A tour of these amazing celeb gardens will leave you green with envy


These incredible celebrity gardens will make you crave your very own outside haven.

Sharon Stone’s Beverly Hills back garden
Stone’s garden is surrounded by fruit trees and even has a relaxing meditation garden.


Mel Gibson’s Connecticut home
You’d want to be pretty strong to play chess with Mel.


Kelsey Grammer’s Malibu garden
The Frasier star has his very own pond – this garden is beyond words.


Valentino’s Chateau in Paris
It seems the Italian designer is not just a dab hand at designing clothes. Wonder if Kimye considered getting married here?


Julianne Moore’s New York City garden
Just because your garden is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be impressive. Julianne even managed to squeeze in a basketball net.


Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills home
We couldn’t miss a sneak peek into this Hollywood sweetheart’s home. No wonder she doesn’t want to leave it.