Christian Jessen has been called in to meet the Channel 4 bosses to discuss alleged drug abuse reports.

The famous doctor has found himself in hot water after a conversation that he had with a man on the dating app, Grindr, found its way online.

In the messages, Dr Christian invited the unknown man over to his house for sex and said that he had the drug mephedrone that they could take together.

In an interview with The Mirror, the 38-year-old explained that the messages were just part of “horny talk” and that none of it actually ever happened.

“On these chat sites there is a lot of timewasting and chat and silliness that never leads anywhere,” the doctor explained.

“My partner and I will do it on a bored evening and have conversations with no intention of meeting up. It is a bit embarrassing now thinking about it, but you quite often chat to random people.

“It is more an ego thing than anything else, could I get them or not.”

The TV presenting doctor insisted that the event never took place and he emphasised how that was the main thing. He is set to meet the popular show’s bosses sometime soon so he can explain his side of the story.