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There is nothing more satisfying than stepping into a nice, long, soapy shower after a gym session, are we right?

We definitely think so anyway, which is why we were a bit baffled when we heard the results of a recent post-workout survey. 

Showerstoyou.co.uk, asked 1,000 gym-goers about the shower routine they undertake after their cardio session, and the results are fairly shocking.


A whopping 73 per cent of participants said that they don’t shower straight after exercise.

We get it, sometimes you're so wrecked after a workout that all we want to do is collapse in a heap, but 43 per cent admitted that they don’t even take their socks off for hours after a workout.

Another 18 per cent just don’t wash after a workout at all.

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A further one third of those asked said that they will use their gym gear three or four times before throwing it in the wash.

We would say that the hardest part of the gym is actually going, so tossing your clothes into the wash and yourself into the shower should be an easy step. 



As bizarre as he is brilliant: Mehmet Gunes is a canine stylist based in Paris (where else?).

Thankfully for the rest of us, he also frequently posts videos and pictures of his 'clients' on social media. 

His grooming specialities range from huge hounds to teeny pooches.

Most prominently featured are lots of adorable pomeranians – of which we frankly just can't get enough of (there's even a grumpy cat in there too).

A warning before you proceed, however: these guys are so cute and fluffy you may just shed a little tear of joy…


This little pom is so happy to be getting a haircut

But were not so sure how this cat feels about his new leg warmers 

Having the time of his life while getting a blow-dry 

This oversized pup looks just a big cuddly bear

This kitty has no interest in being pampered

And we cannot deal with how cute these furry pals are

Lady in red bow tie 

Rocking a Rainbow Brite tail 

A trio of gorgeous guys  

We're fascinated by this canine fascinator 

 … And the man of the hour himself with another happy client


A new survey has found that four out of five women do not shower every day while up to 63% of the 2,021 women questioned admitted that they do not remove their make-up before bed.

The research was conducted by skincare company, Flint + Flint in order to find out how women in the UK are looking after and treating their skin.

The survey also found that a rather shocking one in three women leave it up to three days without showering and over half of women revealed they use face wipes to remove their make-up.

The findings are in contrast to what the survey also found women know about their skin; almost all of the women asked, 92%, were aware of how important looking after their skin is.

Founder of the skincare line, Maxine Flint, spoke about the perplexing findings, saying: “ I understand the appeal of sleeping in, but skipping a morning wash is both anti-social for the people around us and unhealthy. We are talking about routines that literally take minutes out of your day. It’s true that today’s pace of life is fast, but surely as a nation we haven’t become too busy to wash.”

Do you have a strict routine when it comes to looking after your skin?