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It feels like there is a Starbucks on the corner of every street in Dublin’s city centre. The popular American coffee chain is taking over the Big Smoke, and overshadows the plethora of independent coffee shops that are available in the city.

Dublin is full of unique and welcoming coffee shops that serve rich coffee, drool-worthy cakes and are just that little bit more warming and special.

There is a cafe on Dawson Street that is without a doubt one of my favourite places in Dublin. It’s my go-to place for coffee dates and the perfect spot to relax after a hectic day at work.

The Bestseller cafe is bound to be your new favourite place to drink gallons of coffee and catch up with your nearest and dearest.

What makes the spot so appealing is the atmosphere. It’s soothing and relaxed and reminds me of some kind of quirky library.

The Bestseller feels like my second home at this stage. The staff are attentive and don’t heckle you to leave once you gulp the final bit of coffee in your mug.

It’s a spot in the heart of Dublin that manages to capture the real joy of the city. The stacks of classic novels remind you of the city’s history. The warm mugs of coffee make you feel as snug as a bug. The constant chatter of your fellow customers creates an electric, but calm atmosphere that you’ll quickly become addicted to, just like the delicious Badger and Dodo coffee on sale there.

There is nowhere I’d rather be on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Dublin than The Bestseller. Curling up in one of the cozy armchairs with a book is one of the greatest ways to unwind in the city that has forgotten how to switch off.


Cocu has been one of our favourite foodie spots to grab lunch this summer, but sadly the epic Dublin eatery is closing it's doors.

Renowned for their hearty salads and healthy treats, Cocu is the perfect myriad of delicious ingredients and a heath conscious attitude. 

The Chatham Street location will serve its last customer today, before moving on elsewhere. 


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'We are sad to announce that our short tenure in Chatham Street has come to an end, ' reads a recent Insta post.

'Cocu Chatham St will be closing its doors on Wednesday 30th August.'

'We’d like to thank all our lovely customers for their continued support.'


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Thankfully we don't have to be too devastated, as the Hatch St unit is still going strong, and is a mere five minutes away from the current location.

In more excellent news, this is more of a see you later than a goodbye, as Cocu announced that they will soon be setting up shop elsewhere.

The delicious foodie concept will be making a permanent home for itself in the IFSC in the coming weeks. 

The Kale & Coco smoothie bowl pop-up will also be finishing up this week, but Rebecca and Jen have promised that they will be running some amazing special offers in the remaining days. 


We've had avolattes and avocado art and we survived, but the notions radiating from the latest viral food trend has us shook. 

Whether you spread it on toast or smother your pancakes in it, there is no denying that Nutella is an exceptionally delicious chocolate treat.

One of the most satisfying ways to consume the hazelnut spread is to simply slurp it directly off the spoon,


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A sneaky spoonful is heaven on earth, but we'd never pay a fiver for the pleasure of doing so. 

After all, you'd get an entire jar for that price, so why would anyone in their right minds think that the public would part ways with five quid for a paltry sampling of the stuff.

This is exactly what one Melbourne Cafe, Spoonful of Sugar, has allegedly tried to make 'a thing.'

The cafe, which is said to be hosting a pop-up store in a secret location soon, also boasts spoonfuls of peanut butter and jelly and butterscotch on the menu. 

Some foodie fans are critical of the Spoonful of Sugar concept, speculating that the cafe is a bit of a hoax. 

However, the owner of the page confirmed to Buzzfeed that the cafe was happening.

Bit of a pisstake?

We think so, otherwise the hipster food trends of 2017 are getting out of hand. 


Okay, not to alarm anyone, but a Nutella café is about to open and it’s everything you imagined it would be.

There’s just one problem. It’s in Chicago.

But if you think that’s going to st op us from getting way too excited, think again.

The menu is packed with variety of sweet and savoury dishes, most of which are smothered in the delicious hazelnut spread.

Crepes, gelato, waffels and pancakes are just some of the amazing treats on offer and unlike the pop-up Nutella cafés of the past, this one is here to stay. 

According to director of operations at Brand Innovation Group, Angela Baird, the architectural design of the cafe is meant “to make you feel like you're actually walking into a jar of Nutella." 


The café will open it's doors at 10 a.m. on May 31, and we're praying an Irish version won't be too far behind. 



The latest addition to Dublin's coffee culture has a little bit more than speciality coffee and a cosy atmosphere going for it. 

Container Coffee is about to open on Thomas Street, and the unique venture boasts an impressive shipping container as its host. 

Cutting a squat but striking figure surrounded by buildings, the charming steel structure's pop of blue and inviting outdoor space sets it apart from other shop front coffee houses. 

Entrepreneur Gordon Hickey has been documenting the progress of the unique project on Instagram, amassing the interest of hundreds of coffee culture enthusiasts. 

The coffee hot spot, stocking Cloud Picker brew, is set to open in the next two weeks, so the months of hard work are soon to pay off. 

'The reason I set it up was I was working on a medical television programme last year, and there was a shipping container with a clinic inside of it, and we toured it around Ireland giving free medical checks, and it was quite easy to do it,' Gordon told SHEmazing!

'So last year I came back from New Zealand and I was cycling down to Thomas Street and I was thinking that it needed an injection of life and I'd seen an empty piece of land and thought this would be a great place to put a shipping container on and open a little cafe.'

After coming up with the idea, the entrepreneur kicked off the project in September last year, and hopes that the unique container will become a bit of a landmark.

As well as being a tourist spot thanks to the surrounding attractions, the shop hopes to become a regular pit stop for the local businesses and residents, serving high quality coffee and gourmet sandwiches.

Thanks to the wide, versatile open space surrounding the cafe, dogs are welcome to visit the area with their owners, and while they can't enter the freight container itself, there will be doggie bowls and treats lined up in the outdoor space. 

The cafe has already had a hugely positive response from the local area, with one Instagram users commenting: 'Live literately around the corner and this area definitely needs a good coffee spot! Can't wait.'

If you fancy following the project, you can find Container Coffee on Instagram to find out when exactly the new space will be open to caffeine connoisseurs. 

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


Dublin 8 is now home to a brand new cookie café, but this is no first-time venture for owners Jenny Synnott and Elaine Cohalan.

The couple have been selling their wares at festivals and farmers' markets for two years now, and this year took the leap to open their own café and bakery on Dublin's Thomas St.

It opened over the weekend, and if you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, we'd strongly suggest pegging it down there soon.

Why? Well, firstly, the cookies.

Freshly baked and in a variety of flavours like classic chocolate chip, sea salted caramel and peanut butter, these are no ordinary biccies.

Secondly, the coffee, made with beans from Irish artisan roasters Coffee Culture:


And finally, the cookie dough, so that you can whip up your own batch at home:

Enough said. We're already sold.

Check out The Dublin Cookie Co now at 29 Thomas St, Dublin 8.


Well this adds a whole new meaning to the term ‘junk food’!

A café in Bristol, England has come up with a novel way of serving the masses while ensuring that no food goes to waste – by making their meals from food that is past its sell-by date and has been rescued from supermarket and restaurant bins.

While the idea may not sound so appetising to begin with, the directors and volunteers from Skipchen reveal that they get their food from the skips as soon as they have been thrown away, and they are meticulous when it comes to food safety and hygiene.

Indeed, fans of the latest food sensation can follow the daily journey of their food, with the staff even posting pictures of the food they collect, as well as their menu for the day.

With a “pay-as-you-feel” system operating, Skipchen’s directors have said that they are hoping their innovative approach to dining will highlight the issue of food waste in the UK and beyond.

And it seems that Skipchen is fast-becoming the hip spot to eat your lunch, with Twitter users showing an overwhelming enthusiasm for the idea.

“Can’t wait for my first lunch @Skipchen…Fabulous idea,” writes one user.

Do you think Skipchen’s approach to dining should be adopted by more cafés and restaurants? Would you eat food that has been collected from skips? 


There is a Pokémon movie being released in Japan, and the people behind it have launched a pop-up Pikachu café!

The café will serve Pokémon themed food, just take a look below – could you really tuck into Pickachu burger though?! He's too cute!