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We all know and adore Chrissy Teigan; gorgeous model, hilarious social media darling, wife of John Legend and just all-round sound lady.

Teigan visited Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show for a chat to discuss her new cookbook, Cravings 2, and the clapback queen discussed the topic of retouching in the modelling industry.

While some take issue with their hips, thighs or facial area, Teigan confessed that she has a major problem with showing her feet. Random…

Chrissy claims that her feet are so ugly that she has written in her legal contract that they must be retouched or hidden in every photoshoot. This is the gospel truth, we swear.

After casually mentioning her hatred of bare feet, she was quick to cover up her toes while sitting in Ellen's infamous chair.

Chrissy laughed and said jokingly, "I have Asian jungle feet, like we're meant to climb trees." (Her mother is from Thailand, her dad is of Norwegian descent)

Of course Ellen tried to get a good look at those notorious toes, but Chrissy slid off the couch and literally sat on her feet so nobody could have a viewing of them. Damn, we're intrigued now. 

When asked how she could pull off this contract clause in various shoots, such as swimsuit campaigns, the media personality explained:

"I used to have it in my Sports Illustrated contract: no feet," she said. "I would bury them in the sand."

Now, we have obviously had to google 'Chrissy Teigan feet', because we had to see this. Her feet were, dare we say it, GLOWING. 

Teigan admitted that she has to wear open-toed shoes to red carpet events and other major media ceremonies, but we have no clue why she's insecure about her feet. They're prettier than our future. 

Keep slayin' Chrissy, your down-to-earth vibe is keeping us alive.

Feature image: Instagram/@perezhilton



Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are expecting their first child together. The couple shared the wonderful news during a trip to Miami this weekend.

Kate posted a photo of her wearing a red suit and you can clearly see her blooming baby bump. The model simply captioned the shot: “#PregnantinMiami.”

Fans were overjoyed for the actress-model: “Hope you and your husband have many happy days ahead.”


A post shared by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

“Congratulations, you'll be an amazing mom @kateupton and @justinverlander will be an awesome dad,” another commented.

One wrote: “The most glam pregnant women, ever! So gorgeous. Congrats to y’all!”

“Congratulations to both of you! Gonna be one good looking kid and talented too!” one shared.


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Justin also posted the exact same image of Kate on his Instagram account, and added a more heartfelt caption. He gushed about his wife, telling the world that she is going to be the greatest mum to their first child.

“You’re going to be the most amazing Mom!! I can’t wait to start this new journey with you!,” the professional baseball pitcher said.

He continued: “You’re the most thoughtful, loving, caring, and strong woman I’ve ever met!”


A post shared by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

Justin admitted that he feels reassured knowing his son or daughter will be raised by such a powerful and inspiring woman.

“I’m so proud that our little one is going to be raised in this world by a woman like you! I love you so much,” he wrote.

Kate and Justin met in 2014, and later married in Tuscany, Italy in November, 2017.


I'm not going to claim that I know the ins and outs of every feminist issue.

But I can safely say that as a 22-year-old woman, I was thoroughly angered by a piece which recently featured in The Independent titled Serena Williams sabotages own equality battle with soft-porn photo shoot.

Why? Because it basically puts women back in a box, and insinuated that the only reason a woman might pose in a swimsuit is to tease and titillate.

Image result for serena williams sports illustrated

Serena Williams' Sports Illustrated cover shoot was gorgeous, yet it was labelled nothing "other than soft porn," by a female sports journalist, and I can't help but ask, are we really that backwards?

For Christ's sake, a woman in a swimsuit is far from soft porn and to label it that is not only degrading, but insulting to Serena.

For anyone who hasn't read the Sports Illustrated feature, Serena wanted to show off her body because it's muscular – and she's proud of that. She wanted to show that it's not only your standard runway models who get to grace covers of magazines.

Strong, athletic and successful women do, too.

Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes of our time, and loving herself and her body does not "sabotage the equality battle."

Image result for serena williams sports illustrated

She has had to face this criticism throughout her whole career, her whole life even, so to describe her as "wanting to be validated for how [she] looks," is totally wrong and disrespectful.

The author says that she "doesn't agree with photos objectifying women." But, what about photos 'objectifying' men? Or indeed, athletes?

The ESPN Body magazine photographs countless athletes year after year, yet is this considered objectification? No. It's to celebrate their bodies, which endure workouts, diets and gruelling regimes so they can be as successful as possible in their line of sport.

Their whole lives are about their bodies. Their talent is their bodies.

Why shouldn't they show them off if they want to?

The opening line of the article suggests Serena's interest in thong bikinis speaks to her sudden lack of interest in the issue of equality.

"I've never actually worn a thong bikini… the thong is perfect, it really made me feel comfortable. I'm officially a thong girl now."

Cool, Serena's into thongs. But that's not all she's into.

How about this quote by Serena: "Luck has nothing to do with it because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come."

Or this one: "I love who I am, and I encourage other people to love and embrace who they are. But it definitely wasn't easy – it took me a while."

Fixating on her comments about a thong is pretty demeaning and it dismisses how hard she's worked and how much she has had to overcome in order to feel good in herself.

Related image

Trying to make it out as if Serena is only into 'showbusiness' like the Kardashians and only cares about how she looks is an unfair assessment of the Sports Illustrated feature.

When you can acknowledge that "Serena has done her bit in the past to raise the issue of equality in sport," why concentrate on a photo of her in a swimsuit?

"She has done her bit" No, she's done A LOT. Why suggest her time has come and passed, and she no longer bothers with equality issues anymore?

Appearing to miss the point, The Independent writer asks: "So to look strong, sexy and to be a woman involves baring your butt and boobs?"

That's not the point.

She's not talking about being naked. She's not talking about showing off her boobs and bum. She's talking about being COMFORTABLE in her own skin, after years of criticism. 

She is talking about how she was bullied about her larger frame and has now overcome it.

And she's saying it's OK to be ANY kind of woman, with any kind of shape, and still love yourself.

Image result for serena williams sports illustrated

"These photos switch Serena into the traditional passive role for women who are objectified as things to be ogled," we're told.

Just because she poses in a swimsuit does not render her countless other achievements null and void.

Women have  overcome the "traditional" and "passive" labels in a big way, and even though more changes need to be made, women have come so far.

We are business women. We are entrepreneurs. We are travellers. We are mothers. We are fighters. We stand up for what we believe in. We are not passive anymore, and if you look at current events – it shows.

500,000 people marched in Washington earlier this year for women's rights. 100,000 marched in London and 5,000 marched in Dublin. 

Tables have turned, and for a woman to make these comments warrants more than a 'simple SMH and move on' moment.

Image result for serena williams sports illustrated

Do you not see the bigger picture? Do you not see that she feels empowered by her body and is proud of it? She's clearly not doing it for people to "lust" after her as the article states.

The article ends by saying, "They allow themselves to become a commercialised version of 'sexy'. And we all know how that sells."

As I stated at the beginning, Serena is celebrating her body because it doesn't look like everyone else. It's not what you see on the average commercial.

She's celebrating her body because she's strong and she's proud of it.

And who is anyone to tell her she's wrong?



Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated expert.

She first appeared on the pages of the magazine in 2010, and continued to pop up every year until 2014, where she stunned on the cover alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge.

Image result for Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated

Since 2014, Chrissy took some time off to focus on other jobs and of course, raising her gorgeous baby Luna.

Now however, she's making her comeback and we have to say, she's doing it well.

Wearing a small purple bikini in Sports Illustrated-fashion, the mum-of-one got back into her groove and looked hotter than ever.

"I forgot how stupidly painful it is to pop your ass all day," she laughed.

Image result for Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated

"For a mother, it's nice to be able to be back in your element and it's so important to my well-being that I'm able to come out here and do something that I'm proud of," she said in her SI interview.

Never change, Chrissy.


Model Robyn Lawley is the face of Pantene, has designed her own swimwear collection and has been on the covers of Vogue, Elle and Sports Illustrated and yet she admits she has been dropped from major beauty campaigns because of her size 16 frame.

In a recently published interview with The Cut, the Australian beauty described how she would be hired for jobs based on her photos but as soon as agents realised she was not a sample size model, she would be let go.

She said: “My agency, when I signed with them, sent me out to all the beauty clients.  My Italian agency did the same thing.”

“I got booked from everyone.  Then, as soon as they found out my size, they all dropped off.”

Robyn – who runs the food blog Robyn Lawley Eats – has been outspoken over her dislike of the term "plus-size" and in the interview highlighted how strange it is that one term is used to describe every woman who wears clothing larger than a size 8.

She said: “Plus-size is a really broad term.  If you're going to label sizes 8 to 18 plus-size, you're labelling the majority of women plus-size.”

When asked if she’s ever been worried about her weight, the curvy model answered with an honest “yes” but rather than stressing over being too big, Robyn said she was freaked out over getting too thin.

She said: “I found these crazy, old photos of me modelling and they took my breath away.”

“I was so skinny, and it was just not good enough.  It wasn't skinny enough. I had tried everything and I had whittled myself down to a point where I couldn’t be skinnier.”

“I can’t control my bone structure.  I can’t get skinnier than my bones.  I can’t.  You can change the sample.”

“Seeing those pictures reminded me that it’s important for girls not to feel like that.  I was weak.  I needed to be fit, healthy, and young.”



Love my tie bottoms @robynlawleyswimwear #support #mysize #comfortable

A video posted by Robyn Lawley (@robynlawley) on

Robyn recently made history when she was the first non-sample-sized model to cover Sports Illustrated.

She is the latest in a string of high profile names – which includes Amy Schumer – calling for greater diversity in the industry.

Since more and more high street brands are now adding extra sizes to their lines, we're hopeful that fashion is slowly becoming more inclusive.


American model and former Sports Illustrated covergirl, Cheryl Tiegs, has come under public scrutiny after criticising Sports Illustrated for featuring plus-sized model Ashley Graham on the cover of it's new issue. 

Ashley has recently made history by becoming the first plus-sized body to front the cover of the highly coveted Swimsuit Issue for 2016.

And while we think she looks absolutely out of this world, it seems that former covergirl Cheryl is not impressed. 

"Actually I don’t like it that we’re talking about full figured women because it’s glamorising them," said the 68-year-old to E! News

"Your waist should be smaller than 35 inches. That’s what Dr.Oz [American health expert] said and I’m sticking to it.

"No I don’t think it’s healthy. Her face is beautiful. Beautiful. But I don’t think it’s healthy in the long run."

And as you can imagine, no one has been particularly impressed with Cheryl's comment and the model has been forced to attempt to defend herself on social media. 

"I would like to clarify my thoughts regarding bodyweight. I don't think being anorexic, bulimic or overweight are healthy," said Cheryl on Facebook last night. 

"All of these can be connected to serious health issues. I want everyone to be as healthy as they can be." 

Fans were quick to comment that Ashley's website revealed her waist to measure in at 30 inches, making her well within the healthy sizeframe according to Dr. Oz. 

At a size 14, we think she just slays the cover. 

The 28-year-old revealed that she broke into tears when she heard that she had landed the cover. 

You do you, Ashley Graham. 



In case you had forgotten how unbelievably stunning Gigi Hadid is, we are happily here to remind you. 

Taking a break from gracing the catwalks of top designers at New York Fashion Week, the leggy blonde has donned an array of sexy bikinis as she steps in front of the camera for Sports Illustrated. 

"I texted my special someone, I always get excited about the pictures…" said Gigi when asked about who she showed the sexy snaps to first. 

And it seems that it was Zayn who was the first lucky person to get a sneak preview of the snaps. 

"He obviously liked the pictures."


"It's my third year doing Sports Illustrated," the eldest Hadid sibling continued. 

"When I got the call this year that I was shooting with Yu Tsai, in Tahiti, it was just perfect, there was nothing else I could ask for." 

The 20-year-old is set to helm the 2016 Swimsuit Edition of the popular publication which is out next week. 



With catwalk struts for DVF and Tommy Hilfiger under her belt so far this week, Gigi Hadid is officially the darling of New York Fashion Week 2016.

And the blonde beauty showed off her style prowess to perfection last night when she stepped out at a Sports Illustrated event looking downright stunning.

A sheer, skintight cut-out jumpsuit is certainly not a look for the faint-hearted, but Gigi couldn't have looked more chilled out as she posed for the cameras, smiling and enjoying her moment in the spotlight.

As for that flowing blonde hair though, the fact that her tresses were noticeably shorter at another SI event just 24 hours beforehand means this is definitely a case of expertly applied extensions.

So perfect model genes can't get you everything – at least when it comes to your hair.

The 20-year-old model appears on the pages of SI's newest swimsuit issue, and was one of many models – including Lily Aldridge and Hannah David – at the issue's launch event last night. 

Gigi's look comes from UK designer Julien McDonald's SS16 collection, and is fresh off the catwalk, meaning it's sadly not available for mainstream purchase as yet.

That's okay though, as we'll need a far few more boxing and ballet classes á la Gigi before we're ready to rock her jumpsuit.

In an impassioned Instagram post last autumn, Gigi hit back at critics of her athletic shape, saying she saw no reason why models should be stick thin.

"Yes I have boobs, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I'm not asking for special treatment. I'm fitting into the sample sizes," she wrote.

"I represent a body image that wasn't accepted in high fashion before."

Well, given her appearance at just about every fashion event this year so far, it's clear Gigi's the one getting the last laugh over her haters.


She’s appeared numerous times in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and now Nina Agdal is showing off her amazing figure again – albeit this time to highlight the importance of wearing enough sun cream.


‼️ Wear sunscreen kids‼️

A photo posted by Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) on


The Danish 23-year-old took to Instagram this week displaying sore, peeling skin around her bust-line. “Wear sunscreen kids,” she playfully captioned the image.

Understandably, the photograph proved extremely popular with her fans: close-to 35,000 people have already liked it.

Nina is one of the world's leading swimwear models


Also this week, the Sports Illustrated site shared several captivating unused test-shots of Nina, taken by Frederic Pinet.

The unused test-shots have been released by Frederic Pinet


Nina has been dating fellow model Reid Heidenry for more than a year and was also previously linked to Max George of The Wanted, and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine.

She is signed to Elite Model Management and has modelled for Billabong and Victoria's Secret. She appeared in the 2013 Super Bowl television commercial for US fast-food chain, Carl’s Jr.



Swimsuits for All have recreated the 50th anniversary edition of Sports Illustrated with their own version.

The original featured models Chrissy Teigan, Lily Aldridge and Nina Agdal.

However, the swimsuit company have created their very own cover featuring plus-size models Robyn Lawley, Jada Sezer, Shareefa J. and blogger, Gabi Gregg.

The beautiful photos were taken on the beaches of Turks and Caicos and will appear in the company’s upcoming calender.

Gabi shared her thoughts on the shoot in a behind-the-scenes video, saying: “I think it’s sad that the representatives of women in mainstream culture are usually so small just because we have such a diversity of sizes in the real world … so many women see those girls and think they have to look like them. And I know plus-size models and bloggers, like myself, are really helping to change that.”

We think this is great – there is beauty at every size, small or big. You go, ladies!