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No one would blame you for thinking that a tall americano has no place in the gym. After all, weight rooms are usually littered with empty water bottles and sweaty towels, not mugs and cardboard cups.

But why is is not so many fitness types have an unquenchable love for the black stuff?

Well, a new study has claimed that drinking coffee could actually help with workouts.

According to Metro.co.uk, Bruno Gualano, a physiology professor at the University of São Paulo, conducted research to see what effect, if any, caffeine had on physical performance.

The coffee lover and avid cyclist, split a group of male cyclists into three catagories – low caffeine intake (less than one cup a day), moderate intake (two cups) and high intake (three or more cups).

The groups then performed a series of trails where they had to cycle until they burnt 450 calories.

For the first trail, the participants were given a 400mg caffeine pill (equal to two cups of coffee).

It was then repeated, after the groups took a placebo pill, and then again after they had taken nothing at all.

The results showed that almost every single cyclist recorded their fastest time after they had taken the caffeine pill.

Infact, they averaged about 3.3 per cent faster when compared to taking no pill at all, and 2.2 per cent faster than taking the placebo.

Bruno reckons the results could translate into several minutes taken off total race times.

What's more, the group who regularly drank more than three cups of coffee a day enjoyed the same benefits from the pill as those with a lower caffeine intake.

But, before you start substituting your usual pre-workout beverage for a grande skinny latté, remember that large quantities of caffeine can be dangerous.

Bruno recommends starting small to see if you fitness regime benefits from the extra lift.



Remember the avolatte? We thought we had reached peak hispster nonsense when an Aussie coffee shop started serving their soy coconut flat whites in pitted avocado halves, but now the madness has gone even further. 

In true hipster fashion, an even more obscure vegetable has been chosen as the vehicle for a new veggie latte. 

Take a bow, the humble carrot.

The team at Locals Corner, a Sydney based coffee shop, took to Facebook to share a snap of the abomination.

The frankenfood concept features a hollowed out carrot acting as the cup for the hot latte within. 

We get the whole waste not, want not thing, but seriously?

Just put it in a cup. 

The cafe has also previously served their lattes in hollowed out apples served on a saucer of pineapple, for when your latte makes you a little peckish for one of your five-a-day. 

And, of course, they tried their hand at the now notorious avolatte. 

Maybe we're just basic bit***s, but we'll take a paper cup over a hollowed-out carrot for our coffee any day.

Feature Image: Locals Corner / Facebook 


Your phone and a cup of coffee are probably the first things you reach for in the morning.

But a phone case that makes coffee? While incredibly interesting, is it really needed?

An Italian business couple, Luigi Carfora and Clement Biondo, have created a phone case that doubles as a coffee machine and we're having tiny heart palpitations about it.

First of all, there's a battery-operated heater inside of the case to warm up your espresso, but what if that over-heats and damages your phone?

Secondly, a 25ml shot of coffee is embedded into the case. What if that spills out and slips into your phone, ruining your technological companion while doing so?

Also, the case is 7mm thick, which doesn't seem like much, but carrying that around all day and trying to take selfies with it… not so handy.

Image result for no gif

The newly named Mokase is currently in the crowdfunding stages, but we think we might opt to avoid it at all costs.

And isn't there a Starbucks around every corner nowadays anyway?


People are putting activated charcoal in absolutely everything lately – from ice cream to toothpaste (it allegedly gives you pearly whites!) 

With that fact in mind, we can't say we're surprised by the fact that people have started putting the black powder in coffee.

That's right folks, the charcoal latte is here, and mermaid/ unicorn coffee never looked so boring.

The weirdest part? These drinks actually don't contain any caffeine: rather, swirls of charcoal are mixed with creamy milk to create a frothy morning beverage that is guaranteed to put a pep in your step. 


Once you go black you never go back #charcoallatte

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Activated charcoal is thought to have a “detox effect” that will banish stomach bloat and calm any irritations – sounds good to us. 

According to Jodie Brandman, a nutritional therapist who wrote an article about its benefits for the Huffington Post UK: 

“Studies have shown that activated charcoal can be very effective at reducing intestinal gas, and that a daily intake could also protect against certain cardiovascular issues,” she wrote. “The substance is thought to additionally support the adrenal glands and prevent damage to the liver and kidneys.”

This black latte is being sold in trendy coffee shops all over the world, but it happens to be very easy to recreate, from the comfort of your own kitchen. 


Let the post Easter detox begin. #charcoallatte

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Check out this easy little recipe for charcoal lattes, and let us know what you think: 

What you'll need:

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup water 

1 teaspoon food-grade activated charcoal

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon agave nectar

What you'll do:

1. In small pot on medium heat, add all ingredients.

2. Whisk mixture until the milk begins to froth.

3. Add to mug and enjoy warm.

4. Optional: Mix all ingredients and pour in a glass over ice – summer loving. 



It seems as though everywhere we look, there is a new colourful drink on the market – packed full of sugary goodness. 

The Internet's latest offering, however, comes in the form of a mermaid latte, and it is actually designed to be really nutritious. 

“We wanted to make a drink that was empowering, fortifying, and nurturing for women’s health on a hormonal, emotional, and spiritual level," explained the creator of the drink, Madeleine Murphy, who owns The End cafe in New York.


Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end : @liz01 #merbabelatte

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"So we combined all the magical benefits of the marine that happen to be really great for women.”

What's in it, you ask? Well, the ingredients of this mer-tastic beverage include: marine collagen, schizandra berry, strawberry, dragonfruit, e3 live blue majik algae, kelp flakes, golden flax crumble, and vegan sprinkles.

All sounds great, right? But you're probably wondering what exactly these things do?


Weekend vibes… shout out to all the strong and empowered merbabes out there who inspire us daily. Keep making waves  @liz01

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According to the beautiful people at Well and Good "The iodine in the kelp flakes is said to be helpful for women dealing with fatigue or thyroid problems, while the schizandra berry’s properties help to lower stress levels and boost energy at the same time."

And obviously we know that collagen is loaded with beauty benefits – so drink up, ladies.


It's the weekend, and sometimes all we want to do on a Saturday night is lie back and look at some pretty pictures on Instagram. 

We are here for you, and totally support your desire to switch off for a bit.

When we recently stumbled upon the mind-blowing coffee art of South Korean barista, Kangbin Lee, we found ourselves stalking his Instagram for hours. 

Kangbin recreates iconic paintings of the masters, our favourite scenes from Disney classics, and cartoons – and they are literally almost too cute to drink.

Occasionally, the barista even throws in some standard heart-shaped latte art – but that is not what we're here for. 

Kangbin uses edible inks and a dotting tool to manipulate the foam and colours, and it is honestly one of the most impressive things on the Internet.

He has (rightly) accumulated quite a following on social media, with over 74,000 followers on Instagram. 

Coffee and pretty pictures – what's not to love? 


Caramel Macchiatos and hazelnut cappuccinos are a couple of our favourite things, so we were delighted when we came across this coffee hack.

This little hack, which will delight both a health nut and a sweet tooth, was created by chef Jessica Seinfeld, and it's actually pretty simple.

Seen on Delish, Jessica starts each week by chilling a can of coconut milk overnight.


For those who have asked how: a demo of how to whip an already chilled can of coconut milk and spoon it into coffee. Buckle up.

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The thick coconut cream and the liquid fully separate in the can, so when you come down the next morning all you have to do is whip it until it forms stiff peaks.

 "It just like whipped cream. It's the most decadent-but-not treat. It does something to my head in the morning," Jessica says.

café, cappuccino, coffee

The famous foodie likes to whip the whole can of coconut milk up in one morning and then leaves it in the fridge to use whenever she has a coffee craving.

With a tablespoon of coconut milk coming in at only 34 calories, it's the sweet and healthy option.

Now, say goodbye to that Starbucks!


A study recently published in Food and Chemical Toxicology found that nothing bad really happens if you have 400 or more milligrams of caffeine a day.

The researchers analysed over 700 studies done between 2001 and 2015, and all of them were surveyed to assess the negative effects that could occur from consuming large amounts of drinks and foods that contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks.

The researchers assessed the effects of “coffee, tea, chocolate, cola-type beverages, energy drinks, supplements, medicines, energy shots, caffeinated chewing gum, caffeinated sport gel, and caffeinated sport bars.” 

attractive, bar, barista

The research looked in to see whether people suffered from behavioural problems or bone issues as a result of caffeine consumption, they also investigated levels of acute toxicity from caffeine. 

Ultimately, the study revealed that a person can consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day and you won’t see any long-term damage done to your body, or your brain. 

However, if you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t have more than 300 milligrams of caffeine per day.

The study did highlight the fact that that these studies weren’t being conducted on what would happen if you were to consume well over 400 milligrams (think; 1000mg) of caffeine a day.

Happy Coffee

Just to put the daily allowance into context for you: Starbucks grandes have 310 milligrams apiece. 

So, while caffeine may be good for you in small enough doses, you may not want to down 17 espresso shots – just incase.

Know your body, and if you feel like it can take more caffeine, then go for it – but if you start getting the shakes, you should probably cool off the coffee pot. 



The latest addition to Dublin's coffee culture has a little bit more than speciality coffee and a cosy atmosphere going for it. 

Container Coffee is about to open on Thomas Street, and the unique venture boasts an impressive shipping container as its host. 

Cutting a squat but striking figure surrounded by buildings, the charming steel structure's pop of blue and inviting outdoor space sets it apart from other shop front coffee houses. 

Entrepreneur Gordon Hickey has been documenting the progress of the unique project on Instagram, amassing the interest of hundreds of coffee culture enthusiasts. 

The coffee hot spot, stocking Cloud Picker brew, is set to open in the next two weeks, so the months of hard work are soon to pay off. 

'The reason I set it up was I was working on a medical television programme last year, and there was a shipping container with a clinic inside of it, and we toured it around Ireland giving free medical checks, and it was quite easy to do it,' Gordon told SHEmazing!

'So last year I came back from New Zealand and I was cycling down to Thomas Street and I was thinking that it needed an injection of life and I'd seen an empty piece of land and thought this would be a great place to put a shipping container on and open a little cafe.'

After coming up with the idea, the entrepreneur kicked off the project in September last year, and hopes that the unique container will become a bit of a landmark.

As well as being a tourist spot thanks to the surrounding attractions, the shop hopes to become a regular pit stop for the local businesses and residents, serving high quality coffee and gourmet sandwiches.

Thanks to the wide, versatile open space surrounding the cafe, dogs are welcome to visit the area with their owners, and while they can't enter the freight container itself, there will be doggie bowls and treats lined up in the outdoor space. 

The cafe has already had a hugely positive response from the local area, with one Instagram users commenting: 'Live literately around the corner and this area definitely needs a good coffee spot! Can't wait.'

If you fancy following the project, you can find Container Coffee on Instagram to find out when exactly the new space will be open to caffeine connoisseurs. 

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If you have an early-morning flight it might be a bit too much to lash down the vino before 9am.

Therefore, you (begrudgingly) ask for a tea or coffee when the air hostess comes around.

airplane, airport, flying

However, anyone who has tasted coffee on an airplane will know that it's no barista style americano…

According to Travel & Leisure, the reason tea and coffee tastes so different (i.e. rank) on planes is because of the water they use – and it can't be avoided.

adult, beverage, blue

It's understandable that the water in the tanks on board isn't the purest, but the publication reports that "an EPA report found that 12 percent of commercial airplane water tested positive for coliform bacteria, which usually indicates other gut-rocking bugs like E.coli are present."


Well, there's one more reason to stick to the prosecco when flying…

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Say goodbye to coffee-stained teeth forever. 

These geniuses have gone and invented the world’s first clear coffee drink.

The product looks suspiciously like regular bottled water but, according to the company’s website, the drink is made from "high quality Arabica coffee beans."

They also say the coffee is made using "methods [that] have never been used before", which sounds both intriguing and absolutely terrifying.

CLR CFF was founded by two Slovakian brothers, David and Adam Nagy, who were fed up with the dreaded teeth-stains that every coffee drinker knows all too well.

David told The Evening Standard:  "We are heavy coffee drinkers… Like many other people we struggled with the teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we decided to create our own recipe."

He continued, "Because of the hectic lifestyle we lead we wanted to make a refreshing ready-to-drink coffee which provides the boost but is low in calories.”

Not only will CLR CFF provide you with a quick caffeine fix while on the go, but it can also be used to gives cocktails and extra kick. 

The drink has been described as ''unique in taste and flavour'', which doesn't fill us with hope – But hey, if it protects our winning smiles, we'll give it a try.  

This stuff doesn't come cheap though – two bottles sell online for £5.99, and although one bottle is said to last all day, that's still a pretty expensive habit.  

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We love a good glass of Baileys.

It's smooth and creamy and alcoholic so basically, it can't get any better than that.

But, oh wait, it can. Yep, Bailey's has just released its own range of iced coffees and they sound delish.

Baileys Iced Coffee Mocha and Ice Coffee Latte has made its way to the market and come in small 200ml cans (so, you know… it can be enjoyed on the go).

Baileys Iced Coffee

Each can contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee, pure milk and of course, the dreamy liqueur is added in there too.

Have a look out for it in supermarkets nationwide, or Bailey's also recommend you to make your own with 45ml of Baileys Original, 90ml of cooled coffee and a heap load of ice.


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