Epic couples Halloween costumes we NEED to re-create!


Couples costumes can be the height of cheese, but sometimes, people just get it right.

Here are a few that made us majorly jealous…

1. Google Maps
Simple AND informative.

2. Tom Hanks and Wilson from Castaway

3. A pair of breasts and a lovely bra!
Boobs. Enough said. It's your choice if you go with pert or saggy!

4. Bishop and Nun
Okay, it's slightly cringe, but it got us laughing!

5. Tetris blocks
We love that they slot together!

6. JD and Coke
This could be adapted in loads of ways… our vote is for a Gin and Tonic!

7. Lego Couple
Perfect if you don't want to look at your other half all night…

8. Struck by lightning

9. Where's Wally and Where's Wanda
This one never gets old.

10. Fairly OddParents
Anyone who watched Nickelodeon as a kid will be getting serious nostalgia pangs right now.