Celeb couple face heat after recreating Fifty Shades


So while some of us decided it was brave enough to even check out Fifty Shades with our other half in the first place, one celeb couple went a step further and decided to actually recreate the steamy flick.

Taking to Instagram to share their saucy snaps, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson had the public totally flustered in no time.

Uploading a black and white snap of the pair in a passionate liplock, Jessica captioned the shot: "I'm so in love with you. #FiftyShadesofJohnson

The feisty pair didn't stop there though. Oh no.

Moving onto pose number two, the smitten and scantily-clad pair engaged in a little gymnastics. Limbs were entwined, heads were thrown back and all manner of carry-on was going on.

Snap number three took the biscuit as Jessica threw her leg across her topless partner's lap and he clutched her thigh like his life depended on it.

It doesn't look like Jessica's followers were as into the snaps as the couple appear to be, with some fans leaving comments including: "Tacky, unfollowing you now"  and "A bit too explicit."

We think Jessica and Eric are probably having a bit too much fun to care right now, but maybe they'll rethink next year's ones?