Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress is revealed!


Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress has been revealed, and we’re not quite sure what to make of it.

She and Brad Pitt are known for their big family, and they’re always going on about how much they love their kids, so we guess it was fitting that they had a part to play in their wedding. But would you let your child doodle all over your dress, as if it was a sheet of paper rather than an antique lace and silk dress made by Atelier Versace master tailor Luigi Massi?

Ok so they didn’t doodle ON the dress, Luigi Massi sewed the designs on based on their kids’ drawings, but it had the same effect. We suppose when you’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you can get away with his kind of thing – and it is quite sentimental. 

Apparently the kids also helped write their parents vows, and Maddox, 13, and Pax, 10, walked their mum down the aisle. Zahara, 9, and Vivenne, 6, were flower girls snd Shiloh, 8, and Knox, 6, were the ring bearers for their parents' wedding. So it really was a family affair.

Is sentimentality more important than style on your wedding day? It’s up to the bride we suppose, and even though Angelina may look like she made a pit stop at Sesame Street on her way to the wedding, she still looks pretty amazing!