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He is killing it on our screens in Luther.

He could quite possibly be James Bond when Daniel Craig steps down.

But Idris Elba has a specific career path that he would like to venture down in the future…

Any guesses?


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The 46-year-old has revealed that he would like to try his hand at teaching at some point.

Why, you ask?

The actor said that he loves to give out advice.

He opened up about this while speaking as part of a new campaign with Squarespace.

He said, ''I think one day, in my advanced years, that I probably will end up as some sort of teacher, professor of sort.''


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He went on to say that he wanted to give people the opportunity to ‘learn’ from him as he ‘likes giving advice’.

So what can we expect from him in terms of pearls of wisdom?

He said, ''Don’t define yourself by one thing, take a look at a tool that can help you redefine yourself.’

Words to remember…we have a feeling that if Idris ever made it as a teacher, he wouldn't struggle to get the rooms attention.  



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26-year-old Viktoria Popova wasn’t expecting the media storm that came her way when she posed for a pin-up style photo shoot.

The Russian teacher initially found herself under fire when the modelling agency she signed with posted the swimsuit pictures on Instagram.

Viktoria was then fired by her employer, Omsk school number 7, over the images.

Omsk city hall told the Siberian Times that the photos brought ‘irreversible damage to the reputation of the teacher’.

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“By spreading frivolous images on the Internet in order to promote a commercial project she also hurt the image of the school,” they further stated, saying that her behaviour broke a code of conduct at the school.

However, other Russian educators rallied around the 26-year-old, posting their own swimsuit photos and decrying the double standards put upon them.

Many of these photos are accompanied by the hashtag ‘teachers are people too’, the Independent reports.

Image: Instagram / pedagogical_hulk

One Insta user implored, “When will the insanity stop in our country?”

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Viktoria herself has spoken out on the matter, telling the Siberian Times, “I do not understand why I am getting the blame. I wasn’t posing in underwear or stockings.

“I said to them: ‘Don’t you know about American 1950s pin-up style? I’m sorry but this was not promoting some men’s saloon.

“People do take pictures nowadays. They pose on holidays and post pictures online. This was just an advert for a shop.”

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Omsk Region government has now decided the teacher may return to her previous position if she likes, the BBC reports.

They stated, “The question of Viktoria’s future employment has been decided: she may decide to work as a teacher either at this school or another one.”

However, there’s a possibility that the 26-year-old could have landed herself a gig as a full-time model.  Suggestions that she has also been approach by Russian Dating Website have yet to be confirmed. Russian modelling agency Plus Size Omsk has also reached out to Viktoria.



Many teachers go above and beyond for the students- but this teachers dedication is next level. 

When Tanya Thomas, an elementary school teacher in Ohio, found out that one of her students was sick she decided that she would stop at nothing to help her. 

That student was Eva Brown, and while she wasn't in Thomas' class, she found out about her rare kidney disease through Facebook.

Eva has collapsing FSGS, and needed a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, she has a rare O blood type. 

Thomas, having a suspicion that she had the same blood type, got checked out- she was a match. 

"There was really no question and no hesitation. I felt like it was my opportunity to say we’re going to give this a try and if it doesn't work I have to be okay with that,” she told local media.

“I kind of just have that feeling of hey I've got two, I'll give one. No sweat off my back." 

Thomas met with Eva nad her mother Alana, to tell the the good news. 

“I thought I was going to lose my baby and now I can watch her grow up," mum Alana gushed. "I can watch her play. I can see her go to prom, and get married one day, and I look forward to seeing the woman she's going to be and that's because of Tanya Thomas.”

Principle Micca Conley said that she was proud of Thomas' decision, who is extremely dedicated to her students. 

"We are mums first and teachers second and she has taken that expectation obviously to the next level,” she said. 

Through fundraising pages and speaking out, the women hope to raise awareness for organ donation. 

The transplant is scheduled for June 2018. 



If you want a job that essentially doesn't require you to sleep under your desk (don't we all?!), then there are 25 gigs with particularly great hours that you should have on your radar. 

Glassdoor asked reviewers to rate their work/life balance on a scale from 0 to 5, and they found out some very interesting facts. 

With every year that goes by, the survey revealed that people are feeling less and less balanced every year. Back in 2009, the average rating was 3.5, but now it's down to 3.2. 

There are, however, some jobs that employees rate highly – like data scientists that ranked first on their list. They had the highest rating for a work/life balance, coming in at 4.2 out of 5. They also had the highest salary on the list, racking in nearly €155,000. 

Here's the top ten jobs, but you can check out the full 25 over here:

1. Data scientist

2. SEO manager

3. Talent acquisition specialist

4. Social media manager

5. Substitute teacher

6. Recruiting coordinator

7. UX designer

8. Digital marketing manager

9. Marketing assistant

10. Web developer


Hollywood actor James Franco is not exactly a stranger to the classroom. Since 2006 he has attended classes and workshops at more than five colleges in the U.S, including Yale University.

He studied filmmaking, English, poetry and creative writing. So now you know where the ideas for that short story on Lindsay Lohan are coming from.

At the moment, as well as starring in plenty of film projects, he is also an English PhD student at Yale, because sleep is for the weak, apparently.

So, in the middle of his seemingly never-ending quest for knowledge, James has now decided to turn the tables. Not content with just being a student, he has taken on the role of teacher.



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According to his Instagram account, he will be bringing his passion for the arts into the classroom at the school he once attended himself.

James and his journalism teacher Esther Wojcicki have created a workshop that will run for five hours on a Sunday beginning this week. 24 lucky students will get to take part in the two month event.

The students will work in small groups to produce a film which James himself has written. Each group will focus on a different ‘episode’ of the script.

Speaking about James’ involvement with the project Esther said:

“I think that that’s his motivation – he wants to show (that) it can actually be done, to other schools around the county (that) people don’t have to wait around for new legislation or more classroom buildings or whatever.”


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