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Hacks are a pretty common thing nowadays. 

There's beauty hacks, styling hacks, cleaning hacks, hair hacks… the list goes on and on.

But if you have like, a jazillion dollars in your bank account, like Kim Kardashian does, you wouldn't think she'd do this to her pricey designer dress.

The mother-of-two admitted on her app that she used tea bags to dye her dress so the mesh panel matched her skin tone better.

"We had just two hours before we left for Cannes, so we put Earl Grey tea bags in a sink and put the dress in for about 30 minutes to dye it,' she said.

But apparently, the ordeal didn't end there: "It took right up until the red carpet for it to dry. We had to blow-dry it right before I put it on and it was still a little damp — but it worked and it made the mesh a better match to my skin tone."

See, we're not the only ones that use hairdryers on our clothes seconds before we leave the house.



We all know the deal when it comes to curling our hair, it's a never-ending process. Ugh.

You finally get half-way through and then completely dread having to do the other half. Right?

Well, Good Housekeeping have spotted this hair hack and we think we're in love with it.

It's pretty simple too – all you need to do is tie your hair up really high on your head into a pony.

Then, split your hair into two or three parts (if you want loose curls – if you want tight curls then split your hair up about six times).

Next, as usual, curl your hair around your wand and keep it there for a few seconds. 

And then, just take your pony out *gently* and tousle it with your fingers to make it fall the way you want. 

We are never ever curling our hair the usual way again.


Last week, Rachel Roy was the subject of numerous rumours following the release of Beyonce's new album, Lemonade.

Many speculated that she was 'Becky with the good hair' after she shared a picture on Instagram with "good hair, don't care" in the caption.

But now, she's facing further media intrusion after it has been revealed that her email account was hacked.

According to Page Six, Rachel told her friends that personal information from her computer was stolen in a security breach and ALL of her emails might become public.

"She has no idea how they've been swiped but is aware how much harm they can cause," a friend of Rachel's told the site.

"From a personal level, she wanted to distance herself from the furore after initially playing up to the link as Jay Z's rumoured other woman. But now she fears the spotlight will be well and truly back on her, Jay Z, and Beyoncé if these conversations end up online."

If there's some emails from Jay Z, we can see another celebrity showdown coming soon.

Feature image: BET


Let's be real, all the liars are absolutely gorgeous, right?

And you'd probably think that they have to go through HOURS of hair and make-up prepping to be camera-ready.

But Lucy Hale, AKA Aria Montgomery, spilled the beans that she is actually the one that applies her make-up before they start shooting. And after years of prepping, it's safe to say she's got pretty good at it.

But one thing she aces each and every time is applying her false lashes.

She applies simply little tricks, like using a bobby pin to spread the lash glue. Genius.

The woman herself made a how-to video for Cosmo, so if want to look as good as Aria, now's your chance. 


We all know the deal. You're running late but you're stubborn and want to close the clasp on your bracelet or watch.

It never happens though, and you end up either struggling with it for five minutes or throwing it back in your jewellery box. 

But Youtuber, sarahmeaghan4, has found the perfect way to get that sneaky clasp closed in an instant.

And you don't need a third hand to do it, all you need is some tape. Sorted. 



Remember around two weeks ago when Taylor Swift’s Twitter account was hacked? Well, Lily Allen sure does because her personal phone number was leaked! 

The singer, whose phone number must have been in a Direct Message somewhere in Taylor’s Twitter inbox, has been inundated with horrific messages from the hacker.

Lily shared a screenshot on Instagram of a series of message she has received, including one absolutely appalling one in particular which threatened her with kidnap and rape. Lily captioned her photo: “Cool iMessage from some kid that got my number from hacking Taylor Swifts Twitter.”

The message itself is very graphic, but if you wish to view it, click here

Interestingly, the hacker claimed to still ‘own’ Taylor’s account and also seemed to be hinting they had more ‘dirt’ on Lily by writing: “Let’s talk things out, I’ll help you secure everything also I’ll walk you through the steps.” Yikes.

We really hope that Lily has taken these awful messages to the right authorities and isn’t letting them get to her too much. 


Let's face it guys, packing for holidays or even a night away can be seriously stressful! So when we spotted this handy little video by DaveHax we just had to share it. Who's going to be trying this one the next time they have a night away planned? Watch the video above to see for yourself.