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It looks like Westlife and the Spice Girls have caused a new trend in the music industry following news of another reformation.

McFly have confirmed that they are finally reuniting this year and are set to record new music by the summer.

Bass player Dougie Poynter confirmed the news on the Sappenin’ podcast and there’s no doubt fans of the All About You singers are overjoyed by the long-awaited reunion.

Dougie shared: “McFly will at least start writing by the summer and I can’t wait I love that band and I love the guys. It’s awesome.”


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The band have been apart for quite a few years and fans never thought they’d see the day when the foursome would reunite.

Over nine years have passed since McFly released their last album so we are extremely excited to hear new material, but will anything ever beat Star Girl?


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The Too Close For Comfort singers have been focusing on other projects and expanding their families since the band went on a break in 2014.

Even Dougie admitted that the break has been a lot longer than he expected: “We decided to take some time off after we did McBusted because it was a two-year tour and there was naturally some other things everyone wanted to do.

“It actually worked out really well because all the other guys had kids in that time, so they’ve all been home for their kids.

“It almost happened last year but someone had a project or something that was coming up smack bang in the middle. And we just didn’t think there was any point,” he explained.

It may have taken far too long but we are so happy to hear that the Shine A Light singers are finally back together again.


We genuinely cannot even begin to cope with how cute Tom Fletcher is with his delightful family.

The McFly member has the voice of an angel, amazing song-writing skills (we all remember THAT wedding song), and some serious parenting skills to boot.

Image result for tom fletcher and son

It's like every single picture he posts on Instagram has been specifically chosen to pull on our heartstrings. 

Here are 10 of Tom's Insta-moments, that prove he is the BEST.DAD.EVER.

1. That time he brought Buzz on tour.

The fifth member of McFly is definitely the cutest.


New vlog up now on my YouTube. Link in the bio. McFly's 5th Member |Dear Carrie @gkaralexis

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2. When he dressed his sons in matching Disney outfits

We want one of those t-shirts though…



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3. When he took Buddy swimming

In a Buzz Lightyear swim suit no less. 

4. When he built his son's cot

A handy man to have around the house it would seem. 


Cot bed, we meet again. Can't believe I'm already converting this back for Buddy!

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5. When him and Buzz wore matching flip-flops

Stop it.


Me and Buzz are ready for the beach.

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6. This photo

Need we say more?


My happy place.

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8. When he bought Buzz a teeny tiny car

The fast and the furious… and the downright adorable. 



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8. When they had an all-boys breakfast

He cooks aswell…


Well, @mrsgifletcher is on @itvlorraine today so it's a boys breakfast (plus cat). My first morning alone with them…

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9. When he got his son's birthday's tattooed on his hands

2013 and 2016 were great years for this singer. 



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10.  When he face-swapped with his son

A sense of humour is key to good parenting.


Morning #nofilter

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We image the likes of Tom Fletcher having oh-so cool birthday bashes involving a chic nightclub, bottles of champagne and vodka, and an after-party in a five-star hotel suite. 

But nope – it seems when the dad-of-two marked his 31st bday over the weekend, he did so in a spectacularly low-key fashion.


Me and Buzz are having a shoe off.

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Indeed, and as revealed on Instagram, the celebrations looked delightfully worlds away from his celebrity status.

Standing with his two-year-old son Buzz hanging from his t-shirt (major swoon all the same), Tom can be seen holding up a balloon in his left hand, and a home-made card in his right.


Woke up to a poop on the living room floor and a pee on the bathroom floor. Happy Birthday to me…

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In the background, the glorious weekend mayhem of family-life is in clear view: oodles of coloured toys, puzzles and games and are strewn around the vicinity. 

Better still, Mr Fletcher reveals in the accompanying caption that his birthday 'presents' included "a poop on the living room floor and a pee on the bathroom floor".

Still, his loyal fans didn't seem to mind – the Instagram snap was soon flooded with hearty best wishes and birthday congratulations.

As well as toddler Buzz, Tom and his wife of four years, Giovanna, have a five-month old son, Buddy. 

Yesterday, the musician added a further snap of Buzz to his Instagram page. The touching black-and-white snap shows the child playing with a toy car. "Love watching my boy use his imagination," he wrote.

And this morning, Mr Fletcher revealed that he and his eldest son had on complementing footwear.

Me and Buzz are having a shoe-off," he wrote alongside a snap showing the elder Fletcher in Mickey Mouse slip-ons, and the little boy in corresponding Super Mario runners.



Tom and Giovanna Fletcher welcomed their son Buddy earlier last month, and now the doting dad himself has introduced his newborn to the world.

Tom made an adorable video of when Giovanna was only three months pregnant, and in short clips, brought it up to present day.

His older son, Buzz also makes an appearance in the video, and it's just too cute to handle.

Tom shared the video on Twitter today, saying: "Wishing my wife @MrsGiFletcher a happy Mother's Day. You are truly incredible, look at what you did in 9 months! X" Awwww…



In this day and age, and with all the controversy of it online, it's a wonder why people feel the need to body shame. We're all different, we're all beautiful – end of story.

But Tom Fletcher's wife, Giovanna, had to take it upon herself to hit back at nasty strangers who criticised her baby bump.

The mother-of-two took to Instagram to tell fans about the stranger's comment and how it affected her.

"A few days ago I had a near stranger point at my stomach, laugh and say 'Oh look, Mummy's still got her tummy'. This was eleven days after giving birth," she began.

"Yes, I still have a bump. But that bump kept my little baby boy safe for a whole nine months. That bump has filled my world with even more love and light than I knew possible. That bump is a miracle worker."

The post was filled with positivity and love and we just hope we look that good after giving birth. 



It's been just over a week since Tom and Giovanna Fletcher welcomed the newest addition to their picture-perfect (or vlog-perfect), and we already have a first picture.

After teasing fans with news of little Buddy's birth by tweeting the words "Player 2 has entered the game" last Tuesday, McFly singer Tom kept things simple with the first official baby photo too, choosing only to share a snap of his new son's tiny feet.

"Can't believe these feet are a week old already. Happy 1st week in the world Buddy!" the proud dad wrote on Instagram last night.

We've also had a glimpse of what appears to be Buddy's hand, in this picture posted last week with no caption, just two days after the couple welcomed their new arrival:

The couple are already parents to a two-year-old son, Buzz, who features regularly in Tom's adorable father-and-son vlogs.

Over the last couple of years, the videos have earned the Fletcher family something of a cult following, and indeed the couple used a vlog to announce their pregnancy back in September. 

The singer, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2010, recently explained that his outlook on life had changed over the last two years, largely thanks to becoming a dad.

"Having a kid has really helped me in my life. It gives you a sense of needing to be stable," he told The Mirror.


He may be an ace drummer, a prime member of pop/ rock supergroup McBusted as well as a total natural on the dance floor but now Harry Judd can add doting father to his long list of accomplishments. 

The former McFly drummer has announced that his wife Izzy Johnston gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday evening. 

And it seems he is super proud of his new bundle as he took to Twitter to share the news. 

"Lola Rose Emma Judd entered the world at 8:43pm 25/1/16. Both Mummy and Lola are doing very well," read the adorable tweet. 

"Izzy is my hero and I love my girls."


The Strictly Come Dancing winner could not wait to become a dad as he told fans: "Every night I go to sleep hoping Izzy will wake me up in the middle of the night having gone into labour. Here's to another night."

After years of struggling to conceive, the couple revealed their successful pregnancy as a result of IVF treatment and announced the happy news back in July. 

The pair were super excited about their second pregnancy as the first attempt ended in a miscarriage early last year. 

The happy couple, who married in 2012, are following in the footsteps of Harry's McBusted bandmate Tom Fletcher who also had a child with his wife using IVF.  


At his lowest point he contemplated suicide, but these days Tom Fletcher says he is in a much clearer, healthier and more stable place.

The singer, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2010, explains that his outlook on life has changed over the last two years, largely thanks to his son Buzz.

"Having a kid has really helped me in my life. It gives you a sense of needing to be stable," he told The Mirror.

"It’s not about you any more, it’s about this child that you’ve decided to bring into the world. 

"You don’t have any choice but to cope with life because you’re doing it for someone else."

Tom and his wife Giovanna welcomed Buzz in 2013, and the McBusted star says it was a huge turning point for him. So much so, in fact, that he no longer uses medication.

The 30-year-old, who is expecting his second child early next year, first opened up about his mental health issues after Robin Williams's suicide last year.

Writing in response to a radio host who branded Williams' decision to take his own life as "diabolical," Tom said depression was no black and white issue.

"Sometimes … the storms come. I'm not talking about a light shower, I mean the full works," he wrote on his website. 

"The darkest skies you have ever seen … It's so completely consuming that it is suddenly not only the only thing you know but the only thing you have ever known.

"When I'm not in a storm I can remember pretty well what it was like being in it, but when I am in the storm I can't remember what it's like ever being happy."                     

We're delighted to hear Tom is doing so well these days.



Tom Fletcher is definitely one of the most adorable dads there is on Instagram, and we think he may have just outdone himself with his latest post. 

The McBusted frontman shared a sweet video yesterday of himself and his 18-month-old son Buzz singing together, and it already has over 700,000 views. It's clear that Tom is determined to get his son into music too, as the father-son duo sing their cover of Justin Bieber's Baby. 

Buzz does BieberWe discovered we can nail this song as a father/son duet! 😉

Posted by Tom Fletcher on Monday, August 10, 2015

The dad of one leads the way with the song and Buzz chips in saying "baby" right on cue. We can't handle the cuteness…

Tom seems to be making a habit of recording his duets with his son and we hope he keeps it up. A few weeks ago he posted a shorter clip of the pair singing Lionel Richie's Easy and Twitter went into complete meltdown when they heard the one-year-old sing.


We're feeling easy.

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Buzz's musical talents have clearly been passed onto him from his dad who is the lead singer of McBusted and who writes all of the music for the band. 

This video has brightened up our day, keep em' coming Tom!



Former McFly lead singer, Tom Fletcher, is well known for having one of the best Instagram accounts there is. 

He constantly posts adorable pictures and videos of his son and wife and he just makes our hearts melt every time.

But this Sunday morning, he has out done himself, he posted up this cute video of himself singing with his son Buzz.

In the video, Tom is singing Lionel Richie's 'Easy' and Buzz joins in with his part whenever his Dad points to him. 


We're feeling easy.

A video posted by TomFletcher (@tomfletcher) on

He is clearly following in his Dad's musical footsteps! 

This isn't the first time we've seen a musical video from this household, a few weeks ago Tom posted a video of him and his wife dancing around the Kitchen to the Spice Girls with Buzz. 


Spicing up our Sunday morning.

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Harry Judd, the drummer of McFly and McBusted has just revealed that he and his wife are expecting their first child.

The gorgeous 29-year-old took to Instagram to share the news. In the photo, Harry is smiling along with his wife Izzy who is holding her tiny baby bump.

“Izzy and I are so happy and feel truly blessed to be able to share with you that we are expecting our very own little miracle #BabyJudd” the musican wrote.

It is no huge surprise that the couple are starting a family as it was only a few months ago that Mr Judd revealed to OK! magazine that he wanted to have kids at some point in the future.

“It’s not like we’re planning,” the star admitted. “But we want kids one day. We don’t really know. I still feel quite young. But I want kids more than anything, one day.”

Harry isn’t the first member of the McBusted team to start a family. Tom Fletcher has just celebrated his son Buzz’s first birthday.  


Ok it's official: former McFly front-man Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna are the cutest couple on Instagram.

Along with pictures of their son, Buzz, the teenage sweethearts regularly share snaps of themselves living what seems to be a very normal life.

Indeed, their featured activities include watching Game Of Thrones and going for morning strolls.

The pair met when they were just 13, which makes this particular love-story all the more perfect.

In short, they are SOOOOOOO in love! 



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Along with the rest of McFly, 29-year-old Fletcher swapped over to super group McBusted in 2013. And that band is still going strong: they have just finished a world tour which included a successful visit to Ireland. 

Tom even posted a picture depicting a pint of Guinness and captioned "goodnight" to celebrate wrapping up the Dublin show. 


4 years ago today I put a ring on it and asked @mrsgifletcher to be my wifeypoos.

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He also shared a snap of the location where he popped the question to his "wifepoos" – also the spot where they met for the first time (awww!).

The couple recently celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary and thankfully for us, they marked the day by sharing lots of lovely pictures with the world.


#threeyears #becomingafletcher

A photo posted by Giovanna Fletcher (@mrsgifletcher) on

His wife, Giovanna, is a 30-year-old author and sister of Towie's Mario Falcone.

She is a first-time mum and a self-confessed Nutella-lover, who has dedicated her Instagram account to her other-half. 


This is a woman about to start writing her 4th novel. Doesn't look like she's getting much done to me.

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It's clear Fletcher is absolutely head-over-heels for his wife as, in return, his Instagram revolves almost entirely around her. 

The Fletchers are just back from a family holiday and Tom informed us that Giovanna is ''about to start writing her fourth novel''. 

You might remember Tom shared their journey from bump-to-baby in an adorable time lapse video last year, and it seems he hasn't stopped being adorable since. 


She still loves me.

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But the award of cutest picture of all goes to a shot of Buzz and his dad asleep. We literally can't deal… We're gone. Bye!