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So, if you've ever dreamt of bathing in a tub full of Kentucky Fried Chicken, then oh boy, have we got news for you.

In what is possibly one of the more bizarre beauty/food combos to emerge in recent times, KFC Japan have created the ‘Chicken Smell Bathing Powder,’ that'll leave your skin smelling like Colonel Sanders himself.

Shaped like a drumstick for that authentic feel, the bath bomb is the result of a collaboration between the fast-food chain and Japanese retailer Village Vanguard – a company known for its unique bathing products.

Rather unsurprisingly, the product has received a bit of mixed reaction so far, with some Twitter users asking why the product was ever created in the first place:

Love it, or loath it – it's pretty unlikely you'll ever get your hands on one anyway. 

With just 100 of these bad boys in existence, they are not available to buy. 

Instead, you'll need to retweet the tweet below in order to be in with the chance to win. 

And if all else fails – just dump a few family sized buckets into the bath for the same effect. 



When we think 00s, we think low rise jeans and roll-on body glitter, but there was another major tech-cessory that defined the era. 

In the early days, mobile phones were for playing Snake and downloading those hideously overpriced beep ring tone versions of your favourite Avril Lavigne songs. 

There were no built-in cameras, no apps, and you had to delete blocks of text messages to make space for the latest text chain mail. 

 In homage to the iconic and indestructible phone, bath products company Loquita Bath & Body have created a stunning version of the Nokia 3210. 

While normally dropping your phone in the bath would spell disaster, this one is literally made for just that. 

The bath bomb is vegan and cruelty free, and looks like it turns the bath a beautiful shade of blue. 

If the block phones weren't your jam back in the day, what about another 90/00s icon, the Troll doll?

This stunning grape bath bomb is making us almost as nostalgic as the blockia. 



After a long day at work, there is no better feeling than dropping a gloriously scented bath bomb into a tub of hot water and having a good soak.

Through the haze of delicious scents and choruses of 'can I help you with anything?' that populate a Lush store, we almost always head straight for the precariously stacked, rainbow-hued corner which houses the bath bombs, so we like to think we're a bit of an expert when it comes to a Lush bath. 

That's why we weren't hugely surprised to discover that one particular bath bomb is the ethical bath product company's best-selling product. 

The Intergalactic Bath Bomb takes the top spot, with one being sold every 10 seconds, and 3.5 million sold across the globe last year. 

Lush describes the magical blue bomb as taking a trip through the beautifully coloured cosmos.  

'Invite the cosmos into your bathroom with this sexy, interstellar bomb and become the guardian of your own galaxy.'

'An awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon colour sends your mood rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip around the Milky Way.'

We're pretty sure we have one of the bad boys at home, so we know exactly what we'll be doing this evening. 



While we might (sadly) live in the muggle world, that doesn't stop us wondering what Hogwarts house we would have been sorted into, had we been granted the gift of a Hogwarts letter on our 11th birthday.

Seeing as we don't have access to Dumbledore's Sorting Hat, we'll have to opt for another method of house allocation, and what better way than a nice relaxing bath. 

The Sorting Hat bath bomb is officially in existence, and we couldn't be more excited.

The bath bomb is the brain child of Harry Potter fan Rebecca Lynn, a very crafty Instagrammer who spends her spare time making amazing bath creations.


A video posted by Brittany (@brittany_bibliophile) on

The Sorting Hat bath bomb is an enchanting concoction of shea butter and grapeseed oil, which will not only make your skin silky smooth but will also give you a hint as to what Hogwarts house you are destined for. 

The bath bombs are a nondescript white, but once you drop them into your bubbling bath they turn your bath water a vibrant shade, revealing your house colours.

emibob animated GIF

The shades are true to the novels, with red for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw, yellow for Hufflepuff and green for Slytherin. 

The perfect gift for the Harry Potter fanatic in your life. 



Ever wondered what Voldemort's bath would look like?  Well one Twitter user has the answer.

A video of a black bath bomb was uploaded to Twitter on Monday and has since become an unexpected viral hit.

Jack Mull tweeted the clip which shows the dark substance being lowered into a bath full of clear water and as soon as the two meet the entire bath turns totally black.

Jack eloquently captioned the video "this bath bomb is some Voldemort sh*t" and once you watch the video it's easy to see why.

Twitter users reacted excitedly to the video which has now been shared 9,000 times.

Some were happy to continue the Harry Potter themed jokes (tbf who doesn't love a good Potter lol?) with Tweets like: "I think you found a horcrux".


While others were just plain worried that the murky water would ink their skin.