There has been an uprise of dating shows on TV lately (becaue they're the best thing ever), and it's safe to say that everyone LOVES First Dates.

But, there's a new show airing tonight on Channel 4 and it takes a rather different approach.

The ladies that are looking for love are leaving it up to their children to find a potential partner – and we just think it's the best idea ever

On tonight's episode you will meet 39-year-old Katie, who is on the quest to find a new man after her 12-year relationship broke up.

Her sons, Jay, 21, and Harry, 15, go on the hunt to get Katie a new beau, with Katie revealing, "they know me better than I know myself."

Jay and Harry also admit that they're surprised that their mam hasn't found love as they say, "look at her she's beautiful!"

We'll guess we'll have to watch tonight at 10pm to see if Jay and Harry are successful.