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Years of memories of messy nights, broken heels and the BEST gal chats in the toilets – is coming to a close.

The Wright Venue is shutting its doors after 10 years and we can't deal.

The North Dublin club will officially wave goodbye to its customers at the end of January.


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So if you want one more bop in the venue – assemble the gals asap.

It's not all bad news though, as the current staff will be offered positions within the company.

In a statement, it was revealed that the spot will be re-opened as 'Jam Park' in the next coming months.

The company are looking to take a different direction with the site, saying their "focus now is the food business."


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Michael Wright thanked his staff for all their dedication that turned the Wright Venue into the iconic nightclub it is today.

"We thrived thanks to the talented and passionate team that helped create the unique Wright Venue atmosphere and reputation and by offering quality entertainment and major stars," he stated.

We are so sad to see this one go.


Who knew that Kris Jenner was the queen of ad-libbing?

The Kardashian momager is a key cameo in Ariana Grande's iconic noughties-inspired Thank U, Next music video, and the blooper reel has just been gifted to us and all we can say is; God is a Woman.

That woman is Kris.

Blooper reels are undeniably traditional when it comes to 1990s romantic comedies, and Ari has also bequeathed the audience with a WHOLE DELETED SCENE from the Legally Blonde aspect of the video.

thank you next legally blonde GIF by Ariana Grande

The "I'm taking the f*cking dog" scene from the renowned Reese Witherspoon flick features Ari masquerading as Jennifer Coolidge's lawyer while confronting her ex-boyfriend.

Troye Sivan getting smashed into a locker multiple times also features ("she's gonna f*cking slam me, I just know it"), not to mention a GAS moment where Miranda Sings' water breaks while Ari (AKA Regina George) walks past her. 

The funniest part HAS to be Kris Jenner getting a little too into her cameo role as Regina George's mom.

thank you next kris jenner GIF by Ariana Grande

While in the audience recording her beloved 'daughter' performing the song, Jenner whispers to the woman beside her;

“When I was raising Ariana I always told her that if a guy ever f*cks with her, she should just say "thank u, next." I told her … if she ever had sex without a condom, she’d get chlamydia and die.”

Wow, now THAT is called good acting.

As well as Mean Girls and Legally Blonde, the acclaimed video also paid tribute to Bring It On and 13 Going On 30.

Check out the blooper reel below:


We're sure you all remember the teen heart-throb and sandy blonde protagonist of Saved By The Bell.

The absolute hunk that was Zack Morris was played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who is now hoping that the show will have it's reunion on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Hold on to your nostalgia hats, because Saved By The Bell is set to have it's 30-year-anniversary, so we suddenly feel infinitely older.

Jimmy Fallon previously had the cast-members back for a mini-reunion on-screen in 2015, which the internet was DELIGHTED for, and the star is hoping for another TV celebration.

The 44-year-old actor shot to fame back in 1989 playing the main character of the show, and it's now renowned as one of the biggest treats of the 1990s.

The 90s fashion alone has remained iconic, but we haven't seen much of the cast since the show ended, except for Mario Lopez and Gosselaar.

Lopez, who portrayed AC Slater, has remained in the TV business through his penchant for presenting. Mark-Paul has also stayed in the industry, playing roles in NYPD Blue, Franklin & Bash and now The Passage.


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Gosselaar recently spoke to Metro, and stated that there are currently no plans to get the crew back together for the anniversary; "No, we haven’t discussed anything."

He continued:

"I think the last time we did something for the 25th was with Jimmy Fallon, so possibly he might have something up his sleeve which would be great."

"I think we’d all gladly take up the offer if it was there to reprise that role with them."

PAY ATTENTION JIMMY. Give the world what it wants, and deserves.



Rihanna is pretty much a goddess not of this earth. We do not deserve her, or her iconic Fenty Beauty range. That's for certain.

The versatile vixen has now released a new Christmas range for her Savage x Fenty lingerie line, and it's fair to say our minds are officially blown.

I mean, does this woman ever take a day off from being perfection?


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She captioned the post: 

We getting NAUGHTY-not-NICE this season! @savagexfenty just dropped The Ultimate Gift Guide to help you shop gifts for everybody in ya life !! Hit up SavageX.com to get 50% off everything for a limited time!”

Tbh we barely read the caption because we were far too busy staring at how drop-dead gorgeous she is in the post, but obviously we will be lining up to get whatever this gal offers us.

Naturally, the topless pic pretty much set the internet on fire, and went instantly viral. Everything she does goes viral, but this is next level fire.

Fans are still spamming the singer, actress and fashion icon regarding news of her ninth studio album, and one particularly quick fan noticed that RiRi registered two new songs:

PLEASE let her release new mucic, it's all we need, it's all we CRAVE in the universe. She hasn't released her own music since 2016's ANTI.

Her badass tunes are the oxygen to our lungs. The Ant to our Dec. The Rudolph to our Santa. You get the picture…

Well, it's official: being nice is cancelled. It's over.

Rihanna said it in her underwear, so it must be true.


We Irish are famous for many things, but let's face it, our sense of style isn't one of them.

After all, we're the land of saints and scholars, not sequins and shift dresses.

However, it might be high time we give ourselves a little more credit, because this classic Irish garment has just been chosen as one of the world's most iconic fashion designs.

The Aran Jumper is set to star alongside other time-honoured fashion pieces such as the little black dress, the biker jacket and Levi jeans at a major new art exhibition in the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

According to MoMA, each of the 111 items featured in the exhibition were selected because of their “profound impact on the world over the last century”.

Sure, Aran Jumpers come in all shapes and colours, but the garment in question is a cream, knitted creation from 1940, on loan from Ireland's Nationla Folklife Collection, housed at Turlough Park, Co. Mayo.

Long been a symbol of Irish rural life, Aran jumpers began to grow in popularity when manufactures began to export them around the world in the 1950s.

Speaking about the incredible feat for Irish design, Tony Candon from the National Museum of Ireland commented: “We are pleased to be able to contribute to this exciting new exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.”

"Aran sweaters are a powerful expression of the creativity of the Irish folk craft tradition and we are very happy that this is being recognised through inclusion in this important exhibition.”

Time to go digging through the attic – we have a feeling these babies will be back in fashion very soon.