monthly chocolate binges just yet. 

We won't tell if you don't. 


If a woeful night's sleep results in a whopper binge, you're not alone.

Nothing brings on those pesky sugar cravings quite like a bad night’s sleep, and it’s a habit we could all afford to lose.

And, as usual, science is here to give us a helping hand. 

A recent study published by The Feinbery School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago investigated the relationship between sleep deprivation and the brain’s sensitivity to food smells – and the results were interesting.

According to Science News, the sleep-deprived participants underwent MRI scans while being exposed to some unhealthy (but delicious) food smells such as chips and cinnamon rolls as well as non-food smells like fir trees.

Several weeks later, the experiment was repeated, however this time the participants had had a full eight hours of sleep.

So, here’s the science bit.

Study co-author Sarabhi Bhutani explains that when the participants were operating on just four hours of sleep, food smells prompted greater activity in the piriform cortex and the orbitofrontal cortex (the parts of the brain that recognise smells) than when they had a restful night’s sleep.  

This difference in brain activity was not noted in response to non-food smells, leading researchers to believe there is a direct link between over-tiredness and excessive consumption.

So basically, get your beauty sleep and you’ll eat better too, it’s win-win!


We all have those days when you feel ravenous again by 11am, despite having eaten a full breakfast two hours before. But if those unexplained hunger pangs or cravings are happening on a regular basis, it could be time to re-evaluate your diet and routine.

Hunger levels are not just linked to how much you're eating. They're also linked to the kinds of food you choose, if you're drinking enough water, how you're feeling mentally and countless other things.

Here are a few of the reasons you might be feeling hungry even with a belly full of food.

1. You're dehydrated
Lack of H2O is one of the main causes of unexplained 'hunger' pangs. When we're dehydrated, our hypothalmus – the part of the brain that regulates appetite and thirst – can get confused, meaning our need for water is processed as a need for food. Next time you feel hungry even after eating, try drinking some water and waiting 15-20 minutes. You may find the feeling passes.

2. You’re not sleeping enough
A bad night’s sleep or a complete lack of sleep can leave us feeling foggy and fatigued. As a result our body craves sugar as a quick energy boost. Work towards getting 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep a night, but if that’s not possible at least have non-sugary snack alternatives on hand for emergencies.

3. You need more protein in your diet
Protein-packed food like lean meat, eggs and whole grains are not just important for energy and muscle repair. They also help to balance blood sugar levels, keep us feeling full and satisfied, and require more energy to digest than fat or carbohydrates. So swap tomorrow morning’s slice of toast for an omelette packed with yummy veg.

4. You need more healthy fats, too
Dieters tend to balk at the very mention of “fat” but some level of fat is needed for a balanced diet. Look for heart-healthy options like avocado, nuts, seeds and oils to improve energy levels and leave you feeling more satisfied after eating.

5. You skip breakfast
Even those of us with the best intentions can end up accidentally skipping breakfast simply because our morning is too busy to even think about stopping. Skipping meals can cause an increase in the production of ghrelin, the hormone that controls appetite. In short, if you skip breakfast, you’re more likely to overeat at lunch. Aim to eat something within an hour of waking up, even if that means prepping the night before.


When you have a craving for an unhealthy snack, it can be hard to beat it without giving into temptation. Simple food swaps can satisfy the craving without overwhelming you with guilt afterwards. Here are five cravings and their food swaps that are better for your health. 

1. Chocolate
When you have a craving for chocolate, choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. You need less dark chocolate to satisfy a craving and it contains magnesium and iron. 

2. Sweets
Replace sweets with dried fruit. Even though fruit also contains sugar, it contains nutrients and doesn't have all the additives of sweets.

3. Bread
Opt for oatcakes instead of bread and add healthy toppings to fill you up. They help lower cholesterol and keep you fuller for longer periods of time. 

4. Crisps
If you can't resist a bag of Taytos, choose flatbread as an alternative. You'll find many tasty flavours just like crisps, but without the calories and fat. 

5. Fizzy drinks
Fizzy drinks can be difficult to resist when you're in the mood, but you don't need to abandon the fizz completely. Make your own with sparkling water and juice to satisfy the craving without the high amount of sugar. 
































































































































































































































































It might not seem like a big deal to sneak a midnight snack or have a late dinner, but certain foods can really wreak havoc with your sleep and digestion if eaten in the evenings.

If you do get peckish late at night, try to choose your menu wisely so that you don't suffer the consequences later.

Here's our list of the worst culprits… and what to eat instead!

The worst

1. Alcohol
It might not be an actual food, but drinking alcohol late at night is a surefire way to give yourself indigestion and heartburn. Alcohol relaxes the valves which connect your stomach and oesophagus, leading to acid relfux – especially if you're eating food during or after a drinking session.

2. Cheese
Soft cheeses are high in fat, meaning they also have a relaxing effect on your stomach valves. Hello, heartburn. Harder cheeses like Parmesan and Swiss cheese are slightly better options but should still be eaten in moderation.

3. Citrus fruits
Tangy fruits are highly acidic which isn't a good choice for your stomach late at night. Orange juice and green apples are two of the worst culprits.

4. Red meat
Large amounts of protein can be difficult to digest late at night, meaning your body is working double time as you sleep. 

The best

1. Bananas
Bananas are full of potassium and magnesium, two muscle relaxants that'll help you dose off more easily. 

2. Turkey
Like red meat, turkey does contain protein, but if you are looking for something filling it's a far better option. Go for a few slices of lean turkey – a small portion that your digestive system can handle late at night.

3. Sweet potatoes
Another potassium-packed food, sweet potatoes are also full of complex carbs which help to promote better sleep.

4. Herbal tea
Certain herbals teas contain caffeine, but try chamomile, valerian or peppermint for a relaxing beverage that will calm the mind and body before bedtime.


So the diet's been going well all day, until 3pm hits and all thoughts of healthy eating go out the window. You're in the mood for chocolate and those biscuits in the cupboard are looking mighty tempting.

When you've got a craving, it can be hard to ignore – but you don't necessarily have to eat something high-fat or high-sugar to satisfy it.

Here are a few suggestions of snack ideas to satisy each and every craving type.

1. The sugar craving

What you want: Something sweet. Haribo jellies, cake, whatever – just give me the sugar.

What to snack on: Tangy fruits contain natural sugars which are better for your body than processed and refined ones. Try some fresh pineapple for a real sweet hit, or some low-fat yoghurt with granola and berries. If you want something more substantial, frozen yoghurt is a great low-fat option – just stick to plain rather than flavoured yoghurt and choose healthier toppings like fruit and nuts.

2. The chocolate craving

What you want: Dairy Milk, Galaxy, last year's Easter egg, basically anything containing delicious cocoa. 

What to snack on: A square or two of dark chocolate is far lower in fat and will satisfy you more quickly than milk or white chocolate. Stick to chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. A chocolate covered rice cake only contains around 60 calories so is another great healthy option. If you're after something really moreish, try light chocolate regular milk or soy milk.

3. The salt craving

What you want: McDonalds or a messy Chinese takeaway. MSG please!

What to snack on: Pistachios will still satisfy your salt cravings and they contain more antioxidants than other nuts. Plus, having to crack open a shell each time means you can't mindlessly eat three handfuls without realising. Pita chips and popcorn are other low-fat salty snacks that will get you through the worst of any craving!


Hunger is a strange beast. Sometimes you’re stuffed after a few bites of dinner, other times it seems like you’ll never be full no matter how many times you approach the biscuit cupboard.

Even though you may sometimes feel hunger-like symptoms, it doesn’t always mean that your body needs fuelling. Hunger pangs can sometimes just be a sign that you’re bored, tired or even thirsty. Often a desire to eat can be confused with a need to eat – and the two are not the same.

If you’re trying to keep your weight in check, take note of these five types of hunger and how to handle them:

Real hunger
This type of hunger means business. If you’re low in energy, with a rumbling tummy and even a headache or some shakiness, you can take it as a sign that you should eat NOW. Try to avoid getting to this kind of stage though – having healthy snacks on hand should stop you ever getting over-hungry.

TV hunger
Ever notice that you work through that bag of crisps in double time when sitting in front of the TV? Being distracted by your favourite film or programme can lead to mindless eating, so try to take note of how hungry you are before turning on the telly and become more aware of how much you're reaching for that bag of Sensations.

Bored hunger
When you’re at a loose end, the fridge is always the first thing to catch your attention. Try to avoid the kitchen during times of boredom. Use the time to relax instead – read a book, call a friend – whatever floats your boat.

Stress hunger
When you’re over-stressed, the dreaded hangry (hungry + angry) feeling can lead to an overwhelming desire for a quick sugar fix. Try your best to turn to healthier snacks instead, like nuts, crackers or fruit.

Eye hunger
You stroll into the office kitchen and catch sight of a plate of cupcakes on the counter. INSTANT HUNGER. The thing is though, your body wasn’t even thinking about cupcakes until you actually saw them. Make a conscious decision to either eat one, or skip it. If you do eat one, at least take the time to savour and enjoy it, rather than shoving it into your mouth guiltily. You’ll just end up wanting more!


If you find that you’re still starving no matter how much you've just eaten, it could be the food itself that is the problem. Your body needs fuel to function properly, and making wise choices can be the key to overcoming those after-dinner cravings.

Take note of these five foods that will only leave you feeling hungrier…

1. White bread
Still hungry after that lunchtime sandwich? Your choice of bread could be the problem. White flour is made by removing the most substantial part of the grain, meaning you’re not getting the filling fibre content that whole grain breads have. Swap your ciabatta for some brown soda or rye bread and you’ll notice you feel far more satisfied.

2. Crisps and other salty snacks
Next time you reach for that bag of Tayto to curb those hunger pangs, think twice. The simple carbs in crisps and pretzels are broken down easily by your body, meaning you’ll be hungry again before you know it. The high salt content can also lead your brain to crave something sweet afterwards, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the chocolate.

3. Sushi rolls
Sushi might seem like a healthy meal choice due to the presence of raw fish and veg – but be careful what variety you go for if you’re not going to be eating anything else. Many sushi rolls contain mainly sweetened white rice with only a small amount of filling. Once your body has broken down the rice you’ll start to feel hungry again. Try brown rice sushi rolls instead, or skip the carbs entirely and go for sashimi which is just thinly sliced raw fish.

4. Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners
When you sip a Coke Zero or put some Splenda into your coffee, you might be skipping on sugar but you’re just confusing your brain into thinking it’s about to get an energy-filled calorie hit. For this reason, artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose can actually trigger sugar cravings.

5. Sugary breakfast cereals
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so plan it wisely. Rather than reaching for sugary cereals that are bursting with simple carbs, go for a whole grain option that will fill you up for longer.


Have you ever been in a situation where your body suddenly craves something salty or sweet and you simply must satisfy it, even if you are on a diet?!

Did you know these cravings are actually your body, telling you that you’re lacking in something?

Craving salt
If you are craving salt, your body may actually need magnesium and potassium. These minerals are found in salt, which is why it seems like you really need that bag of crisps right now. You can get potassium and magnesium supplements in your local health store.

Craving sweets
If you are craving sweets it doesn’t mean you need to stuff your face with jellies, you actually need some carbohydrates in your body. Nibble on a carrot or enjoy some sweet potato chips to satisfy your cravings. Nuts or raisins work just as well.

Craving all kinds of food
Craving all kinds of food may actually mean you are lacking in protein, as your body simply can’t satisfy itself.  Stock up on nuts, veggies and chicken, so you can nibble on these when you simply can’t shift those hunger pangs.

We could really do with a bowl of chips covered in salt right now… mmmm!


We’ve all had an attack of grazing fever before.

We’re cramming for that big exam, we’ve a work project due in tomorrow or a long overdue email to write to a friend.

But instead of tackling it all head on, you’ll find yourself making umpteen trips back and forth to the fridge to forage for scraps.

Grazing is a sure-fire way to gain weight, and will play havoc with your digestive system.

Here are a few simple ways you can stop that bad eating habit for good.

Put on lip gloss
This will not only give you something to do with your hands other than pick at leftovers, but it will also makes you less likely to eat because who wants to mess up freshly-applied gloss?!

Turn up the tunes
Listening to your favourite track (the more upbeat the better), will give you a big energy boost and release lots of lovely feel-good hormones which suppress food cravings and help you stay on task.

Watch a funny viral
Research show that laughter makes us feel calmer, which means you’ll be less likely to stress eat.

Take a breath
Take a deep breath in and then a deep breath out. Repeat for just two minutes, and you’ll be so much more relaxed, you won’t want to even look at that leftover takeaway.

Post a picture
Posting a snap on Facebook or Instagram of yourself looking gorgeous on a night out will boost your confidence and remind you that you’re just too fabulous to feast on leftovers!