Blue, brass, cornrows: but has Kylie finally conquered her hair demons?


When it comes to her generous mane, she has had – let's be honest – her fair share of total disasters.

And while we've actually been big fans of some of her more daring brightly-coloured mops – Kylie Jenner as a blonde was brassy, while her cornrows (eeek!) were just a horror.

Still, it's recently come to our attention that the 18-year-old reality TV star's tresses are at their ABSOLUTE best right now. Finally! In fact, we dare say we've never seen them look better. 

One recent snap on her Instagram page – where she is promoting LyfeTea clad in a skin-tight white skirt and top – has now notched up more than a million likes, with thousands of commentators compelled to remark on her luscious locks. 

A selfie of Ms Jenner dressed in a matching sand-coloured crop top and trousers was also similarly lauded for displaying her new hair to its full, gorgeous effect. 

We say, let's give a hearty pat on the back to her hair stylist – the talented Chris Dylan.

Along with makeup artist to the stars Joyce Bonelli, he is responsible for creating the Kardashian-Jenners's always totally glamorous, wonderfully OTT looks (oh for a sneak peak at his kit bag).

During the summer, the younger Ms Jenner revealed that her own hair was seriously damaged after years of colouring, styling and straightening.

She furthermore admitted that it "took months of not dyeing my hair and wearing wigs to get my hair back to health".

Back to health it most certainly is now: full and healthy – we definitely have ALL SORTS of major hair envy in the run-up to the festive party season.

Sadly, Chris Dylan hasn't divulged just yet what he's done to achieve his client's striking new look.

However, he is an ambassador for Gold Fever hair extensions (a brand which is, incidentally, overseen by Irish businesswoman Katie Jane Gold) and indeed, he sports wonderfully long, totally luscious Gold Fever locks himself.

Of course, Kylie LOVES to change up her look regularly (she could be digging out that green wig again next week) – but this is one trend we really hope she hangs on to for a while yet.