Pale girls rejoice! There is now a light shade of this iconic bronzer


Being blessed with a pasty Irish complexion can make shopping for bronzing and sculpting products a little tricky.

We've all suffered through those moments where we suddenly realise that what looked like beautifully sculpted cheekbones in our bedrooms this morning, actually looks like two orange stripes lining our faces. 

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Unless you apply a layer or two of fake tan, most bronzers are simply too dark and orange-toned for cooler skin tones, but now one iconic bronzer is being re-launched in a shade for pasty girls. 

Benefits Hoola Bronzer is a makeup bag staple loved by the Kardashians, makeup artists, and normal girls alike. 

Pic: Benefit

Now the iconic bronzer is getting a long overdue paler companion, in the form of Hoola Lite.

The shade is perfect for pasty girls all year round, or for fans of a tan in the wintertime when their post-holiday glow is less prominent. 

The bronzing powder is already available online, and we can't wait to give it a try on our wintry complexions.