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Another Dublin pub has shut its doors, and we're beyond upset about this tragedy. It seems like so many gems of the capital city have been forced to close, and the latest one is hitting Dubliners hard.

The Hill pub of Ranelagh has announced it will "close with immediate effect" due to "circumstances beyond our control."

The venue released a short statement on Twitter, with customers showing their support:

"We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers over the last few years, you have all been amazing," the pub wrote.

Fans and visitors of the location made sure to show the pub love in the comments, wishing the pub luck with any other business ventures they attempt.

Independent businesses and nightlife spots have been noticeably struggling to stay open in the city centre, with rent costs sky high and corporations reducing the market to a monopoly.

We wish the best of luck in the future to The Hill, hopefully it can reopen in a few years for some fresh pints.

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Years of memories of messy nights, broken heels and the BEST gal chats in the toilets – is coming to a close.

The Wright Venue is shutting its doors after 10 years and we can't deal.

The North Dublin club will officially wave goodbye to its customers at the end of January.


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So if you want one more bop in the venue – assemble the gals asap.

It's not all bad news though, as the current staff will be offered positions within the company.

In a statement, it was revealed that the spot will be re-opened as 'Jam Park' in the next coming months.

The company are looking to take a different direction with the site, saying their "focus now is the food business."


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Michael Wright thanked his staff for all their dedication that turned the Wright Venue into the iconic nightclub it is today.

"We thrived thanks to the talented and passionate team that helped create the unique Wright Venue atmosphere and reputation and by offering quality entertainment and major stars," he stated.

We are so sad to see this one go.


Inspired by New York's hip Meatpacking district, it's often been touted as one of the capital's most chic eateries since launching close-to four years ago. 

And certainly, Fade Street Social – part of celebrity chef Dylan McGrath's string of restaurants – draws in a seriously cool crowd, including the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z, who ate there in March 2014.

However, the Food Safety Authority Of Ireland has today revealed that Fade Street Social was last month ordered to CLOSE DOWN by environmental health officers.

Shut for a full day on July 15, the FSAI ordered the closure because it "deemed that there is or there is likely to be a grave and immediate danger to public health at or in the premises". 

On its website, Fade Street Social boasts that it serves "the very best of homegrown produce," adding that "freshness is the real hero".

When Beyonce and Jay-Z visited the spot two-and-a-half years ago, the Irish Independent reported that Queen Bey tucked into the pumpkin flatbreads garnished with fresh rosemary, parmesan, onion purée, sliced chestnut and fried mushroom, while her rapper husband opted for a classic strip steak and a serving of chips.



As if Friday rush-hour traffic in our capital city wasn't bad enough – the Port Tunnel is currently closed in BOTH directions.

A northbound truck which went on fire a little after 7am is responsible for the disruption, with emergency services – including ten fire extinguishing vehicles – being called to the scene earlier today. The truck has been removed from the scene.

It has been reported that one man was taken to the nearby Mater hospital, and while there are no details of his condition, it is not thought his injuries are life-threatening.

Smoke could at one stage been seen billowing from the tunnel's entrance, but the flames have since been extinguished and engineers are on site to access the damage caused.

Unsurprisingly, traffic remains "very heavy" in the aftermath – a particular concern for anyone trying to make it to Dublin Airport for a morning flight.

Many reports on social media say that the roads surrounding the area and in the city centre are at a "standstill."

Via Twitter, the Dublin Fire Brigade highlighted that fire in an enclosed space presents an "extreme danger".

Many commuters reported that it took them four or five times the usual time to travel to their places of work. 

Rachel Last told independent.ie that it took her more than an hour to travel just 6.5km.

"I live in Swords – I used the back roads to get out when I left my home at 7.20am this morning.

"I then drove to Coolock to drop my son at my mother's before driving to the village where I got on a bus at 8am. 

"We drove for five minutes on the Malahide Road. We are now stuck in traffic at the Marino Fairview junction. We have been stuck here for at least 20 minutes.

"I spoke to another woman on the bus and she has been on it since 7.25am.

"People are getting off the buses on the Malahide Road and are walking the two or three miles [3-5km] to the city centre to get work," she said.



We were never huge fans of Crocs (at least not outside the house), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t saddened to hear that the brand are closing up to 100 stores and laying off about 180 employees.

They’ll also be reducing the amount of styles they sell by 30-40%, and their Elite line will be totally gone.

However, these changes don’t necessarily mean that the end is nigh for Crocs. Instead they are hoping to save $4 million in 2014 and $10 million in 2015.

Not bad, eh? Maybe we should offer our support by wearing our Crocs in public, or maybe not….