This carrot latte is peak hipster nonsense and needs to be stopped

Remember the avolatte? We thought we had reached peak hispster nonsense when an Aussie coffee shop started serving their soy coconut flat whites in pitted avocado halves, but now the madness has gone even further. 

In true hipster fashion, an even more obscure vegetable has been chosen as the vehicle for a new veggie latte. 

Take a bow, the humble carrot.

The team at Locals Corner, a Sydney based coffee shop, took to Facebook to share a snap of the abomination.

The frankenfood concept features a hollowed out carrot acting as the cup for the hot latte within. 

We get the whole waste not, want not thing, but seriously?

Just put it in a cup. 

The cafe has also previously served their lattes in hollowed out apples served on a saucer of pineapple, for when your latte makes you a little peckish for one of your five-a-day. 

And, of course, they tried their hand at the now notorious avolatte. 

Maybe we're just basic bit***s, but we'll take a paper cup over a hollowed-out carrot for our coffee any day.

Feature Image: Locals Corner / Facebook