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In a post which has piqued the attention of Twitter users today, Stephen Bear has revealed that it's officially all over between himself and Charlotte Crosby.

Taking to social media this afternoon, the 27-year-old, who won last year's series of Celebrity Big Brother, announced that the relationship he shared with the former Geordie Shore star has come to an end.

"Sadly me and Charlotte have split up," he wrote in the post which has been liked hundreds of times in mere minutes. 

"We have had a good run but we wasn't right for each other."

Alluding to the fact that Charlotte's ex-boyfriend, Gaz Beadle, yesterday announced he's soon to become a father, one Twitter user suggested that that revelation played a part in the break-up.

"Gaz's little Sprog got to her I suppose," wrote one of Stephen's followers in the moments that followed his sad upload.

Just yesterday, Charlotte chatted with SHEmazing, and sang the praises of the Ex on the Beach star, so news of their split has come as a shock to fans of the couple who co-host MTV's Just Tattoo of Us.

"I only have eyes for my beautiful gorgeous boyfriend, Stephen Bear," she said during our recent interview.

As followers may speculate that the split was born of Gary's big news, insiders are keen to clarify Charlotte's thoughts on the announcement.

Speaking to the Sun Online, an insider said: "Of course Charlotte is happy for Gary, she knows he’ll be a great dad and thinks a baby is a blessing."

“But when she found out it hit her really hard, she had no idea it was coming."

This is the second time this month that the pair have seemingly called it quits, so it may be a case of watching this space.



Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear have been under major fan scrutiny lately, as people have been wondering whether the pair are more than mere co-hosts on Just the Tattoo of Us. 

After weeks of speculation, Charlotte has finally confirmed the rumours that she's in a relationship with Bear, and even went so far as to say that he's "the one".

"He’s the one. I’ve fallen for him a lot, the most I’ve ever fallen for anyone. And I think he feels the same I really do," the Geordie Shore star told Heat.

Charlotte ever went on to say that she feels like she can be her true self around the Big Brother contestant. 

"I can be my complete self in front of him, we're exactly the same."

"We're just daft and crazy and anything goes."

Not all fans were pleased with Charlotte's choice of boyfriend, given Bear's womanising reputation and his attitude towards women on the show Celebrities Go Dating.

"That’s just a character her puts on," she told Heat.

"He’s so different at home. He has a very big family and he has so much respect for them. He knows how to treat a woman and has never ever done anything horrible to me, he’s always treated me very, very nicely."

Well, that's all that matters really! We hope it all works out for the two reality stars. 


Stephen Bear has reportedly been punched in the face after he was mugged in a London carpark.

According to The Sun, Bear was attacked by a stranger who stole his watch and bank cards.

A source told the publication: "A man said hello to him and Bear replied as he always does. 

“To start with, the conversation was friendly but suddenly, while they were chatting, the man punched Bear in the face and knocked him onto his back.

"Bear was stunned for a few seconds by the blow, but it was long enough for the guy to take his watch and some bracelets from him. 

“After kicking him in the head, the man was also able to take his debit cards and his wallet.”

We hope he's OK.


She’s already been linked to Stephen Bear – and his dad – but it looks like Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan has found herself a brand new man.

After being spotted getting close at a recent pool party, the controversial Playboy model was snapped over the weekend while holding hands with MTV’s Ashley Cain.

The famous pair looked pretty smitten as they attended the footballer’s 26th birthday party in Maidstone, Kent, on Saturday night.


Nah I'm feeling my new trim yanaaaa!  #Fresh

A photo posted by BEAST (@mrashleycain) on

Clearly not wanting to hide her potential romance with Beast, the former X Factor wannabe used Instagram to share a picture of the pair together.

Alongside the snap – which shows Ashley glancing at a velvet-clad Chloe while holding her hand – the mother of one wrote: “Last night with the Birthdayboy (sic).”


Last night with the Bithdayboy  dress from @dannidressroom1

A photo posted by Chloe Khan (@chloe.khan) on

The 25-year-old star also suggested that she’s “moved on” from her on-screen fling with Ashley’s EOTB co-star Stephen Bear by tweeting: “I am getting so many slut comments for moving on from Bear finally but what do you expect me to do really?  Sit and wait for a few years?”

While it’s still early days, we’re interested to see where this budding romance might lead.


POOL PARTY .  follow my snapchat itschloekhan

A photo posted by Chloe Khan (@chloe.khan) on



Stephen Bear caused a lot of controversy in the CBB house and caused even more when he won the show.

But now reports are saying the the Big Brother winner is set to make £1 million in just six months.

And how, you ask? Well, it's not from TV anyway.

According to The Sun, Stephen is listed as a shareholder in his brother's carvery outlet called Carve.

An insider told the website: "Stephen looks up to Danny and has always joked about going into business together.

"Danny let him invest in Carve to see what his work ethic was like and now he's proved himself he's ready to make some serious money.

"In the seven days since leaving the house he's already made £150,000 just in scheduled nightclub appearances and he has big plans to invest.


Pop in to my brothers new establishment. Taking London by storm @carvecity

A photo posted by Stephen Hollywood Bear (@stevie_bear) on

"He reckons he can make a million in six months and sees himself as a bit of an Alan Sugar,£ the source added.

Hmm, we'll see about that.


We all know Stephen Bear cheated on Lillie Lexie Gregg with Chloe Khan while in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but according to Bear, who went on to win the latest series of the reality show, he wasn't the only one unfaithful during the course of their relationship.

While appearing on Loose Women yesterday, the Ex on the Beach star implied Lillie wasn't without a fault, saying: "The last two girls I have been with cheated on me. It’s bang out of order."

And Lillie wasn't having a word of it.

Taking to Twitter last night, Lillie, who met Bear while appearing on Ex on the Beach wrote: "Wow, how dare you?"

"Quite happy to go to the extent of a lie detector test on this one," she wrote. "Theres only one cheat and it certainly wasn't me."

Lillie, who confronted Bear during an emotional scene in the CBB house, added: "Categorically not true. That is my only comment."

And it looks like Lillie's insistence had the desired effect on her ex-boyfriend who appeared to go and check his sources before taking to Twitter to admit he was wrong to accuse her.

"Never believe rumours. Just spoke to @rossworswick and nothing happened," he wrote in a post this afternoon.

"Sorry LillieGregg, I wish you all the best of luck." he finished in a post which has been liked hundreds of times in mere hours.


Girls Night wearing my 'No Boyfriend No Problems' T from @lilybeaulondon

A video posted by L I L L I E | L E X I E (@lillielexie) on

Whether it was meant as an olive branch to her ex or a smug satisfaction over the whole thing, Liliie decided to retweet his apology and officially set the record straight on that one.

Good on her.


If you thought Stephen Bear was torn between two women, you're very much mistaken.

But it's not that he's suddenly declared himself a one-woman man, and turned his back on fellow CBB housemate, Chloe Khan, in an effort to rekindle his romance with former girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg.

Oh no, not Bear.

He has, in fact, got his eyes on yet another reality TV star… well, he does if Laura Carter's recent interview with The Sun is anything to go by, that is.

The reality star, who made headlines for her raunchy on-screen antics with Marco Pierre White Jr, during her own stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house has revealed that Stephen Bear has shown more than a passing interest in her.

Opening up about an encounter they had in the past, Laura said: "We met on a night out, spent the night kissing and were all over each other and then carried on messaging each other for a while."

"He kept telling everybody in the club I was a 10/10 and he had to get with me," she revealed. 

"I ended up leaving quite early to go to bed that night and he then showed up at my door at 6am with some friends," she explained, "I’d just woke up and he was on his knees begging to come in for a booty call."

Offering more details than anyone with a delicate stomach might want, Laura insisted that she won't be drawing a line under the episode.

"We haven’t done anything too sexual yet, that’s all I’m saying. I will be getting in touch with him," she insisted.

And now if you'll excuse us, we'll be dry-heaving in a corner.


Stephen Bear WON Celebrity Big Brother last night, and many would think he'd party with the contestant he got very, erm… close to in the house, but Bear being Bear went off with other women.

So Chloe decided to go off with Stephen's dad… naturally.

We're not really sure what's really going on in these pictures, bu we have to say it does look a bit odd.

Chloe had nothing but praise for Bear when she was evicted last week, so you never know, maybe this is her way of getting to know in the in-laws.


We all know that the most recent series of Celebrity Big Brother has been hailed the most explosive of its run, but is that purely down to the housemates' antics or is it actually the very clever editing tricks of the show's producers?

According to emerging reports, CBB bosses have been slammed by fans for concealing certain incidents in the house which may have turned viewers against the show's biggest heavy-hitters.

With Ex on the Beach star, Stephen Bear, constantly grabbing headlines for his on-screen antics with Chloe Khan, viewers are now questioning why they weren't informed of various warnings he got throughout the show which may have led to his eviction.

And it looks like Sam Fox's recent eviction interview may be to thank for the backlash against producers.

According to the former popstar, 26-year-old Bear received a staggering four warnings in one day, and even played a prank on Sam which ultimately resulted in her requiring medical attention.

"What he did, he said “I know this really good magic trick, you’ve got to look into this water bottle," Sam explained. "I said, ‘please promise me this water’s not going to go anywhere’. "

"Well straight away, he squeezed it, the contact lens went to the back of my eye, I had to see the medic, get that out, wear an eyepatch for half a day," she revealed.

Viewers are accusing Celebrity Big Brother bosses of editing out Bear's worst bits in order to ensure the show's ratings –  a claim which was backed up a show's source."

"Bear is constantly breaching the rules and the other housemates are complaining," the insider revealed. "No celeb would normally get away with this.

Hmm, sounds like they have some explaining to do.


Anyone who has been watching the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother will have felt for Lillie Lexie Gregg whose boyfriend, Stephen Bear, began an in-house relationship with fellow housemate Chloe Khan.

Despite entering the house with intentions of marrying Lillie, who he met on Ex on the Beach, Stephen found himself cosying up to Chloe… and then some.

In behaviour which has resulted in countless complaints from viewers and CBB contestants, Stephen and Chloe made their feelings for each other very clear as a devastated Lillie watched from home.

And in classic Celebrity Big Brother fashion, the show's bosses gave Lillie the opportunity to enter the house and confront her boyfriend… which, of course, she did this week.

Taking to Twitter to support Gary Beadle's ex-girlfriend, former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Megan McKenna admitted that she really felt for the reality TV star after she put herself out there this week.

"Catching up with #cbb and wow. I'm choked," Megan wrote. "Legit just cried at tonight's ep… @LillieGregg you've got guts to do what you did tonight."

Agreeing with the TOWIE star, Megan's followers wasted no time slamming Stephen, with one writing: "These "boys" take no responsibility for their actions!!! No wonder these beautiful young women have issues!"

"She tooootttaaallllyyyy just mugged him off 100% taste of his own medicine. Saw the real him for the first time," added another. (sic)

Stephen echoed the thoughts of the public when he told Big Brother: "Maybe it's her lucky escape from me. God knows what she's gone through."

Hmmm… hard to argue with that one.


When celebs go on Big Brother, it's safe to say the producers fork out thousands upon thousands to get big names on the show.

But, we're pretty shocked about the amount Stephen Bear is taking home when the show ends. 

With some contestants raking in six-figure sums, Stephen is only getting a measly £12,000.

When Bear's amount was leaked last night, there was outrage on Twitter since Christopher Biggins (he was kicked off the show for causing widespread offence) walked away with £150,000.

However, apparently Bear doesn't seem to mind the difference and is more focused on "long-term success."

Speaking to The Sun, an insider said: "He knew he would be one of the stars of the show and really pushed for a bumper pay cheque but the producers wouldn't budge.

"[Bear] had hoped he would be able to cash in with big bucks magazine deals with his girlfriend after leaving the house, having split with his manager and signed to the same management team as Lillie to make it happen.

"But now that he has cheated on her with Chloe Khan he will have to work hard to build the relationship back up again."

Ah Bear, you screwed yourself up big time.


According to reports emerging this afternoon, Lillie Lexie has been left devastated by the relationship Stephen Bear shared with Chloe Khan inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

And it doesn't sounds like she plans to wait for his eviction to have it out with him.

According to The Mirror, Gaz Beadle's ex-girlfriend has been spotted outside the Elstree studios with a packed suitcase sparking rumours that Stephen may be in for a very unwelcome surprise tonight.

Lillie, who dated Geordie Shore's Gary for two years, had plans to marry Stephen after meeting on Ex on the Beach, but it looks like Stephen's romance has (unsurprisingly) put the brakes on those plans.

"I just want to know why he's done this to me. How can you do that to someone you care about?" she said while speaking exclusively to The Mirror last night.

Referring to Stephen's X-rated on-screen antics with Chloe Khan, Lillie added; "If the roles had been reversed, no way in a million years would I have behaved the way he has. I wouldn't want his family to see that."

Clearly stunned that the man she planned to marry would disrespect her in front of millions, Lillie added:" The thing is, if he doesn't want to be with me then that's fine, but why couldn't he have just said that before he went into the house?"

Lillie recently hit the headlines after a very public spat with Geordie Shore's Charlotte.