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It seems like the Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick never stops being an absolute legend.

Cruising through Ireland's capital yesterday, he spotted a swan flappin' around in a spot of bother.

Like a hero, he hopped out a taxi which was bringing him to an interview and came to the animal's aid.


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The swan was in a dangerous situation as it was in the middle of a busy road.

The vet was on his way to promote his new book on a popular radio programme when the swan landed in front of the taxi he was travelling in.

He recalled the incident to an Irish radio host and said that trucks and a motorbike had to swerve out of the way of the bird.


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Noel didn't think twice about getting out of the taxi and chasing down the swan to get it out of danger – Gwan, Noel!

Like a true gent, the video shows Noel had taken off his jacket and wrapped it securely around the swan, so he could carry it safely to the canal to be released.

Explaining the incident on Instagram, he said: "On route to the next interview in Dublin this afternoon and we came across this poor confused fella who was stuck in the middle of the main road with cars all around." 


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"Having experienced many Swan rescues down the years I knew I could help… So I jumped out the cab, stopped the traffic and gently coaxed the swan out of harms way into a nearby garden," he added.

"Using my jacket I wrapped him up and held his body and neck securely as I carried him back home towards the canal. Happy and safe at home."

It's official, Noel is our all-time fave vet.



An adventurous swan had a bit of fun today on the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, as he sauntered around with no care for the passing traffic.

Thankfully cars were able to swerve to avoid the little fella, until he waddled off a while later.

We reckon this won’t be the last we hear of him… sounds like he’s a bit of a loose cannon!