Jessica Simpson didn't do much to build her brand last night, but she certainly got people talking.

The actress had a two-hour slot on the US Home Shopping Network last night, selling items from the Jessica Simpson fashion line.

Unfortunately, she didn't come across too well, with many viewers saying she appeared 'drunk.' At many points during her appearance the mum-of-two slurred her words, started giggling, and even wandered off the screen a few times with no explanation.

While neither Jessica or the Home Shopping Network have made any official statement, this clip pretty much speaks for itself:

Of course Twitter was soon awash with negative comments from viewers, with the reactions ranging from amused to completely disgusted:

This isn't the first time Jessica has attracted negative attention for her behaviour on air.

Back in March she gave an equally bizarre and ramping interview during a Teen Vogue event in New York, making a series of strange faces and again slurring her words.

Seems like Jess needs some more media training.