Truth about three-breasted woman finally revealed!


The world's media went into a frenzy earlier this week with the bizarre news that a woman in the US had undergone plastic surgery to add a third breast.

Pictures were even published of the 21-year-old, who goes by the fake name of Jasmine Tridevil, in a simply lovely three-part bikini.

Much to our disappointment, the story has since been revealed as an elaborate hoax. Jasmine, real name Alisha Hessler, has just two boobs… quite enough we think!

It turns out that earlier this month, Jasmine's bag was stolen at Tampa International Airport. Her property was returned soon after, but the police report filed beforehand listed the main item missing as a "3 breast prothesis" valued at $5,000 (€3,800) Very convenient!

Urban legend reference site Snopes also revealed that Alisha Hessler's business page listed her as a "provider of internet hoaxes since 2014."

And to top it all off, she was arrested for fraudulent use of personal information last year.

Last week Jasmine/Alisha excitedly claimed on her Facebook page that she would be appearing on a number of talk shows. "So I'm flying to New York to appear on The Inside Edition show this Monday!" she wrote. "Then going to be on the news, Jimmy Kimmel show and Vice magazine!" The Inside Edition appearance doesn't seem to have gone ahead, but we wonder if Jimmy Kimmel will still have her on… our bet is yes!

Earlier this morning, she posted again on Facebook to say she would be addressing the hoax claims head on. "Ok guys, there's a lot of rumours going on about me. I'm going to post a video to put the rumours to rest soon. Stay tuned."