Hilarious Halloween dress up: The best animal costumes ever

Late night Netflix and chill, an excuse to eat endless fistfuls of sweets, bundling up under blankets – what’s not to like about a Halloween night in.

But on of our favourite spooky night past times is scrolling through social media to find the best thing ever – animals dressed in costumes.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best of the best from dachshunds to hedgehogs.

Here are the cutest and most hilarious animal costumes yet:

1. Simba 


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Not only is this cat adorable, but it’s more majestic than we can ever hope to be.

2. Hot Dog


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This weiner dog has had enough of the hot dog jokes.

3. Wrecking Ball


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Throwback to Miley’s crazy days, this pug is a millennial icon.

4. Bat Kitty


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This vampire bat kitty never goes hungry. No one can resist inviting its cuteness in.

5. Fernando the Hedge


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Taco bout the best hedgehog costume ever.

6. Wonder Husky


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Even Wonder Woman has to hit up the gym sometimes.

7. Super Dog


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His powers include super strength and overwhelming cuteness.

8. Breaking Bad Cat

Heisenberg has really let his beard go.


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9. Captain Fluffy

The sassiest pirate to sail the high seas.


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10. Ghost Doggos

Now you see us…now you don’t. Watch out for these furry spirits tomorrow.


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11. Woger Wabbit

What’s up, doc? This bulldog means business.


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12. Guinea-chu


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Fuzzberta’s favourite costume…yes her name is fuzzberta and she has her own Instagram.

Are you dressing up your pet this Halloween? Tag us in their photos!