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Most of us share quite a bit of our lives on Instagram – using the app to connect with friends, share pictures from nights out and brunches of Sunday's past. 

However when you're and influencer, your Instagram page can become your career as well as a place to share your favourite snaps. 

Claudine Kehoe, one of Ireland's leading influencers with a following for her style and travel snaps faced every Instagrammer's biggest nightmare when she lost her Instagram page to a hack – and her 80,000 followers with it. 


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Claudine described the hack as being committed by a 'lowlife,'  after being forced to create a new page. 

Her new Insta has gained over 8,000 followers in less than 24 hours. 

Her fellow influencer sisters Emma and Ashley have been sharing their little sister's page across their social medis to let people know where Caludine's account went. 

Instagram / Claudine Kehoe

She hasn’t given up hope of retrieving her page, and thanked her followers for their support. 

Claudine admits that there are many worse things in life than losing an online account – but if we lost 80k followers, we wouldn't be too happy either. 

Hopefully Instagram cracks down on hackers and restores Claudine's account to it's full glory. 


Last night, Ariana Grande‘s Instagram account was hacked by a currently unknown perpetrator.

Her account was then spammed with images and content of a racist nature. 

A number of posts included racist language, with one reading: 'f***** ass n****.'

Another read ‘GANG B**** F*** WIT US GET SHMOKEEDDD.’ 

Nicki Minaj replied to this particular post with a curious emoji, to which the hackers replied: ‘f*** u talking bout u next’.

The hackers insinuated that Nicki would be next in line to get hacked by the perpetrators. 


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The posts also included images of other Instagram accounts, with requests that Ariana's 111 million followers go and follow the linked accounts.

Ariana’s account has since been restored to its former glory, and the hacker's images have been removed.

Fans we're going crazy on social media, wondering what on earth was happening with the star's social media. 


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Ariana responded to the debacle with a GIF on her Instagram page, showing that she isn't taking the hack too seriously. 

'Y'all when i got hacked this am,' she captioned the snap. 


 We are major Instagram addicts at SHEmazing HQ, so when we stumbled upon this major hack, we were pretty impressed. 

The photo-sharing app has quite a few delightful filters you can add over images to jazz them up a little, but sometimes the line-up can feel a tad stale.

Little did we know, but there are actually 40 filters to choose from on the app, but some of them are hiding.

When you edit an image, scroll to the very end where you'll find an application called Manage. 

Once you click in, you'll see a scroll page featuring all the usual filters (some of which will be greyed out if you followed our other Instagram hack…)

However if you scroll down, it will soon become clear that there are a whole host of other filters that haven't been activated. 

All you have to do it tap and activate the ones you want to try out, and with 18 secret ones to choose from, your Insta page is about to get a major refresh. 

And voila, when you click back out of Manage, there will be a brand new line-up of filters in the Insta-assembly line with your old favourites.

The amount of new choices is pretty amazing, whether you want to brighten up a landscape image or salvage a selfie, there are now so many ways to do it. 

The 'what filter?' question is about to get tougher…


When it comes to going on holiday, there's a lot that can go wrong, and one of those things is shampoo exploding all over your suitcase.

Your clothes, make-up and basically everything is destroyed and smells like lavender and berries. Great.

So, to avoid this mishap the next time you're flying away, we found a tweet that has answered all of our prayers.

Jaiden Animations took to Twitter to show her fans a hack her mam showed her, and it's pretty handy.

She wrote, "idk if this is common knowledge but my mom showed me this hack to prevent leaking liquids for travelling/packing so im tweeting to save a bag."

It's simple. It's smart. It's brilliant.

We're definitely going to be using this hack the next time we're heading away.



A few years ago, Beauty Blenders came crashing onto the beauty scene and revolutionised the way we apply we apply makeup.

Where had those little egg-shaped sponges been all our lives?

Makeup lovers the world over swear by the simple  tool, but one issues has arisen time and time again – why are they so damn hard to clean?

Well ladies, the struggle is finally over.

One Twitter user has come up with the ultimate solution to this common problem, and we are amazed at how simple it actually is.

The answer has been sitting on our kitchen sinks the entire time.

Simply soak the sponge in a mixture of Fairy Liquid and water, pop it in the microwave for one minute and voila – good as new.

Since Tuesday, the tweet has has been liked over 30,000 times, proving how revolutionary this hack really is.

But don't just take our word for it. The results have been amazing. 

Honestly, we're just mad we didn't think of this before.


Caramel Macchiatos and hazelnut cappuccinos are a couple of our favourite things, so we were delighted when we came across this coffee hack.

This little hack, which will delight both a health nut and a sweet tooth, was created by chef Jessica Seinfeld, and it's actually pretty simple.

Seen on Delish, Jessica starts each week by chilling a can of coconut milk overnight.


For those who have asked how: a demo of how to whip an already chilled can of coconut milk and spoon it into coffee. Buckle up.

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The thick coconut cream and the liquid fully separate in the can, so when you come down the next morning all you have to do is whip it until it forms stiff peaks.

 "It just like whipped cream. It's the most decadent-but-not treat. It does something to my head in the morning," Jessica says.

café, cappuccino, coffee

The famous foodie likes to whip the whole can of coconut milk up in one morning and then leaves it in the fridge to use whenever she has a coffee craving.

With a tablespoon of coconut milk coming in at only 34 calories, it's the sweet and healthy option.

Now, say goodbye to that Starbucks!



If you spend much of December on the hunt for Selloptape after accidentally gouging holes in your fingers, you're not alone.

While the idea of wrapping presents by the Christmas tree appeals to us every year, the reality is always vastly different, and unless the item we're wrapping is a 4×4 box, we end up in a sweaty heap.

And as we've obviously been approaching the whole thing wrong for years, we're clearly open to suggestions on how to improve our wrapping experience.

Thankfully, we stumbled upon a video on YouTube which has been doing the rounds recently, and frankly it's a revelation.

One item, one piece of wrapping paper and 12 second later, hey presto!

Ladies, set your faces to stun.




After Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne's fans and followers went into meltdown over pregnancy rumours, the former Girls Aloud singer decided to take a break from social media.

Making the decision to disable comments, Cheryl then took a step back from Instagram before offering social media users the chance to consider their remarks in a message which read: "If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?"

It seemed like Cheryl was totally done with the pregnancy narrative, and bailed from Insta as speculation was hitting its peak, so it's no surprise fans of the Geordie girl were left stunned when she appeared to return to the site with a few choice posts.

It looked like the singer had undergone a pretty intense attitude-change as she seemingly posted satanic images and wrote expletive-ridden messages aimed at her current boyfriend.

So far, so not Chezza, right?

"F*ck Liam Payne" appeared alongside an inverted cross while "Hail Satan 666 b*tch. That's what we do" accompanied another unsettling image.

While fans initially seemed stunned by the change of direction, it wasn't long before they realised Cheryl had clearly been hacked and were quick to say as much online.

"Okay, you can stop now," wrote one fan while another added:" This isn't Cheryl at all." (Nothing gets by these lads)

The posts have since been deleted.


While we’re all for trying the latest coffee concoctions, we’re not sure a salty brew is really to our taste.

But, as it turns out, adding a shake of salt to a good cup of Joe is actually a thing.

According to culinary expert Alton Brown, salt can be used to reduce a cuppa’s bitter flavour and to remove the “stale” taste of tank-stored water.

On his website the food show presenter recommends adding a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt to every six tablespoons of ground coffee.

He claims you won’t be able to taste the salt but because salt is better at neutralising bitterness than sugar a quarter teaspoon will “do the trick”. 

Feat image: mensfitness.com

GIFs: giphy.com


This latest health trend kinda reminds me of when I was a kid and my mother had to hide the vegetables in my meals so I'd eat them.

And it seems this trend is here to stay. So far, veg like black beans have made their sly way into brownies and even sweet potato has been made into some sort of toast.

But now, it's the zucchini's turn to weasel its way into something.

Say hello to #Zoats, zucchini and oats all mixed together to make a delightful porridge. Sounds odd, yes, but it looks unreal.

Instagram's fittest stars have been all over the trend lately as you're not only getting a good dose of Vitamin C in this morning meal, but you're also making it double the size without adding many calories at all. Win, win.

Just look at these IGs for some inspo:

Berry Zoats


A photo posted by Lucy Baker (@fitlifelucy) on


Chocolate Zoats


Snicker Zoats


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Banana and Strawberry Zoats


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Caramelised Zoats


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Months ago, Kim Kardashian let us all in on a little 'boob job' secret where she used gaffer tape to make her boob stand out.

Well, now Megan McKenna has come up with a boob-job hack, and it looks WAY easier (and less painful) than Kim's.

Taking to Instagram, Megan shared a before-and-after picture of her wearing a bra. In the after shot, she simply clips the bra's cups together and et viola! Bigger boobs are born!

She captioned the snap: "You know I embrace my small boobs but sometimes it's nice to get a little enhancement."

There's actually quite a big difference in the two pictures, so this is something we'll definitely be trying.



We've all been using iPhones for a pretty long time now, and since the start we've all been told that if you double press the home button and swipe away all of our apps, it will save our phone's battery life as well as make our phone run super smooth.

Well, as it turns out, it doesn't… It does nothing really.

According to Apple Insider, the 'app switcher' does what it says on the tin – it makes it easier for you to go to one of your recently used apps.

And you can prove it all by rebooting your phone and then trying the trick again – your apps will still reopen even though your phone has just started up.

The only reason to swipe the app away is if it crashes or if it has problems.

So, there you go. We're not all iPhone geniuses afterall.