Good news for Friends fans!

Ross is going to be making his triumphant return to Channel 4 in a new sitcom, and people are very excited.

However, it won’t actually be Ross Geller on our screens, so should maybe put our celebratory leather pants and teeth—whitening strips away for the time being.

David Schwimmer is going to be starring in a new TV series but his new character is definitely not Ross.

Morning Has Broken will follow the story of an American TV producer brought in to rescue a failing breakfast show. It will be the first time David, 48, has been back on our screens in a sitcom in the 10 years since Friends has ended.

Julia Davis is the mastermind behind the series and will also co-star with the Friends alum, according to the Guardian.

We’re pretty excited to this. Actually, very excited.

Whole Ross Geller was possibly one of the funniest characters to have ever appeared on our screens, he was often thought of as the least lovable friend.

However, you can’t deny that some of the best comedic moment on the series were down to Ross’s antics.

The fact “Unagi” is still something we refer to too often than we should is just a testament to David’s acting.

So we are looking forward to the chance to see him take on an entirely new role. In case you needed reminding of just how good the actor can be, here's seven minutes of comedy gold for you to enjoy: