THROWBACK: Busted confirm that they have a new album on the way

Calling all 00s teens!

One of the biggest boy bands of the decade have just revealed that they have a brand new album on the way. 

Busted, of Year 3000 fame, are making a 2018 comeback with the launch of their new album. 

The trio took to Twitter to post a recent snap of themselves lounging on some stairs (very boyband) with the caption:

'Did somebody say… new album?'


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The lads haven't given us a taster yet of what kind of sound their new album will provide, but they previously told This Morning that is will be similar to their signature sound.

'We just finished our fourth album, I just had the final master back on Friday, it's brilliant.'

'It's a return to form for Busted, we sat down and wrote it together and if you're a Busted fan you're going to love it because it's very much a Busted style album.'

Is it time to get our studded belts and kohl eyeliner back out?