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Did you know that Will Smith and his wife Jada are worth almost €220 million combined?

According to the latest rumours circulating about the ‘are they or aren’t they’ pair, “their marriage might as well be a business arrangement.”

Speaking with Life & Style magazine, an insider has apparently come clean about the couple’s alleged divorce.

The pair have supposedly not been referring to themselves as divorced in the media for the sake of their kids, Jaden and Willow.

Apparently though, it’s the assets belonging to the couple that is keeping them together.

Will and Jada have reportedly been in an ‘open’ relationship despite being married for 17 years. But this latest report is saying that Jada is now seriously “contemplating divorce” because of Will continuing to act like a “single man” when out in public.

The same insider is saying that in May, Jada met with a very high-profile divorce attorney in the U.S when things between her and Will hit rock bottom.

Jada is reportedly livid with Will staying out until all hours of the night with a host of different women.

This all comes just days after Jada herself spoke with Entertainment Tonight about those pesky divorce rumours.

The actress, 43, said that she’s quite realistic about the how the media works. She said in the interview “people gotta make their money and do what they gotta do, you know what I mean?”

We’re kind of rooting for these two, who have never been shy about their chemistry and love for each other, to stay together.

In the same interview the actress also added:

“Will and I love each other so much, and our family and our relationship is so important, and the fact that these stories keep coming up, you know, you’d think people would be rooting for you to stay together not to break up.”

That helps clear that up then, doesn’t it?


Not another one! The news of Ben and Jen is still too fresh for us to handle any more celebrity divorces.

But unfortunately, rumour has it that Matthew McConaughey's marriage to his model wife Camila Alves may be in trouble.

The couple have been married since 2012 (they've been dating since 2006) and have three children together.

But, according to OK! magazine there may be seriously trouble in paradise.

“He’d rather she focus on family life,” the insider told the publication. “At this point, they have major problems to work through.”

While Matthew has become one of the biggest and most revered actors in Hollywood, few people know that his Brazilian wife has also been making a name for herself as a fashion designer.

The mother of three is the designer of MUXO by Camila Alves and she has put a lot of time and effort into making a brand for herself.

However, it was only two months ago that the Dallas Buyers Club actor gushed about how happy he is with Camila in an issue of Haute Living.

“Now I get to wake up next to someone who I know loves me the way she does – my wife – who gave birth to our three beautiful, healthy children,” the actor said.

The 45-year-old True Detective star has always been amazingly sweet when discussing his family life so whatever the problems are, we REALLY hope that these two can work them out.

Because we are not looking forward to adding them to the long list of celebrity couples we wish were still together!