People are obsessing over sweet potato toast and we’re in LOVE

We love some food news. Any new combinations of flavours, or new sweet treats to try, we are ALL over it. Sure, what's better than food?

But now, a new trend has been born and we are squealing. *Drum roll please*… Sweet potato toast.


Food blogger, Kelsey of Little Bits Of, woke up one morning and fancied some toast. Only to go down to her kitchen and realise that all the bread was gone. Shock horror!

However, she came up with a genius idea that saw her slice up some sweet potato (about 1/4" thick) and pop it in the toaster. And the result is just divine.

Throw some avocado on top, or some almond butter, even just a big lob of real butter, and you'll be flying.

We think we've just found our new favourite snack.

Image: Little Bits Of