Taylor Swift’s latest snap wins the internet


Taylor Swift is basically everyone’s best friend…or at least that’s how it feels.

From inviting fans to her HOUSE for an album listening session, to giving her followers advice on friends and boys on Instagram – she really does put the effort in!

But this…this is epic.

A while ago a photo of Taylor Swift began to trend on the internet.  The photo’s caption explained that it was a girl named Becky who died from smoking marijuana. When someone pointed out that the photo was in fact, Taylor Swift, the poster replied: “no its becky.”

And so “no its becky” was born.

Taylor, proving that she is totally down with her fans, the internet AND social media, took a photo of herself wearing a top that read: “no its becky” claiming that she’s tempted to change the cover of her new album, 1989.

We really, really hope she does.