A Hollywood star has been banned from working with Angelina

So maybe this is the key to a long lasting celebrity marriage.

Actress, and wife of Les Miserables actor Hugh Jackman, Deborra-Lee Furness has said that she’s banned Hugh from working with a certain A-lister.

In the past Hugh has gotten up close and personal with a number of Hollywood ladies including Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman. But, Angelina Jolie is the one co-star Deborra is not allowing Hugh work with.

Not too surprising considering Angelina does have a history of romance with her co-stars; Johnny Lee Miller (remember that weird wedding t-shirt?), Billy Bob Thornton, and rumours floated that she was with Colin Farrell for a while too.

The couple were interviewed by The Today Show and asked how they cope with seeing one another getting hot and heavy with other actors.

Deborra joked “I’ve told his agent he’s not allowed to work with Angelina.”

While we’re sure that Deborra has absolutely nothing to worry about, we do empathise with the 59-year old, considering Angelina is known for being the woman of many men’s dreams. Also the fact that she hasn’t ever been afraid to date her co-stars. And then marry them- ahem, Brad Pitt.

After 19 years of wedded bliss and two children, Oscar, 14 and Ava, 9, Deborra just isn’t willing to take any chances.

The blonde Aussie told joked in the interview that she doesn’t have anything personal against Angie, “I’m sure she’s very nice and I love what she’s doing – shining a light on awareness for adoption…just kidding.”

The couple were interviewed before they took part in the Adopt Change fundraiser in Melbourne, Australia.
During the interview the pair also revealed that they never spend more than two weeks apart when working, a promise they made early in their relationship.

“We’ve managed to keep that,” 46-year old Hugh said proudly.

So Deborra probably has nothing to worry about after all!