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Cheryl is the ultimate come back queen – and her latest venture proves that. 

After the huge success of her returning single, Cheryl is focusing on beauty pursuits, and has teamed up with Easilocks to create a range of hair extensions that frankly we NEED for party season. 

Cheryl is known for her signature cascade of loose curls, so who better to create a line of lush hair enhancers?


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The singer has been working on the project with Easilocks for over a year, to come up with a 6-in-1 hair range. 

The collection comes with a super smooth long piece and short piece, a wonder waves short piece and long piece as well as 4 side pieces for added volume.

 'I have always been a fan of changing up my style throughout my career,' Cheryl said. 

'In my job, you need something that's not only reliable, easy and looks amazing, but makes you feel incredible too.'


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'I am really excited to be working with a brand that allows you to have fun with your look, and who deliver products that really work.'

The collection comes in a whopping 16 different hair shades, so almost everyone will be able to find their perfect colour. 

From red heads to icy blondes, the colour scheme is extensive. 


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The extensions are not real human hair, but in fact are an innovative HD fibre hair extension material that uses technological advances to keep them soft, shiny and durable. 

The unique memory fibre used enables hair to dry back to its original state without any heat styling, so when you wash the curled extension set, it will dry naturally back into the perfect bouncy curl – no heat styling necessary unless you want to add more texture to the look. 

HD fibre hair can be shampooed, blow-dried and straightened with heat up to 180 degrees Celsius so your options for styles are endless. 

Snap up your shade here. 



Vogue Williams is one busy lady. From being the brand ambassador of Easilocks to the new face of Irish tanning brand, SunKiss, it baffles us how she has any time to herself.

But as we chatted to her today, Vogue was putting up her Christmas tree (the colour theme is red, gold and white FYI), even though she admits that she'll barely see the tree over the Christmas holidays.

And why won't she? Well, work.


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Her many TV shows have boomed over the years, and the blonde beauty says she owes that success to the topics in each series – they're real issues for real people.

"I get into real topics that people can relate to. And from those TV shows, I learn a lot and I hope the viewers learn a lot too. 

"So much goes into them, but for next year you're going to see more gritty topics being discussed."


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Right now, Vogue swears she can't discuss those "gritty" topics because she "has to see if they'll let me put them on TV first!"

Many look up to Vogue, as she went from being a model to a DJ and now a star on our TV screens, but she knows just as well as anyone that breaking into TV is no easy feat. And even when you have broken that barrier, you still have to handle rejection.

For anyone who wants to go down the television career path, Vogue says that you have to give up a chunk of your life.

"You really need to love it, and honestly, you have to give up your life a little bit. I miss out on so many things. But, if TV is something you want to do, you can't give up on it.


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"You will get knocked down, I have. But you just have to go for it, and if it's something you love doing, you won't mind working at it everyday."

When Dancing With The Stars Ireland was announced this summer, it was common knowledge in the realms of the Internet that Vogue was set to present the show. The presenting gig ultimately went to Amanda Byram and Vogue admits that she was disappointed with the news at first.

"I really wanted to be a presenter on Dancing With The Stars, but I didn't get it. At first I was raging, but then I got The Jump, so it all worked out."


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And as for handling the rejection? The Dublin native believes that you just have to move on.

"That's just life. For the most part, I don't see it as rejection. I just think that you have to get on with it and move on.

"What's meant for you won't pass you by."


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With every job that's in the public eye, you have to look your best – and we think Vogue is an absolute pro at this stage. But, instead of keeping up with the gltz and glamour, Vogue likes to look after her skin first and foremost.

"I love facials. I always have facials. Recently, my skin has flared up, and that never happened to me before, so I'm swearing by facials from Renaissance in Howth at the moment."

And as for her tan, Vogue is loving SunKiss. After recently being named as the new face of the brand, the DJ says that it's the best she's used in years. 


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"You know what, it lasts so much longer!" she gasps. "I'm not overly-girly, and don't like having to take loads of time out to do my tan, but SunKiss is so easy to apply. I have it on in about ten minutes.

"I have mine on for about a week at this stage, and I constantly have showers after the gym, but it's still perfect. The last time I applied it, it last for two weeks!"

Is it just us or does Vogue seem to have it all worked out?!



We love changing up our looks here in Shemazing! HQ!  Whether it's make-up, clothes, or a new hair do', there's nothing better than trying out something different.

But as we all know, sometimes we have ~notions~ and the hair do' we thought would look great, turns out to be absolutely rank.

So, that's why we love Easilocks new celebrity collection. With Vogue Williams as the new face of the brand, we now have some serious inspo for the festive season.

The Ponytail is definitely our fave, but with the pieces being so affordable, we might just grab them all:


The Catwalk Fishtail – €39.99

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The Superstar – €79.99

Displaying VogueEasi-8975 (2) R.JPG


The Red Carpet Easi-In – €69.99

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The Spotlight Bun – €14.99

Displaying VogueEasi-9447 (2) R.JPG


The Ponytail – €34.99

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If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with, it’s other women’s hair.

Or – more specifically – why my hair doesn’t look like other women’s hair.

Ever since first taking to the stylist’s swivel chair over 25 years ago, I’ve been assured that I've "fine hair… but lots of it.”

And it was this ongoing assessment which led me to alternate between wispy shoulder-length styles and short blunt cuts for the best part of two decades.

I have – since the age of four – rocked the Bob, the Rachel, the Spock, the Pob and the Chickenball (don’t ask), and each and every style was a vain attempt to conceal the fact my hair – after a certain point – simply refuses to grow.

Or increase in volume.

So, when Victoria Beckham stepped out rocking the now infamous Pob back in 2006, I thought my prayers had been answered.

The cropped look at the back would suggest a thickness I didn’t actually possess while the contrast between that and the front might fool people into thinking I was one of those women with thick hair who opted to rock a short style.

And for six years, and long after Victoria had moved on from the look, I soldiered on with it.

Until I realised my decision to rock an out-of-date Pob was the equivalent of a middle-aged man opting for the mullet of his youth, that is.

So, out went the Pob and in came more than five years of miniscule pony tails, multiple hair grips, countless vitamins, clip on extensions and genuine envy over those girls whose hair continues to increase in length and depth even after reaching *that* crucial point.

And I couldn’t take it anymore.

After years of threatening to get extensions, I recently decided that if I didn’t go for it now, I never would… and frankly I don’t think anyone (including myself) could put up with my moaning for a minute longer.

I mean, there was an answer to my conundrum, it was there for the taking and yet I was refusing to make the leap.

If I’m honest, I think my reticence stemmed from a fear that I would walk into a salon with my humble 11 strands and leave looking like a Barbarella reject – waist-length, back-combed and with all the subtlety of a boot up the arse.

I wanted to rock thicker hair with a little added length, and I wanted that to do without looking like I had endured a MAJOR overhaul.

Simply put, I wanted extensions which suggested I had just gotten an incredible blow-dry, and, thankfully, last Friday Easilocks provided me with exactly that.

Put in the capable hands of Store Street stylist, Leanne, I lamented my lack of ‘boomph’, compared my fringe to a barcode and raged over how wispy my ends were.

Instead of focussing on what I didn’t have, Leanne suggested we turn our attention to what I specifically wanted, and after I explained that volume was more important than length (but I wouldn’t say no to a few more inches) she got to work.

Ninety minutes and 100 pieces of 14 inch lengths later, I had the hair I lusted over during morning commutes, girlie lunches and nights on the town. 

Perfectly matched to my own colour, pre-bonded human hair was applied to my own –  not with glue or heat – but with the help of an Easilock which was then sealed in place with an applicator tool.

And instead of looking like someone who had opted for a massive makeover, I looked exactly like myself but with the best version of my own hair.

Thicker, slightly longer and with a loose wave at the end, you’d be hard-pressed to suggest I only had fine hair, but lots of it.

Oh, I had thick hair… and lots of it, damn it.

The cynic in me, however, feared that I may have been blinded by my own love for the locks and had, perhaps, undergone a bigger overhaul than I might have thought.

Deciding to conduct a little experiment, I ‘conveniently forgot’ to tell some friends I had made the leap before meeting them later that night.

While hands instantly reached out to touch my barnet and enquiries were made into my blow-dry and curling technique, nobody roared the word ‘extensions’ at me from across the bar.

It was only further scrutiny, my over-eager grin and my ever-reddening cheeks that gave the game away, but suffice to say my mission was accomplished.

I’m finally the owner of longer, thicker locks and I’m only bloody raging I didn’t do it sooner.