On game shows, we know a lot of things can get banned. Sure, on I'm A Celeb, just about everything is banned.

But according to reports, Channel 4's The Jump contestants are banned from having sex for the duration of the show – which is six weeks.

For part of the show, the contestants partners will stay with them for "morale," however Tamara Beckwith has revealed they've been asked to not participate in any extracurricular activities.

According to Yahoo, producers want the contestants to be focused on their game and the competition.

While on the show, Tamara is heard speaking to Tina Hobley about her husband coming for a visit.

"You're supposed to abstain from sex before the big race," said Tamara.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be none of that. I’m not going to let you beat me.”

So, it seems that the deed is the least of the contestants worries. Well, the least of Tina's worries anyway.