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The second series of Derry Girls is set to end tonight and we must admit we’re feeling pretty gutted about having to say goodbye to Erin, Sister Michael, Grandad and co.

The second instalment of the hilarious Irish series has gone by in the blink of an eye but we’ve adored every minute.

This series had many iconic moments including Gerry making sambos at the funeral and the frantic journey to Belfast for the Take That concert.


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It never failed to make us laugh until our sides hurt and there’s no doubt the season finale will be no different.

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee warned fans not to miss out on tonight’s episode which is airing a little earlier than usual.


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The finale will hit the telly screens at 9pm rather than the usual 9.15 pm slot, so set an alarm!

The series finale is set to focus on U.S President Bill Clinton’s visit to Derry in 1995.


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Saoirse Monica Jackson commented on the series finale on Instagram, “It’s the last episode of Season 2 of #derrygirls tonight on @channel4 at 9pm , Thank You to everyone who has tuned in this season & for all the kind words you have sent our way, it has been one hell of a run, get your tissues ready because tonight is an absolute belter.”


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Nicola Coughlan added: “We’ve saved the best for last #DerryGirls Series 2 Finale 9pm.”

Don’t forget to tune into the Derry Girls season finale at 9pm tonight on Channel 4.



Derry Girls don't just show up for their friends on-screen; the cast have now joined the protest outside Westminster to try and change Northern Ireland's archaic abortion laws.

Nicola Coughlan and Siobhan McSweeney have long been outspoken for their desire to reform the state's justice system when it comes to reproductive rights, and they're women of their word.

In 2018, Lisa McGee's Channel 4 comedy Derry Girls attracted well-earned praise for it's hilarious antics, and fast became the biggest show ever to emerge from Northern Ireland. They're back for season two, and some serving of rights while they're at it;

The show is gearing up for it's return on March 5, and now that the cast have gained a high profile, they intend to use their platform for human rights issues.

Two of the shows leading actors are now in Westminster to march hand-in-hand with Amnesty International, delivering a petition asking for the Northern Irish Secretary of State to change the abortion laws.

Karen Bradley is under the spotlight today, as hundreds gather to support the protest. Polls consistently show that the residents of the province want reform, but politicians up North have refrained from speaking out.

The protest shows women marching across Westminster bridge with 28 suitcases; one for each of the women who still have to fly from the North to Great Britain every week to access abortion in the NHS system.

Protesters have delivered a petition with 62,000 signatories, and are on the Prime Minister and Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley to bring abortion rights to Northern Ireland.

Unless there is a serious risk to a woman's life or health, abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland. Unlike other parts of the Britain, the 1967 Abortion Act does not extend to the North.

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Channel 4's Derry Girls is easily one of the best shows on television at the moment, and we've been eagerly awaiting season two for MONTHS.

The hilarious antics of Northern Irish schoolgirl Erin and her best friends, plus an English boy as a hanger-on, had audiences in stitches laughing.

Lisa McGee, creator of the series, has been teasing season two for weeks, but Nicola Coughlan (who plays Clare) has finally given us the Channel 4 air date:

Derry Girls are BACK on Tuesday March 5 at 9:15pm, set your clocks ladies and gents. The trailer for the next season was released, much to the delight of fans, and it seems like the crew are more amusing as ever. 

Saoirse-Monica Jacskon (Erin) and Lisa McGee discussed what fans can expect in a recent interview, and the hype is BUILDING:

"It's definitely bigger and braver. It's bolder and we sort of venture out a bit more. But they're still the same characters, they're clumsily trying to find their way through their teenage years. They're selfish and mental!," said Jackson.

It's already been confirmed that Father Dougal himself, Ardal O'Hanlon, has joined the cast. This is the cherry on top of the Derry ice-cream.

Lisa McGee also said that the new season will be set "against the backdrop of the beginnings of the peace process. The gang are very much still getting in and out trouble. They're still trying to grow up – not very successfully!" 

Jackson said in another interview with the BBC that "in episode one, we meet a group of Protestant boys- which is very interesting for each of the characters."

"In episode two, we've an inspirational teacher, so, it's very special that we're all getting to see it for the very first time in Derry".

WE CAN'T WAIT. Bring on March 5, and the Protestant lads. Season two is going to be chaotic and gas craic altogether judging by these early premiere reactions.

Here's the trailer again, because we know you can't stop viewing it:

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Former Father Ted star and all-round comedic legend Ardal O'Hanlon is set to join Derry Girls season two.

As a key character in one of Ireland's most hilarious TV shows, Father Dougal McGuire, we're over the moon to see him join the latest brilliant Irish comedy series.

Derry Girls was first released on Channel 4 back in January of 2018 and quickly became one of the most watched show in Northern Ireland's history.


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The show, which is based in Northern Ireland and follows a group of school friends who get up to mischief during The Troubles, with hilarious results.

It snagged Best Comedy at the IFTA Gala Television Awards and Lisa McGee took home the gong for Best Writer for Comedy/Soap after creating the absolute gem.

Soon after the show ended, it was publicised that a second series of the show had been commissioned, and today the news broke that Ardal O'Hanlon will be joining the cast.

A release from Channel 4 claims that the Monaghan native will play the role of; “Eamonn, the awkward, middle-aged mummy’s boy of the Quinn/McCool extended family”.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Erin Quinn spoke about the actor in an interview with RadioTimes“Ardal O’Hanlon joins our family this year, which is brilliant.” ​​

Nicola Coughlan, who plays Claire, says that the character of Eamonn is “a real Irish stereotype” – but he’s “not a priest”. “I think it’s something that everybody will recognise, and he completely gets it so on the money,” she added.


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“It was really surreal, just looking at him, because he’s such an iconic figure in Ireland, and he’s such a lovely man. He’s so good in it," Coughlan continued.

“There’s a scene where it gets quite physical, and Lisa McGee came over. She was like, "Don’t bully Ardal". And we were like, "We’re not bullying him, he’s like a national treasure!" ‘Cause we had to like go for it in the scene.”

Thank the Derry Gods, the show returns to our screens next month, and we finally got a sneak peak when Channel 4 released the trailer for season two a few days ago. It's gonna be pure gas, we cannot WAIT.

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It seems like the Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick never stops being an absolute legend.

Cruising through Ireland's capital yesterday, he spotted a swan flappin' around in a spot of bother.

Like a hero, he hopped out a taxi which was bringing him to an interview and came to the animal's aid.


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The swan was in a dangerous situation as it was in the middle of a busy road.

The vet was on his way to promote his new book on a popular radio programme when the swan landed in front of the taxi he was travelling in.

He recalled the incident to an Irish radio host and said that trucks and a motorbike had to swerve out of the way of the bird.


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Noel didn't think twice about getting out of the taxi and chasing down the swan to get it out of danger – Gwan, Noel!

Like a true gent, the video shows Noel had taken off his jacket and wrapped it securely around the swan, so he could carry it safely to the canal to be released.

Explaining the incident on Instagram, he said: "On route to the next interview in Dublin this afternoon and we came across this poor confused fella who was stuck in the middle of the main road with cars all around." 


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"Having experienced many Swan rescues down the years I knew I could help… So I jumped out the cab, stopped the traffic and gently coaxed the swan out of harms way into a nearby garden," he added.

"Using my jacket I wrapped him up and held his body and neck securely as I carried him back home towards the canal. Happy and safe at home."

It's official, Noel is our all-time fave vet.


It's that time of year again…the Great British Bake Off will soon be back on our screens!

So, feast your eyes on the delightfully quirky trailer below that Channel 4 have treated us to.

It's definitely carrying on the trend from the 2017 trailer, where an assortment of pastries belted out Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus’s We All Stand Together.

This time around, the clip features a mix of sad-looking baked goods singing their hearts out to Christina Aguilera's Beautiful.

There is a chocolate hedgehog cake that pleads “Don’t look at me” and a burnt bake is chucked in the bin.

We're LOVING it. 

“Bake Off’s back” is the message that the trailers opens with and this time, unlike like year, the GBBO hosts and judges have put in an appearance. 

Yes – we get to see the wonderfully wacky Sandi Toksvig, Noel Fielding, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood again. 

According to Radio Times, Channel 4 paid a reportedly staggering £75 million for three years of the show, which nabbed a cool 15 million viewers on the BBC.

Last year’s Bake Off final attracted one of the largest audiences in Channel 4’s 35-year history.

Impressive, wha?

Obviously, social media went into meltdown once the teaser was posted.

Comments ranged from impressed – ''I like the advert – quirky, calorie stuffed nonsense with a nostalgic tune. Very bonkersly British.'' to supportive – '12 nervous bakers awaiting to be announced to the world Good luck to them all. Looking forward to the next series'' to simply plain excited – ''Oh my goodness. This has made my night!''

GBBO has become a telly institution since it launched in 2010 and it has well and truly won a place in the hearts of all it's viewers.

Us included.

One person summed it all up in one tweet: ''that made me emotional I can’t believe it’s been a year already how time flies but I can’t wait for the next series.''

Roll on the end of August and Series Nine! 


Channel 4's Derry Girls earned itself quite the following when it hit out screens earlier this year. 

Set in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, its laugh-out-loud one-liners and nostalgia drenched soundtrack proved a big hit on both sides of the Irish sea, and a second season has already been commissioned for 2019.

And while that seems like a lifetime away, it now looks like could be seeing the girls back on the box a lot sooner than we thought. 

Cast members  Jamie-Lee O'Donnell, Louisa Harland, Nicola Coughlan, Dylan Llewellyn and Saoirse-Monica Jackson are set to appear on Channel 4's Crystal Maze celebrity special this summer. 

The rules are simple. Maze Master Richard Ayoade will guide the girls through the Aztec, Medieval, Futuristic and Industrial Zones as they attempt 30 brand new challenges in the hope of collecting all-important crystals.

The teams will then swap their crystals for time inside the legendary Crystal Dome.

Other celebrities taking part in the series of specials include Countdown’s Rachel Riley, TV personality Katie Price, and YouTube star Alfie Deyes.

The Crystal Maze celebrity specials are due to air this June on Channel 4.


TV bosses in the UK have entered a tug-of-war competition over reality star, Georgia Toffolo, following her successful stint on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

The Made In Chelsea star was crowned Queen of the Jungle last night after proving victorious over fellow contestants Jamie Lomas and Iain Lee.

Visibly stunned by her achievement, Georgia couldn't contain her emotion when chatting to hosts, Ant and Dec.

“It’s really overwhelming, thank you so much. Sorry I don’t know what to say I’m really shocked,” she said after winning the public vote.

And it looks like the 23-year-old impressed more than just the British public, with bosses at ITV and Channel 4 both reportedly eager to sign the star.

And while she may be contracted for one more series of E4's Made in Chelsea, ITV are rumoured to be interested in taking her on as a potential presenter and panel show captain.

According to The Mirror, a source close to Georgia said: “Georgia is in a enviable position now.”

“She will be in the next series of Made in Chelsea, but beyond that there are lots of options and lots of interest.”

“The last two winners of I’m A Celebrity were female, in Scarlett Moffatt and Vicky Pattison, and both have ended up working with ITV on projects.”

“There is going to be some real competition to make her good offers.”

One thing's for sure – 2018 is going to be a big year for the reality star.


Ahead of Nelly's sold-out performances at Dublin's Vicar Street this week, the US rapper took some time to check out what the telly box has to offer on this side of the pond.

The Hot in Herre singer, who was spotted indulging in a little retail therapy on Grafton Street yesterday, took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the Channel 4's controversial dating show, Naked Attraction.

For those of you unfamiliar with the programme, it's format allows contestants to choose partners based entirely on how they look naked.

Confused? You're not the only one.

In a video posted last night, Nelly gave his followers a little taster of what television looks like in this part of the world.


Dublin TV..!!!!!..!!! It's called " NAKED ATTRACTION "..!!!

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"I'm in Ireland. I'm watching a game show, this is on regular TV y'all. This man is picking the woman he wants to be with based on her body. He's not seeing her face, there's none of that," he said.

"Now this ain't no special channel. I ain't clicked on no freaky s**t. This is straight television y'all."

Nelly isn't the first American star to be baffled by the show's bizarre format, with Chissy Teigen famously live-tweeting the show during a trip to London earlier this year.

Guy, we swear, we're just as confused as you are.


A Daily Mail journalist has come under fire after she condemned the women who have spoken out about sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Speaking as part of a panel on Channel 4 News, Dame Ann Leslie said women who report incidents of inappropriate sexual behaviour “can’t have it both ways.”

Shockingly, the controversial comments came after Ann revealed that she had been asexually assaulted by the late politician, Nicholas Fairburn.

The journalist told how the former Tory MP, who died in 1995, placed his hand on her crotch during a joint appearance on an episode of BBC Radio 4's Any Questions.

“However, what I don’t like about what’s going on now is feminists have been trying all the time to say ‘oh my goodness, women must be in power, they must be strong, they will be strong’,” she said on the programme.

“They seem to spend their time now saying women are traumatised because some some silly old drunk in Parliament put his hand on her knee or anything like that. You can’t have it both ways.”

“You can't say women are strong and empowered and then say they're scared and they're going to cry and all that sort of thing.”

Her comments have been widely condemned by feminist groups across the UK with some accusing her of trivialising and dismissing the seriousness of these types of allegations.

Ann also made the ridiculous claims that women in the UK believe they “should scream and say ‘rape coming up’” if they are touched on the arm – to which fellow panellist, Guru-Murthy replied: “They don’t scream and say rape, they say stop treating me like a sexual object.”

Outraged viewers have taken to social media to stand up for the many women whose voices were belittled by the journalist's comments.


Ed Sheeran is the latest big name to be added to a star-studded Celebrity Gogglebox special as part of Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK's Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

The flame-haired singer will appear alongside fellow musicians Example and Big Narstie as they give their expert commentary of the best of British television.


Me @bignarstie and @example are gonna be on Celebrity Gogglebox this friday night on Channel 4 for @standup2canceruk x

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Speaking out about the announcement, Ed said: “I’m such a huge fan of Gogglebox so it’s going to be weirdly surreal to actually be part of it with two of my closest friends, but when it’s for an incredible cause like Stand Up To Cancer, how could we say no?”

The Shape of You singer joins an incredible line-up of well known faces including Liam Gallagher, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, and Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

The special episode will air this Friday, November 3 on Channel 4 at 9pm.

Meanwhile, the singer yesterday announced he will return to Asia next year after he was forced to cancel a number of gigs following a biking accident in London earlier this month.


90s kids, rejoice!

Almost 20 years since its initial release, Channel 4 have announced that Dawson's Creek will soon be launched on All 4.

All six series will be available to watch on the streaming service from November 2017, meaning you'll be spending the winter months pining after Daswon and Pacey, as if it were 1998 all over again.

Charlie Palmer,  All 4 Managing Editor, said: “Like so many others, I grew up with Dawson's Creek and can vividly remember sitting down to watch it every Tuesday evening… and, more often than not, again on Sunday morning.”

"Scenes, and the theme tune, are etched in the mind. So we're delighted to offer fans the chance to indulge themselves all over again, and for a new generation to discover it for the very first time."

The classic series starred Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson and became an instant hit when it first premiered in 1998.

 And now a whole generation will get to experience the drama, love tri-angles, and the real meaning behind that meme.

We can't wait to binge-watch!