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Following in the footsteps of Skins and Shameless, it now look like Misfits is the next Channel 4 show to get an American remake.

The new version is being developed by The OC and Gossip Girl creator, Josh Schwartz and a number of the leading roles have already been cast with Ashleigh LaThrop, Tre Hall, Allie MacDonald and Jake Cannavale all set to appear in the pilot episode.

The original series ran from 2009 to 2013 and gathered a huge cult following along the way.

Much like the original, the US version will follow a group of young delinquents, who develop super powers after being hit by an electrical storm.

It's thought that the new script will stick closely to that of the original, but unsurprisingly fans still have their reservations.

And who could blame them? We all remember the Skins disaster right? 


Yesterday fans of The Great British Bake Off were rocked by the news that the show’s hosts Mel and Sue would not be following the programme to Channel 4.

And now Mary Berry’s husband has hinted that the much loved baking icon could be next to jump ship.

According to the Mail Online, Paul Hunnings has suggested that his 81-year-old wife could be ending her time on the BAFTA winning show once the current series ends.

While Mary has yet to speak out about the show’s controversial £75 million move to Channel 4, her retired hubby has said he did not think she was “signing anything” right now.

Paul commented: “She’s very happy with the BBC, put it that way.”

It is still unclear whether or not Mary’s fellow judge Paul Hollywood will move with the show.

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The Great British Bake Off is a British institution, so it seemed only fitting that the much-loved baking show be aired by the BBC – the nation's public service broadcaster, right?

And yet that partnership has officially come to an end after the corporation this week lost rights to the show that captures the imagination of millions every year.

According to reports, it looks like Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue will be setting up the iconic tent elsewhere in the future as Love Productions have failed to reach an agreement with the corporation.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the production company behind the series confirmed the news, saying: "[It is] with deep regret, after more than a year of exhaustive negotiations we have been unable to reach an agreement with the BBC for the renewal of The Great British Bake Off."

"We are really saddened by this outcome because we always wanted to stay on the BBC. As recently as June we were convinced that was what would happen," they explained.

After six years working with the BBC, the company sound genuinely disappointed to end their partnership, continuing: "Love Productions would like to thank the BBC for the role it played in making this show such an enormous hit, and the faith they showed in us over the years to develop it."

Emerging reports confirm that the show has officially moved to Channel 4 –  a decision which may not sit well with Mary and Paul who were reportedly keen to remain with the BBC.

What will this mean for Paul's icy blue stare now?


On game shows, we know a lot of things can get banned. Sure, on I'm A Celeb, just about everything is banned.

But according to reports, Channel 4's The Jump contestants are banned from having sex for the duration of the show – which is six weeks.

For part of the show, the contestants partners will stay with them for "morale," however Tamara Beckwith has revealed they've been asked to not participate in any extracurricular activities.

According to Yahoo, producers want the contestants to be focused on their game and the competition.

While on the show, Tamara is heard speaking to Tina Hobley about her husband coming for a visit.

"You're supposed to abstain from sex before the big race," said Tamara.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be none of that. I’m not going to let you beat me.”

So, it seems that the deed is the least of the contestants worries. Well, the least of Tina's worries anyway. 


There has been an uprise of dating shows on TV lately (becaue they're the best thing ever), and it's safe to say that everyone LOVES First Dates.

But, there's a new show airing tonight on Channel 4 and it takes a rather different approach.

The ladies that are looking for love are leaving it up to their children to find a potential partner – and we just think it's the best idea ever

On tonight's episode you will meet 39-year-old Katie, who is on the quest to find a new man after her 12-year relationship broke up.

Her sons, Jay, 21, and Harry, 15, go on the hunt to get Katie a new beau, with Katie revealing, "they know me better than I know myself."

Jay and Harry also admit that they're surprised that their mam hasn't found love as they say, "look at her she's beautiful!"

We'll guess we'll have to watch tonight at 10pm to see if Jay and Harry are successful. 



Cancel all your plans tonight people because First Dates is back. 

So stick on your favourite onesie, grab a cuppa and prepare to revel in all the inevitable madness that is to take place in the First Dates restaurant. 

Fred and the gang will be back on Channel 4 this evening at 10pm helping a new batch of lonely singletons to find 'the one'. 

In case you needed any incentive to watch, here are several reasons why you shouldn't miss the brand new episode: 

1) You will pick up some stellar one liners 

Because "slaying the males" has become our official catchphrase of 2016. 

2) You will recieve words of wisdom from Fred 

The accent definitely helps. 

3) You will probably curl up in a ball and cringe with awkwardness

Because some of those rejections are simply brutal. 

4) You will probably also snot yourself laughing 

Watching a date go from bad to worse will never cease to entertain. 

5) And if you are not crying at a sob story by the half way point, you have a heart of stone


6) You will inevitably become totally infatuated with someone on the show 

Sam <3 <3

7) And you will most definitely feel good afterwards 

It's simply impossible not to.  


Whether or not you like Derren Brown, we all have to admit that his TV shows are somewhat shocking.

Not only did he get a group of people to perform an armed robbery, he also used his skills to expose the 'powers' of faith-healing.

But in his new show, Pushed to The Edge, he has taken it to a completely new level.

Airing on Channel 4 on Tuesday, Derren sets out to persuade an "unwitting member of the public into believing that they have pushed someone to their death."

On the show, you will see the outcome of this very elaborate set-up, but behind it all, Derren says that his point is political.

“It’s particularly relevant with our political situation, with people being radicalised into doing bad things, but it can also operate on a private, quiet level socially,” says Mr Brown.

“When we find ourselves in groups or with charismatic individuals, we might do things we wouldn’t ordinarily do.

“What the show asks is whether the mechanics of social compliance can be manipulated to push someone off a building to their death. Could it be taken that far?”

We're not sure about you, but we certainly think that the new episode is going to be chilling.



Channel 4's hit documentary series the Undateables made a triumphant and heart warming return to our screens this week but it was one particular undateable that had the internet losing it's mind. 

Tom Morgan, a 26-year-old Tourettes and Aspergers sufferer from Wales, has revealed that since appearing on the show, his life has changed in a big way. 

The handsome rugby player had only ever been in one relationship before appearing on TV and blamed his conditions for not having the confidence to go out with girls. 

We got to see Tom go on a date and the internet suitably lost it whilst watching the gorgeous Tom struggle to get his words out in front of a pretty girl. 

Well, not to worry internet, as it appears Tom's life has changed dramatically since the show as he spoke on Loose Women this week. 

"It feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can just be myself," said the Welshman whose Twitter follower count went from 700 to 18,000 overnight. 

"It went mad. It's crazy."

Well we are just happy to see that he is still as humble as ever. 

Watch the video below: 



The show that we all love – and kinda hate at the same time – is coming back to Ireland. Hurrah!

Yes ladies, Come Dine With Me will be gracing our shores once more and this time they're looking for fruitful and exciting applicants.

The series will be filmed in March, from the 13 – 18 and it wants more people living in and around Dublin, having previously filmed in Limerick and Cork.

The popular series saw Roz Purcell, George McMahon and Brian Kennedy battle it out in 2012, so now it's your turn.

If you fancy taking part (because who doesn't?!), then send an email over to cdwm@shiver.tv with all of your details.

You never know, you could be the next person to win that coveted grand. 


Good news for Friends fans!

Ross is going to be making his triumphant return to Channel 4 in a new sitcom, and people are very excited.

However, it won’t actually be Ross Geller on our screens, so should maybe put our celebratory leather pants and teeth—whitening strips away for the time being.

David Schwimmer is going to be starring in a new TV series but his new character is definitely not Ross.

Morning Has Broken will follow the story of an American TV producer brought in to rescue a failing breakfast show. It will be the first time David, 48, has been back on our screens in a sitcom in the 10 years since Friends has ended.

Julia Davis is the mastermind behind the series and will also co-star with the Friends alum, according to the Guardian.

We’re pretty excited to this. Actually, very excited.

Whole Ross Geller was possibly one of the funniest characters to have ever appeared on our screens, he was often thought of as the least lovable friend.

However, you can’t deny that some of the best comedic moment on the series were down to Ross’s antics.

The fact “Unagi” is still something we refer to too often than we should is just a testament to David’s acting.

So we are looking forward to the chance to see him take on an entirely new role. In case you needed reminding of just how good the actor can be, here's seven minutes of comedy gold for you to enjoy:


Newly single Vogue Williams stunned at the Goodwood races in West Sussex with not one, but TWO amazing outfits being showcased. 

The model and reality TV star was there in the capacity of fashion correspondent for Channel 4 Racing late last week, when the high-profile event took place. 

Afterwards, and despite being a regular at some of Ireland's best courses, she admitted that the Goodwood Races was one of her favourites because of its laid-back style.

"I’ve been to a lot of racing events but Goodwood has a totally different feel to it, it’s a very relaxed atmosphere and it felt like more of a huge garden party," she explained in her blog for Hello Online. Sounds like our type of races!

The 29-year-old Dubliner furthermore let us in on her jam-packed schedule saying: "I started my days with a production meeting and then I went around the race track looking for amazing outfits to feature on the show."

Vogue believes style makes a big impact on race days saying: "I think fashion is a huge part of racing and everyone puts an massive amount of effort into their looks. The style at Goodwood is really relaxed."

On the first day of the event, the Bear Grylls: Mission Survive winner donned a gorgeous white lace dress from Spotted On Celeb, teaming it with a vibrant pink hat by milliner Laura Apsit Livens.

And on the second day, Ms Williams went for a more casual approach, wearing a pastel yellow floaty dress from Beulah with a Vivien Sheriff head piece. The model admitted that she wanted to go for a "1930's type look".

We think Vogue looked great in both outfits and is definitely giving us major style envy!

Yesterday, naked pictures of the DJ were released by Utan; a newly-released tanning product for which Vogue is fronting a major campaign. 

Indeed, such was the interest in the incredible snaps that the site crashed.


Christian Jessen has been called in to meet the Channel 4 bosses to discuss alleged drug abuse reports.

The famous doctor has found himself in hot water after a conversation that he had with a man on the dating app, Grindr, found its way online.

In the messages, Dr Christian invited the unknown man over to his house for sex and said that he had the drug mephedrone that they could take together.

In an interview with The Mirror, the 38-year-old explained that the messages were just part of “horny talk” and that none of it actually ever happened.

“On these chat sites there is a lot of timewasting and chat and silliness that never leads anywhere,” the doctor explained.

“My partner and I will do it on a bored evening and have conversations with no intention of meeting up. It is a bit embarrassing now thinking about it, but you quite often chat to random people.

“It is more an ego thing than anything else, could I get them or not.”

The TV presenting doctor insisted that the event never took place and he emphasised how that was the main thing. He is set to meet the popular show’s bosses sometime soon so he can explain his side of the story.