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Jessica Simpson says she is happy to feel like herself again after losing an incredible 100 pounds. 

The mum showed off her beautiful figure in an all black ensemble. 

Jessica, who is a mum to three gorgeous kiddos, said she weighed 240 pounds when she was expecting her youngest bubba, Birdie.

The mum wrote, “6 months. 100 pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240)


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“My first trip away from #BIRDIEMAE and emotional for many reasons, but so proud to feel like myself again. Even when it felt impossible, I chose to work harder,” Jessica shared.

In an interview with People, the singer’s personal trainer said she called him days after welcoming her daughter, eager to start her fitness journey.

Her trainer, Harley Pasternak said: “I’ve kind of helped her come back after each baby, and this is a bit different, in that she said she was tipping the scales at 240 [post-delivery]. 


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“This is sort of the aggregate of being pregnant nonstop for a decade, and so we had a little more of a challenge between this and the other ones,” he shared.

He explained that they focused on a holistic lifestyle approach instead of spending every second in the gym.

The trainer added, “The difference between this and the other times was that she worked out, yes, but her transformation was more about what she did on her own time.”


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Jessica was more motivated than ever, “She was saying that her body has not belonged to her for the past decade. Not in a bad way, in a positive way — her body has been designated to create life and now it’s hers again and she’s going to make it fantastic in a really enjoyable way.”

Fair play to Jessica. She looks unbelievable.


The pap-favourites of the moment are certainly a stellar lot. 

Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Angie and Brad, Kate Middleton, Cheryl Fernandez Versini, and – of course – the Kardashian-Jenner women.

They all command attention… and they certainly send waiting photographers into a frenzy whenever they're spotted in public.

What we hadn't considered until now, however, is that Jessica Simpson is such hot-property in the world of paparazzi swarms. 

Last night she hit Craig's, a swish steakhouse in fancy-pants West Hollywood, with her former professional athlete husband, Eric Johnson.

And suffice to say that when they left – via a back-door, natch – the dozens of waiting photogs went crazy.

Jessica, 35, is still under the spotlight following her controversial "drunk" Home Shopping Network appearance.

Indeed, dining at Craig's represented Ms Simpson's first foray into public since the incident.

Dressed casually in black – complete with Louboutin sandals – and carrying a €2,000 Saint Laurent tote, the singer and businesswoman came across as somewhat dazed and confused – the result, no doubt, of the mass of waiting cameras. 

However, at least her handsome husband was on hand to guide her to their waiting vehicle, subsequently allowing her to sit in the front seat alongside the driver.

Jessica Simpson — Dazed in Paparazzi Storm
Jessica Simpson was swarmed by paparazzi Monday night, and it understandably left her a little "deer-in-the-headlights."



Jessica Simpson didn't do much to build her brand last night, but she certainly got people talking.

The actress had a two-hour slot on the US Home Shopping Network last night, selling items from the Jessica Simpson fashion line.

Unfortunately, she didn't come across too well, with many viewers saying she appeared 'drunk.' At many points during her appearance the mum-of-two slurred her words, started giggling, and even wandered off the screen a few times with no explanation.

While neither Jessica or the Home Shopping Network have made any official statement, this clip pretty much speaks for itself:

Of course Twitter was soon awash with negative comments from viewers, with the reactions ranging from amused to completely disgusted:

This isn't the first time Jessica has attracted negative attention for her behaviour on air.

Back in March she gave an equally bizarre and ramping interview during a Teen Vogue event in New York, making a series of strange faces and again slurring her words.

Seems like Jess needs some more media training.


They were married for just three years – but a decade after their divorce; Jessica Simpson says that Nick Lachey remains her most costly mistake.

The businesswoman – now worth some €132m – was speaking on CNBC’s Closing Bell slot yesterday when she was asked about what her most expensive blunder was.

“My first marriage,” the 35-year-old star says immediately before breaking out into a smile.

During their time together, Jessica and Nick, 41, famously appeared in three series of the hit reality MTV show, Newlyweds.

It made them both international stars, but they filed for divorce in December 2005; they had said ‘I do,’ during a lavish ceremony held in her native Texas in October 2002.

Both Ms Simpson and Mr Lachy now have children from their current relationships: he has been married to Vanessa Minnillo since 2011, while she wed Eric Johnson last year following a lengthy engagement.  

Earlier this year, Jessica said she'd have a “panic attack,” if she had to watch an episode of Newlyweds now.




So while some of us decided it was brave enough to even check out Fifty Shades with our other half in the first place, one celeb couple went a step further and decided to actually recreate the steamy flick.

Taking to Instagram to share their saucy snaps, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson had the public totally flustered in no time.

Uploading a black and white snap of the pair in a passionate liplock, Jessica captioned the shot: "I'm so in love with you. #FiftyShadesofJohnson

The feisty pair didn't stop there though. Oh no.

Moving onto pose number two, the smitten and scantily-clad pair engaged in a little gymnastics. Limbs were entwined, heads were thrown back and all manner of carry-on was going on.

Snap number three took the biscuit as Jessica threw her leg across her topless partner's lap and he clutched her thigh like his life depended on it.

It doesn't look like Jessica's followers were as into the snaps as the couple appear to be, with some fans leaving comments including: "Tacky, unfollowing you now"  and "A bit too explicit."

We think Jessica and Eric are probably having a bit too much fun to care right now, but maybe they'll rethink next year's ones?



Singer and actress Jessica Simpson took to Instagram today to pay tribute to her close friend Vince Camuto, a man she described as "my mentor, my family, the creator of all my dreams."

Design legend and businessman Vince, aged 71, passed away of natural causes late last night. Although he is best known being the man behind shoe label Nine West, Vince and Jessica had worked closely together on various projects over the last decade, and he was the co-founder of her hugely successful namesake clothing brand 

This morning Jessica shared a picture of herself with Vince, alongside a quote from the late designer which read, "“It is never about one person. It’s the teams you put in place. Without the right people, you’re nowhere."

Jessica also added her own touching message, saying, "Thank you, Vince, for the humble power that has taken me everywhere. You are my mentor, my family, the creator of all my dreams. I will forever walk in your shoes…you made them. #brokenheart"

The Dukes of Hazzard star gushed about her relationship with Vince in an interview early last year, saying, "2015 is our 10-year anniversary. It’s exciting… Vince is an inspiration in so many ways. He’s a savvy businessman, he’s a family man and we share a passion about design and great products."

It's never easy to lose a good friend – we hope poor Jessica is holding up okay today.



It would seem that Jessica Simpson has prompted some worry over her health following photos she posted on her Instagram account yesterday. 

The singer, who has made no secret of her weight-loss journey after having two children, posted a photo of herself on the social media site, but it seems to have attracted the wrong attention. 

Many followers have expressed concern over the photo, speculating that Jessica’s weight loss has perhaps gone too far with one commenter saying: "Jesus you're so thin" and another saying how she goes from one extreme to another. 

The mum-of-two often posts photos of her work-out and is very proud of the body she has achieved since giving birth to daughter Maxi in 2012 and Ace in 2013. 

Many of her followers also defended the photo, saying that it is never ok to comment on people's weight, big or small. 




We were hoping the former Newlyweds were still good friends – but according to Nick Lachey, he and Jessica are “nothing”. Eek.

The singer appeared on SiriusXM’s radio show with Jenny McCarthy and said that he and Jessica have absolutely no contact anymore (aww!): “I wouldn’t say it’s friends, but I wouldn’t say it’s enemies. There’s just no contact. We’ve both moved on with our lives and I think we’re just happy with the way it went. It’s not animosity, it’s not friendship, it’s just kind of nothing.”

Nick, who is now married to Vanessa Minnillo with whom he has one child, Camden, and a little girl on the way.

He also said that it was a good thing he and Jessica did not start a family: “I think in our situation, that was probably the best thing that could have ever happened is that we didn’t have kids. All things being equal, it was the best thing probably for the both of us that we went on with our lives and she’s obviously happily married with two. I’m happily married about to have two so it all worked out the way it was supposed to work out.”

Nick and Jessica married back in 2002 and starred in MTV’s Newlyweds before divorcing in 2006. 

Here's one of our favourite moments from Newlyweds – it never gets old. 




Jessica Simpson shared a glimpse of her new haircut with Instagram followers yesterday. 

The singer has cut her hair into a long bob and also went for a new shade of blonde. 

Jessica captioned the photo: “Short hair don’t care … Cut by my favourite @roqchop and blondie by the best of all time @ritahazan.”


Short hair don't care… Cut by my favorite @roqchop and blondie by the best of all time @ritahazan

Een foto die is geplaatst door Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) op

Jessica, who normally sports long wavy blonde locks, also straightened her hair for a new sleek look. 

We can’t decide if we prefer the blonde waves or this new sleek look! What do you think? 



There’s another Hollywood baby on the way as Donald Faison and Cacee Cobb are expecting their second child together!

The Clueless actor shared the sweetest image of his son, Rocco photoshopped to be wearing a t-shirt that reads: “I’m a big brother!!” with a bunch of balloons in his hand and a dickie bow on.


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So. Cute.

This will be the sixth child for the actor who has been married to Jessica Simpson’s personal assistant Cacee since 2012.

Cacee will be a familiar face to those who watched Jessica Simpson's reality TV show, Newlyweds which aired all the way back in 2003 – we feel so old!

Congratulations to the happy couple on their lovely news!



Jessica Simpson has revealed that she is planning to change her surname.

The singer was married to Eric Johnson during the summer and has said that her marriage has brought them closer together as a couple: “We are a little more addicted to each other. There is a level of love that has reached the highest of highs.” Sounds intense!

Jessica told the Today show in the US that she is going to change her name to Jessica Johnson: “When I renew my licence that’s very expired, I’m going to be Jessica Johnson.”

The singer also joked: “Doesn’t Jessica Johnson sound like the best stripper name ever?”

While she didn’t say whether the change would be on a professional level also, we have to say that ‘Jessica Johnson’ has a great ring to it! And not in a stripper way either, Jess!

However, Jessica has said in the past that the name ‘Simpson’ tends to have a bit more pull when it comes to the world of fame, so perhaps not: “If it’s a hard restaurant to get into, I will definitely say ‘Simpson.’ It helps a little bit.”



Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress wasn’t the only one to be revealed to the world today!

Following Ashlee Simpson’s wedding to Evan Ross, photos from the couple’s big day have emerged – and the bride looks stunning!

Ashlee has been dating Evan, who is Diana Ross’ son, since July of last year and announced their engagement back in January with a lovely photo on Twitter, writing: "My baby and I are ENGAGED!!! Hallelujah Hawaii!!!!!"

They were married at Diana Ross' estate in Connecticut last Sunday. 

The wedding was an all-star event with Ashlee’s sister, Jessica Simpson, in attendance with her husband Eric as well as Scrubs’ star, Donald Faison.

Unfortunately for the star, the day was rainy, but by the looks of things, this didn’t spoil her big day!

Ashlee wore a long-sleeved lace gown with her long blonde hair loose and gorgeous shoes which actually matched her headpiece – now that we love!

Jessica was a bridesmaid for her little sister and was wearing a white lace dress with her hair worn very similar to the bride’s.

The bridesmaid’s wore different gowns, edging away from the classic matching bridesmaid dresses trend.

This was Ashlee's second wedding, as she was previously married to Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, with whom she has one child, Bronx Mowgli. 

Congratulations to Ashlee and Evan on their big day!