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If you and your other half are all about romantic sentiments of astronomical proportions and public declarations of excessive affection, then, boy, do we have the perfect thing for you guys.

Brought to you by ROKSHOK, this device allows your other half to record your expression when he or she chooses to get down on one knee.

Marketed as slim and discreet, the bizarre gadget conceals the ring before it ultimately emerges on a plastic pedestal… and records the recipient's reaction.

If the thought of waiting a few moments to take a snap of yourself with your partner in the aftermath of the proposal is utterly unbearable, then this is definitely for you.

Lord knows your friends and family would never forgive you if you didn't record every… single… second… *cough*.



Your phone and a cup of coffee are probably the first things you reach for in the morning.

But a phone case that makes coffee? While incredibly interesting, is it really needed?

An Italian business couple, Luigi Carfora and Clement Biondo, have created a phone case that doubles as a coffee machine and we're having tiny heart palpitations about it.

First of all, there's a battery-operated heater inside of the case to warm up your espresso, but what if that over-heats and damages your phone?

Secondly, a 25ml shot of coffee is embedded into the case. What if that spills out and slips into your phone, ruining your technological companion while doing so?

Also, the case is 7mm thick, which doesn't seem like much, but carrying that around all day and trying to take selfies with it… not so handy.

Image result for no gif

The newly named Mokase is currently in the crowdfunding stages, but we think we might opt to avoid it at all costs.

And isn't there a Starbucks around every corner nowadays anyway?



When the light-up selfie case came along, we all thought we had seen the ultimate in iPhone accessories.

Then came the detachable wind machine, for the perfect Victoria's Secret style selfies.

Now, your phone case wants to keep you on fleek IRL, not just in a selfie. 

Irish fashion and travel blogger The Style Scruple stumbled across this amazing and oh so unnecessary iPhone accessory while on her travels in Italy. 

The iPhone case has a device built in that allows you to spritz yourself with perfume wherever you may go.

The case has storage for 25mls of your favourite scent so smashing flimsy perfume bottles in your purse on a night out could soon be a thing of the past. 

Liu Jo cover, €45.00

While this definitely falls under the category of things we want not things we need, we cant be the only ones who think this is kind of genius?