Singer reveals she plans to change her name


Jessica Simpson has revealed that she is planning to change her surname.

The singer was married to Eric Johnson during the summer and has said that her marriage has brought them closer together as a couple: “We are a little more addicted to each other. There is a level of love that has reached the highest of highs.” Sounds intense!

Jessica told the Today show in the US that she is going to change her name to Jessica Johnson: “When I renew my licence that’s very expired, I’m going to be Jessica Johnson.”

The singer also joked: “Doesn’t Jessica Johnson sound like the best stripper name ever?”

While she didn’t say whether the change would be on a professional level also, we have to say that ‘Jessica Johnson’ has a great ring to it! And not in a stripper way either, Jess!

However, Jessica has said in the past that the name ‘Simpson’ tends to have a bit more pull when it comes to the world of fame, so perhaps not: “If it’s a hard restaurant to get into, I will definitely say ‘Simpson.’ It helps a little bit.”