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Yep, you read that right. 

It seem trends are getting weirder and more ridiculous by the day – but this one takes the crown. 

Plastic food clips are the new 'it' accessory in China – but we really hope it doesn't catch on here. 

So now if you want to wear a fried egg on your head, there's a clip for that. 

Want to make streaky bacon fashionable? There's an accessory for that too. 

You can even have a whole buffet in your do'!

Internet shopping site, Taobao, said that there's such a high demand for the clips that they are in the midst of producing more. 

Many Internet users are commenting on the products, saying the look like "cute" accessories. 

But really, we're just as confused as Britney right now. 



A rather unusual new fashion trend in Asia has surfaced online today… and yes, it truly is bizarre.

Teens in Taiwan are stripping off their regularly clothing, posting photos of themselves wearing nothing but plastic shopping bags.


It's definitely the sort of trend that leaves little to the imagination, however, it's also one of the more straightforward fashion fads of recent years: stylish teens need only to pop their arms out of the handles, and hey presto! the look is complete.

Upon further inspection, SHEmazing! has observed that it seems to be particularly 'cool' to be seen flaunting a grocery bag from the US-based supermarket 7-eleven, as most teens are going for the green logo look. 

Incredibly affordable (it will set you back a mere 15c in this country) and certainly, ahem, unique, perhaps the trend setters took inspiration from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia earlier this year.

Then, designer Vanessa Moe sent models down the catwalk in masks and headpieces that looked remarkably like sheets of plastic blowing against their faces.

Whether it will catch on in this part of the world, we really can't tell. #Watchthisspace. 


Yes, a new day, a new weird fashion trend. This one is a little bit more subtle than the rest of them but we think it is still going to be a fairly awkward piece of clothing to wear. 

The new trend is extra-long sleeves and we're a bit perplexed by them. How are you meant to carry things? Where do your hands go? Am I going to spill my coffee down them? We just don't know. 

These street style ladies are giving the trend their all and even though practicality has gone out the window, we do admit that they pull the look off effortlessly. 

What do you think? Would you wear the new trend?



Now that purple hair has become a huge hit among celebs, it’s only a matter of time before loyal fans become inspired by this new trend. But, before you make the choice to go lilac, here are a few things you might want to consider.

Know your natural hair color
Consider the tone of your natural hair before you choose your shade. Like make-up, your natural tone determines whether a certain color will suit you.

Be patient
Drastic hair colors take much longer to achieve so make sure you are realistic about what you want and how long it will take to get it.

Try on a wig
This is a timeless way to see whether or not you can pull off your desired shade.

Buy a shade lighter
Since hair dye always comes out darker than you expect, buy a hair dye that’s one or two shades lighter than the color you want.

Know about formulas
If you have sensitive skin, go for a mousse-like formulas. Gel or liquid formulas are better suited for those with thicker hair.