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The Alton Towers' Smiler rollercoaster broke down yet again this afternoon, leaving its passengers stranded for 45 minutes.

According to metro.co.uk, there was a "technical fault" during the middle of the ride, after two carts stopped half way through.

Visitors in the park took photos and uploaded them onto social media.

It looks scary enough, as the riders were stuck on a vertical climb.

One photo even showed a technician climbing the stairs to rescue those trapped in their seats.

The €20 million roller coaster has had a number of problems recently, including a similar incident just last week.

In 2015, the ride has hit with a number of technical problem as a loaded trained crashed with an empty test train. In the incident, two female teenagers lost a leg each.


While we’re all for trying the latest coffee concoctions, we’re not sure a salty brew is really to our taste.

But, as it turns out, adding a shake of salt to a good cup of Joe is actually a thing.

According to culinary expert Alton Brown, salt can be used to reduce a cuppa’s bitter flavour and to remove the “stale” taste of tank-stored water.

On his website the food show presenter recommends adding a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt to every six tablespoons of ground coffee.

He claims you won’t be able to taste the salt but because salt is better at neutralising bitterness than sugar a quarter teaspoon will “do the trick”. 

Feat image: mensfitness.com

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