Health fanatics are going WILD over this morning porridge hack

This latest health trend kinda reminds me of when I was a kid and my mother had to hide the vegetables in my meals so I'd eat them.

And it seems this trend is here to stay. So far, veg like black beans have made their sly way into brownies and even sweet potato has been made into some sort of toast.

But now, it's the zucchini's turn to weasel its way into something.

Say hello to #Zoats, zucchini and oats all mixed together to make a delightful porridge. Sounds odd, yes, but it looks unreal.

Instagram's fittest stars have been all over the trend lately as you're not only getting a good dose of Vitamin C in this morning meal, but you're also making it double the size without adding many calories at all. Win, win.

Just look at these IGs for some inspo:

Berry Zoats


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Chocolate Zoats


Snicker Zoats


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Banana and Strawberry Zoats


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Caramelised Zoats


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