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It looks like Westlife and the Spice Girls have caused a new trend in the music industry following news of another reformation.

McFly have confirmed that they are finally reuniting this year and are set to record new music by the summer.

Bass player Dougie Poynter confirmed the news on the Sappenin’ podcast and there’s no doubt fans of the All About You singers are overjoyed by the long-awaited reunion.

Dougie shared: “McFly will at least start writing by the summer and I can’t wait I love that band and I love the guys. It’s awesome.”


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The band have been apart for quite a few years and fans never thought they’d see the day when the foursome would reunite.

Over nine years have passed since McFly released their last album so we are extremely excited to hear new material, but will anything ever beat Star Girl?


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The Too Close For Comfort singers have been focusing on other projects and expanding their families since the band went on a break in 2014.

Even Dougie admitted that the break has been a lot longer than he expected: “We decided to take some time off after we did McBusted because it was a two-year tour and there was naturally some other things everyone wanted to do.

“It actually worked out really well because all the other guys had kids in that time, so they’ve all been home for their kids.

“It almost happened last year but someone had a project or something that was coming up smack bang in the middle. And we just didn’t think there was any point,” he explained.

It may have taken far too long but we are so happy to hear that the Shine A Light singers are finally back together again.



Back in April Perrie Edwards' fans took over the internet when she and Dougie Poynter followed each other on Instagram, so we're sure they'll be pretty excited to hear that the pair were spotted getting cosy at Tuesday night's Glamour Awards.

Perrie attended the star-studded event with her Little Mix bandmates, but according to Now magazine the 22-year-old's gal pals were nowhere to be seen when Perrie was spotted chatting to McFly bassist Dougie.

Apparently, the pair chatted, looked super cosy and even shared a hug before Dougie left the event… and it didn't end there!

According to a Mail Online source, the popstars then headed to the Glamour after-show, where Perrie and Dougie were said to have been "pretty inseparable".

The source said: "Dougie, 28, was with Perrie, 22, for ages looking cosy.  He didn't leave her side towards the end of the night." 

It seems Perrie has had her eye on McFly's youngest member since as far back as 2014 when she revealed to Now she was "gutted" to hear Dougie was involved with then girlfriend Frankie Sandford.

She said: "Dougie Poynter from McFly started seeing Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays and I was gutted."

"So I can relate, you’re a young girl with a crush on someone. You’re like: “Damn it!”’

Dougie has been single since his split with singer Ellie Goulding – who was recently linked to Prince Harry – earlier this week.

In April he told The Sun: "We love each other very much, we're still best of friends."

"She's one of the most amazing people I've ever met.  But just right now, it's hard."

Even though it's very early days, we've our fingers crossed that Pougie will become a thing.


While we were delighted to hear that these two were trying to work out their tubulent relationship, it seems that Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter are on another official break. 

The pair reportedly called it quits back in December before rekindling their romance in the Nerw Year. 

However, it seems that hectic schedules and being forced to spend a lot of time apart has forced the handsome couple to go on yet another break. 

"They are finding it hard to spend time together as Ellie's music career takes her all over the world and she is pulled in different directions," a source close to the pair told the Mirror. 

"Dougie is trying to make it in America as an actor and they are drifting apart."

Ellie recently described the difficulties of juggling a busy professional life with a relationsip in an interview with the Lorraine Show. 

"We work it out, we figure it out. We are pretty realistic with things.

"We're pretty sensible about it and we just see each other when we can."

Even though she will be focusing on her career for the time being, the 29-year-old remained coy when asked whether she would like to have a plan to start a family in the future. 

"It's just that time that everything comes up in the air, you don't know what's gonna… but at some point, maybe."

We hope these two work it out in the long run. 


After a brief break-up last year, pop princess Ellie Goulding has admitted that her relationship with McFly guitarist Dougie Poynter involves a lot of hard work. 

With the pair both being in the entertainment business, the 29-year-old admitted it can be difficult to make things work. 

"We work it out, we figure it out. We are pretty realistic with things," said the On My Mind singer in an interview for the Lorraine Show

"We're pretty sensible about it and we just see each other when we can."

And she admitted that things would only get tougher as Dougie moves out to LA allow to pursue a new career path. 

"He's out in LA working hard and he's doing all sorts of things. He's started acting. He's amazing, a complete natural, so I am excited to see what comes of that."

But the singer remained coy when the presenter asked whether the pair had any plans to settle down. 

"It's just that time that everything comes up in the air, you don't know what's gonna… but at some point, maybe."

The couple have been an item for over two years despite the hiccough in the relationship in early December of 2015. 

The singer also responded to rumours that she wasn't eating, as printed in tabloid papers such as Metro

"Some people thought I was replacing my meals with the vitamin shots but it wasn't the case. My friends know I love my food too much. 

"If I didn't exercise, I would be in serious trouble."

Us too Ellie, us too. 


The Mirror reported this week that Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter are back together after they were spotted out food shopping together on Friday night.

But adding fuel to the fire, Ellie Goulding has sparked more rumours of a reconciliation as she has shared a loving snap on Instagram of her beau today.

Ellie posted the pic of Dougie walking his first runway, and congratulated him in the caption. 

"Congratulations on your first walk @idougahole this is incredible," and hastagged it, #nextbigthing.

This comes after reports they might be getting back together since Dougie wished Ellie happy birthday in late December on social media.

"Happy birthday to this very special/red lady," he wrote. 

We LOVE this two together so fingers crossed everything is back on track.


Having rekindled their romance after going on a purported break, Ellie Goulding has spoken about her relationship with Dougie Poynter. 

The pair posed for a gorgeous photoshoot for this month's issue of Glamour magazine and the singer revealed that things can get awkward when the pair are told they look like siblings. 

"People always say we look like brother and sister. Even our family members say it."

"It's quite weird."

The 29-year-old does admit however that the similarities may come down to the fact that the pair share a very similiar sense of fashion. 

"We dress kind of similar. Dougie's always like, 'We can't both wear this shirt!' But I like it."

The On My Mind singer also gave reference to the brief break up of the couple last month. 

"Relationships have their ups and downs. And sometimes, yeah, I want to be left alone. Dougie is respectful of that." 

"Dougie and I have such different musical worlds, but he understands when I've had a tough rehearsal or tough couple of days travelling. I don't like to rely on him to get me through everything, though. I'm an independent person – I do like to take care of things myself."

And it turns out that Ellie had a total crush on the former McFly guitarist way before they ever even met. 

"He is definitely the one forever. He's been through a lot, and he has a quiet depth that I love," Goulding said in another interview last year.

"And you know what, when I was a teenager, I fancied him, but I thought he was out of my league. Way too good-looking for me." 


Just months ago, Dougie Poynter hinted he might be about to propose to Ellie Goulding, but now it seems things have gone to another extreme for the pair.

Ellie and McFly's Dougie are said to be "on a break" after hitting a "rough patch" in their relationship.

The couple, who have been together since early 2014, are reportedly hoping that some time apart and "a little distance" will help them to work things out.

"They are taking a break. Their work commitments have meant they have been spending more and more time away from each other and it has made it difficult to maintain their relationship," a source told The Mirror.

With Ellie currently in the US promoting her new album, and Dougie at home in England, the pair will hopefully get the space they need. However we doubt the McFly singer will be too happy to see last night's photos, which show his former girlfriend hanging out with her ex, Niall Horan.

Ellie was pictured smiling with the Irish star at the Jingle Ball in Austin, Texas, where she was scheduled to perform last night.

It's unknown how long Ellie and Dougie's break has been official, but a quick look through their social media feeds would suggest it's a fairly recent development.

Just two weeks ago, Dougie took to Instagram to praise one of Ellie's tunes, while a few weeks before that he posted a snap of the pair together at a H&M x BALMAIN launch.


#hmbalmaination thanks for having us!

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Back in June he could barely hide his happiness when he spoke about his girlfriend, describing her as "beautiful and talented… just incredible."

When asked if he was considering popping the question, his coy response was "I don't want to say too much. It would ruin the surprise."

Let's hope these two can work things out, cos that would be one cool wedding.



Ellie Goulding has sparked rumours that she may be engaged to boyfriend Dougie Poynter.

The Burn singer set tongues wagging over the weekend after sharing a photo in which she is wearing a ring on that finger.

The lovely Ellie was celebrating completing the Royal Parks Foundation half marathon, but followers have chosen to hone in on the bling she’s rocking on her ring finger, rather than the medal she’s holding up for the camera.

Could it be that Dougie finally decided to put a ring on it?

We’ll just have to wait to find out!

Either way, Ellie certainly had cause for celebration yesterday, given how she successfully completed the run with absolutely no preparation!

“Only signed up for it yesterday but we just smashed this Royal Parks half marathon haha,” tweeted the star.

We will be following updates on this latest ‘are they/aren’t they’ extremely closely! 



Ellie Goulding and boyfriend Dougie Poynter have raised eyebrows with this crotch-grabbing snap – but for all the right reasons!

The couple are the latest celebrities to show their support for a campaign that aims to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

The loved-up pair, who have been enjoying a break in Ibiza where Ellie was performing, can be seen standing in front of a private plane as they give their crotch areas a good grab in the Instagram snap. 

Dougie captioned the picture, "Thanks @Marnitook for the nomination. Me & @elliegoulding checking our love grenades. WE'RE #FEELINGNUTS! I nominate @mattjwillis & @glassofwhiskey @checkonetwo @stormmodels."

The Check One Two movement aims to end unnecessary deaths from testicular cancer by raising awareness of how to check for signs.

The #FeelingNuts Crotch Grab challenge is the first of a series of monthly challenges to show support.

Other celebs to get involved include Tinie Tempah, Louis Smith, David Haye and Tyson Beckford.

Well done guys! 




Ellie Goulding has shared a very sweet new snap with her beau Dougie Poynter on her Instagram. 

And, if the look Dougie's giving her is anything to go by, it seems like this pair are very much in love!

Dougie is gazing deep into Ellie's eyes during this intimate moment, as the adorable pair sit around a table with pals. 


The McBusted star and his singer girlfriend have been dating since earlier this year.

Since then Ellie, 27, has referred to her man as, "A very lovely human being."

Last week, Ellie flew back to London for just one day and spent a few hours with 26-year-old Dougie.

The singer has been jetting all over the place as part of her world tour, which will take her to Ibiza and Japan in early August. 

But back to that super cute picture of her and Dougie… how much are we loving Ellie's loose hair braid? 




Dougie Poynter must have been feeling protective of his girlfriend Ellie Goulding on a rare night out together.

The McFly star looked to be taking a leaf out of Kanye’s book on how to deal with the papas – he got aggressive with a photographer who was trying to get some shots of the couple on their way out of Ellie’s London home. Dougie pushed the man out of the way and looked to be giving him a few stern words.

Be careful you don’t end up doing community service like Kanye too, Doug!






Whether it’s her relationship with Dougie Poytner or her yoga routine – Ellie Goulding seemed completely happy with herself in her latest interview for Self magazine.

The singer talked about life on stage and how she considered giving up her life in the limelight due to her panic attacks.

“I was torn between that really simple life and this life of madness. My brain was getting all these crazy signals, and I’d have these faux heart attacks that felt real. There was so much adrenaline being pumped into my body that, in any normal situation, I felt as if I had to fight or flee.”

Ellie went into more detail about her panic attacks would have an effect on her daily life.

“On my way to the studio, I’d have to cover my face in the car with a pillow. I couldn’t shop, couldn’t go outside, couldn’t see people, because there were just so many triggers. And I didn’t want to tell anyone, because I just felt so stupid. I never wanted people to see me as weak.”

But Goulding says she is now in a good place with her panic attacks and is in a happy relationship with Dougie.

“I’ve definitely met someone. You get to know someone who makes you very happy and then you go away (on tour), right when it was just getting somewhere awesome. It’s not fun, but we can make it work. Love is beyond everything, beyond the universe.”