Selena Gomez admits her beautiful long locks are totally fake


Have you ever been jealous of Selena Gomez's long, shiny and bouncy hair? Because we have!

In fact, it's so shampoo-advert perfect, she's actually modelled in shampoo campaigns.

Now, most celebrities would never admit to having extensions or weaves – but Selena is honest about hers and shrugs it off as no big deal.

The Revival singer was hanging out with YouTuber Lilly Singh to film a cute Newly Friend Game video, when she mentioned the story behind her long, dark hair.

Selena complimented Lilly on her "humour and heart," which then prompted a sweet conversation.

"That's like a real compliment," Lilly said. "It's not about my hair. That's the first time a compliment isn't about my hair."

"You do have beautiful hair," Selena responded.

"Yeah, and by the way, it's not fake. Can you just pull this real quick?" Lilly asked, leaning in so Selena can check her waist-length locks.

"Wait, I got to check for a weave," Selena said, testing Lilly's hair with a tug. "Yeah, it's so nice. Mine, however, is very fake."

Very candid, Selena!

Skip ahead to 7.20 if you want to hear her fake hair story or watch the full video, because it's actually really sweet: