Nine pop culture Halloween costumes to try this year!


Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes the stress and panic of choosing your costume.

Not just any one mind you, but an outfit that will get people talking. Put down that witches cape or that sexy Playboy bunny outfit – things are about to get real!

Here are our top picks for some VERY current Halloween looks to impress at this year's party. Now, they mightn't be the sexiest of costumes, but that's all part of the fun we think!

1. Taylor Swift's "No It's Becky" ensemble
Taylor joined Tumblr recently and though it took her a while to get the hang of it, she soon jumped on board and won the internet with her response to the "No it's becky" photo that had been trending online for a few months. 

All you need is a yellow t-shirt with a few words inked on, a tartan shirt/skirt and some cute ankle boots. It's an outfit in itself!

2. Trish from Love/Hate
This RTÉ drama started up again recently, so by the time Halloween hits it's sure to be all anyone's talking about. Some brown or black hair extensions, anything remotely tight or leopard printed, a duck-face pout and you're good to go.

3. Elsa from Frozen
You'll be the envy of seven-year-olds everywhere with this costume. This is a great option if you're looking to keep things sweet and girly. Just walk around like you're terrified to touch anything in case it turns to ice – sorted!

4. Daenerys from Game of Thrones
If there is any show on TV that lends itself to Halloween dress-up, it's G.O.T. And who better to dress up as than Daenerys, Mother of Dragons? You can re-use your Frozen wig for this one too!

5. An Ice Bucket Challenge victim
We've all just about recovered from having our Facebook feeds overtaken by Ice Bucket videos – now it's time to exploit the phenomenon for your costume. You'll need a plastic bucket and some silver tinsel or clear plastic sheeting – anything that could resemble pouring water. To really look authentic, retire to the bathroom every once in a while to pour more water on your head.

6. Olivia Pope from Scandal
Your office wear can double as a Halloween costume too, you know. Anything neutral – cream, white, beige or grey will work. Top the look off with a swanky hat and sip your drink only from an oversized wine glass for the night.

7. Spider Dog
This is technically a costume for your pet but it'll definitely be a memorable one! The spider dog video struck fear into the hearts of millions when it was released last month. This costume takes a but of crafting but it will be so worth it!


8. Alex from Orange is the New Black
Don a prison suit, draw on some flicks with your eyeliner, repeatedly take your glasses on and off and be very snarky to everyone who approaches you. Easy!

9. Jasmine Tridevil
In what was surely the biggest internet hoax in years, Alisha Hassler convinced the world's media that she was a three-breasted woman named Jasmine Tridevil who'd had surgery to get an extra boob. The aim? To become "unattractive to men." Needless to say, it was all a lie. You'll need to alter your bikini for this one, and don't forget the heavy eye make-up and dyed black hair!