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This Christmas, Quality Street fans no longer need to leave their street, home or even their armchair to buy personalised tins of their favourite sweets, as the brand announces a new webshop www.qualitystreet.co.uk.

The move means that shoppers will be able to buy bespoke tins of Quality Street all the year round. Visitors to the site can select up to six different sweets or opt for the classic Quality Street mix. They can personalise their tin with a name of their choice* and have it delivered straight to their door. Last year, Nestlé had an overwhelming response to their Quality Street pop-up shops, so they knew just much people love to personalise their Quality Street tins.  They are now taking it that one step further by offering fans the chance to also choose the perfect mix of their favourite sweets for that personalised tin. Even more exciting is the news that with our new Quality Street web shop, they can now do all this in a matter of clicks, from the comfort of their own home. 

The site will offer 1kg tins of Quality Street costing €20.00 including delivery to Irish addresses.

The webshop is not the only innovation from Quality Street in 2020. Earlier this year, Quality Street Intrigue, a range of indulgent truffles inspired by classic flavours from the brand, hit stores nationwide.

Available in two delicious flavours: Salted Caramel Truffles and Praline Truffles, Intrigue comes beautifully packaged in 200g boxes each containing 20 individually wrapped sweets and are now available at most major supermarkets.

2020 will be a Christmas unlike any other, when familiar traditions become more important than ever and we think this will be a lovely way to make the most of it.


This Christmas, Irish Quality Street fans can for the first time personalise a tin of this iconic festive favourite which is bound to put a smile on your face.  It's available at select Dunnes Stores but for a limited period only.

Following the success of last year’s run in the UK, the tin personalisation service will be touring three Dunnes Stores from 3rd December until 11th December.

You can have your tin personalised at the following stores:

Dunnes Stores, Cornelscourt, Dublin 18 – Tuesday 3rd / Wednesday 4th / Thursday 5th December

Dunnes Stores, Jetland, Limerick – Friday 6th / Saturday 7th / Sunday 8th December

Dunnes Stores, Donaghmede, Dublin 13 – Monday 9th / Tuesday 10th / Wednesday 11th December


This service is free with the purchase of a 1kg Quality Street tin* at selected stores during the tour. To customise their tin, shoppers simply need to choose a name or word (maximum of nine letters) which will be laser-engraved on the lid while they wait.

Maria McKenna, Marketing Manager for Nestlé Ireland Confectionery said:  “Our much-loved iconic Quality Street brand is all about bringing families and friends together. Sharing Quality Street favourites at Christmas is a festive tradition. Seeing the joy it brought to shoppers in the UK last year, we are now thrilled to be able to offer Irish customers the chance to purchase the unique tins that are collectable too.

“Whether you choose to customise your tin with your name, that of a loved one or even your own street, we’re delighted to be partnering with Dunnes Stores so that fans can pick up a personalised tin along with their weekly shop for the first time this year.”


There has been a debate raging online over the occupation of a particular Haribo sweet.

The Haribo Starmix bag is a classic confectionery treat, but one Facebook post posed a question that made us reconsider everything we ever thought we knew about the jelly sweets. 

The bag has a strictly cosmic theme, and Scottish Patterr made a connection between the theme and the classic fried egg sweetie, which he claims is a flying saucer.

Another Facebook user backed him up adding, "Egg = UFO, Cola bottles = spaceship, ring = Saturn rings, bear = astronaut in his outfit." Mindblowing. 

The internet quickly descended into madness over this divisive issue, with people feeling that the veil has been lifted on a confectionery conspiricy that they never knew about.

Others adamantly belive that the egg is an egg, and this is backed up by a statement on the Haribo website. 

"HARIBO Starmix contains the ever popular favourite shapes such as the lemon flavoured Fried Eggs and raspberry flavoured Heart Throbs."

"There are also the iconic Cola Bottles and strawberry, lemon and orange flavoured Bears."

"As well as the playful Rings in raspberry & pineapple, orange & lemon and raspberry & lemon flavours."

Despite the official source putting the argument to bed, the debate rages on. What do you think? 




With Halloween quickly approaching, people everywhere are already foaming at the mouth at the thought of all the sweets they’ll be indulging in on October 31st.

However, with eyes much bigger than our bellies, we're sure to be binging on Halloween choccies for weeks!

Image result for eating candy gif

Now, while we’re all for allowing yourself a treat now and then, moderation is key because all that junk can take a long time to work off.

We’ve broken down how many jumping jacks you’d have to do to burn off all those added calories in hopes of making Halloween as sin-free as possible.

Image result for jumping jack gif

And these numbers are just for the fun-size sweeties… you've been warned!

Fun-Size Halloween Treats

No. of jumping jacks

 Jelly Belly Jellybeans 234
 Kit Kat 467
 M&M's (plain) 487
 Milky Way 534
 Skittles 534
 Snickers 534
 Twix 534
 Dairy Milk 534
 Crunchie 540
 M&M's (peanut) 600
 Maltesers 654
 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 734
 Rolo 1,067


Image result for gym tired gif

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but you'll thank us in November!


If you dreamed of living in a castle someday, then feast your eyes on this.

Not only is this a pretty pink castle fit for a princess (or queen, whatever you prefer), it's also made entirely out of cake.

Yep, CAKE. And icing, and sweets and cherries. Yum.

The exhibit, which is titled Break Bread, is a wonderful dessert art installation, featuring six rooms, cake sculptures, a Cirque Du Soleil-themed bar and a chandelier made out of hard sweets. It also has a mind-blowing amount of pink icing on the inside.

BRB.. we're pretty much set on booking tickets to LA now.


We all love a good hot chocolate to cheer us up on cold winter days, but this no-bake hot chocolate cheesecake is something that will cheer us up for the entire week.

So simple and stuffed with marshmallows and cream, this Delish recipe will be the best hot chocolate you'll ever taste. Forget about the drinking kind.


  • 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream
  • 340g of softened cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 packs of hot chocolate mix
  • 1 cup mini marshmallows
  • whipped cream


1. Whisk up your heavy cream until it forms stiff peaks. Then add the cream cheese and sugar and beat until completely smooth.

2. Fold in the hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. Pour the mixture into a tin lined with grease-proof paper and smooth over the top.

3. Cover with more mini marshmallows and cover in plastic wrap. Leave in the fridge until firm (3-4 hours) or ideally overnight.

Now pour over some whipped cream and tuck in to the best hot chocolate EVER.


As much as we love eating healthy and keeping fit, there comes a point where you need to let yourself go a bit and just eat some food that you actually LOVE. 

Like snacks. ALL the snacks. Doritos, Coca-Cola, chips and dips, wraps, crisps; the list is endless. 

All of these delicious snacks were put together by Delish to make a mini football stadium. You can see the pitch, the stands and even the goals. 

It's pretty impressive, but to be honest, it's making us super-hungry just looking at it. When is lunch time? 


Most of us will try to go on a diet in the new year (new year, new you, and all that) but what we might not have thought about is a JUNK FOOD diet. 

We all know that junk food gets a bad rep in the foodie world, but eating kale and juice and kale juice can get a bit boring.

So, writer, Jeff Wilser, decided to just eat junk food (think take-aways, chocolate bars and pretty much anything you'll get in a vending machine) for an entire month and see exactly how healthy he was by the end of it.

Now, he didn't go down the free-for-all trail, he limited his calorie intake to around 2,000 a day, and kept his meals in with the reccomended serving size on the package.

He practically ate any sweet or bar he wanted for dinner, but let's be real, a handful of jellies won't constitute a full meal. 

And by day 31, something happened that no one thought would: he LOST weight, and a lot of it.

Eleven pounds, to be exact, and his doctor even said it was too much weight to lose. As well as that, his bad cholesterol went down, his good cholesterol went up, and he lost two percent of his body fat.

So, in the end, it all comes down to calories and moderation, we guess, and even if you're eating junk food everyday, if you eat less that you burn, you're still going to lose weight. 


We wouldn't say no to a free lollipop stumbling out of a pub after the Stephen's Day celebrations at 3 am. 

Even though we know that we would probably prefer a big greasy bag of chips. 

Well, Mayo County Council are hoping that by appealing to our sweet tooth this year, they can help to appease the drunk and disorderly conduct that is becoming synonymous with the Christmas period. 

Representatives of the local council will be on hand to give out the sweet treats as people leave pubs and nightclubs in the local area over the festive period. 

The lollipops will be emblazoned with positive, road safety messages such as "get home safely." 

And according to the Road Safety Officer in Mayo, the council are expecting to the project to go down a treat.

"Like giving candy to a grumpy baby, lollipops are said to have similar effects on grown men and women.

"Moreover, arguments fuelled by drunken bravado and macho attitudes often escalate following verbal exchanges.But stick a lollipop in their mouth, and it becomes a lot harder to shout."

The project was modelled after a number of similar projects initiated across the UK and Canada which were deemed highly successful. 

"In other countries police noticed an immediate decrease in rowdy activity and an increase in calming energy and awareness created around the message on the lollipop."


Have you had a love affair with liquorice? Get shaky around a bit of sherbet? Do you go mad for a bit of marshmallow? Well, you are most definitely not alone. 

In fact, it turns out our consistent love of all things sweet and sugary is not a modern phenomenon. 

Our cave dwelling ancestors loved a bit of something sweet as early as 8000BC and apparently would raid beehives to snack on honeycomb.

We know the feeling.

According to confectionery historian Tim Richardson, many of the sweets we know and love today have been around for a long time, but have been simply repackaged to suit the time period.

“Throughout history, many sweets have maintained their allure and popularity because they have kept up with the latest taste trends while fitting in with changing lifestyles.”

So do you have a favourite type of sweet? Check out our timeline below to find out where it came from. 


Depicted in cave drawings from around 8000BC, the first cavemen would face the wrath of angry bees just to get some of that sweet stuff.

This is the first reference to a 'sweet' as we know it making honeycomb our oldest known sugary treat. Yum.


First discovered in 800BC, this sweet substance taken from the roots of the liquorice plant was initially used in medicines.

Until they realised how delicious it was. 


The first reference to a lolly came in 1550 when syrup was dropped into special boxes filled with the upright sticks and left to harden.

So simple!

Gums and Pastilles

The concoction of our favourite chewy sweets was perfected in France from as early as 1650.

It was not until a French master confectioner arrived in England in the 1890s with the idea for fruit pastilles that the sweets became a public favourite, all thanks to Rowntree's.

Chewing Gum

Though chewing gum in many forms is said to have existed since the Neolithic period, the first flavoured chewing gum as we know it  was created and marketed by an American entrepreneur called Thomas Adams.

Chicle is the natural gum from which chewing gum is made and Adams had intended to use it as a substitute for rubber. It did not quite work as a rubber replacement but instead was cut up and sold as gum.


Originally a medicine derived from the marshmallow plant, French confectioners imitated the sweet substance using egg whites and flour.

It went on to take the US by storm.


And we come to the modern day king of the sweets, the Haribo Starmix *drool*

These sweets came into their own in the 1990’s and were marketed as an alternative to hard boiled sweets that were popular in the 20th century. 


School lunches: oh, how we lamented them at the time. But now? Now we realise just how valuable they once were. 

Granted going outside to clean the duster; cries of "teigh a chodladh", and gloopy bowls of nature table tadpoles were all highlights – but little makes us pine for the classrooms of yesteryear more than thoughts of lunch-box loveliness.

Yes, having been hit by a generous gale of nostalgia, SHEmazing! brings you the top six things that really make us hungry for a traditional primary school lón… just like mammy used to make them.

1. Swapsies  

Your mam just didn’t get it: you don’t like brown bread; you don’t do cheese, and smokey bacon crisps are not now nor have they ever been for the win.

Fear not! Even if your own lunch-box was looking less than appetising, there was always another child only delira to embrace your hand-me-downs in return for their own unwanted ware.

Everyone’s a winner! Except your unsuspecting “oh but you’ve ALWAYS loved under-ripe pears!” mam – who continues to this day to pile you with your least favourite lunch foods.

2. Penguin Bars

The day was always off to a good start when you found one of these gems snuggled in beside your sambo. Those with self-control saved theirs until big lón; others scoffed theirs during 11am sós.

Understandably, the idea of sharing was never entertained; if nothing else, it would have been far too challenging to try to pry apart the delicious, chocolatey biscuit exterior from the soft, sweet centre.

Almost as good – the gloriously woeful jokes on the back. Qs: How does a penguin make pancakes? A: With its flippers. Golden.

3. Billy Roll 

Ah, beautiful Billy Roll. If you strutted onto the playground with a Billy Roll sandwich, you could expect to be on the receiving end of many a jealous stare. You could hardly blame them. Mr Robert Roll was a treat of the highest order.

And even in the days before selfies, those feeling daring might delicately remove Billy’s eyes, nose and mouth, next placing the cold, moist piece of questionably-sourced processed pig on their faces for the ‘larf’. The messers.

4. Milk from a carton

Come rain or shine, you were always greeted at the school’s entrance by piled-high cartons of ice cold milk – all of which came complete with a straw.

You wouldn’t, of course, drink a glass of milk for love nor money at home, but put it in a cardboard box with a plastic drinking tube attached (gently warmed to room temperature too) and you suddenly you couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

Feeling fancy? Strawberry and banana varieties were also on offer on special occasions. And afterwards… oh behold – the pure joy of blowing into the cartons and jumping on them to make a loud bang.

5. Triangle sandwiches 

The traditional no nonsense sambo was cut down the middle, wrapped in tin-foil and contained ham, turkey or cheese (no uppity notions here, no siree). But then – lo and behold! – you also had the triangular strain. And for some reason, triangle sandwiches always tasted nicer.

The one downside, however, was that they couldn’t really accommodate a sprinkling of Tayto, which sadly meant no spur-of-the-moment crisp sandwiches.  

6. Popcorn

Popcorn at school was a BIG treat. A Ziplock bag of the homemade kind did very nicely, though the real Holy Grail was a bag of salt-filled, Manhattan goodness.

Taking the runners-up spot was a bag of Monster Munch.

Unfortunately, your classmates were also far more likely to dive their greasy hands into your bag to help themselves. You had to concede lest you be labelled a ‘scab,’ so a good ploy was to furiously stuff as much as possibly into your mouth before your peers had the opportunity to pounce. 



We all treat ourselves from time to time, but when the craving for a certain food won't go away, it may be something to think about.

There's no 100 percent way to figure out exactly why you want to eat a particular type of food at a particular time. It can baffle the best of us!

But some food cravings can hint at nutritional deficiencies or other health issues, according to Joseph Colella, author of The Appetite Solution

While you might not be able to diagnose yourself on food cravings alone, putting your food cravings into context can help to give your body what it really needs. 

So consider these triggers the next time you're reaching for the snacks:


If you crave chocolate, it doesn't mean your body has a chocolate deficiency (although we would probably prefer that).

Chocolate is high in magnesium and cravings often indicate that this mineral is low in your body. If this craving strikes, eat foods such as nuts, seeds and leafy greens. 

And if you must go for the chocolate (because let's face it, who can resist), choose organic or eat dark chocolate. 



If you crave sweets you could be experiencing blood sugar fluctuations. When you blood level drops, your body is telling you to give it more fuel. 

While eating a handful of sweets might give you a rush of energy for a few minutes, beware, because you will come crashing down.

Instead try fruit, beans or wholegrains to give your body the energy it needs. 


Salty Food

Cravings for salty foods like popcorn or chips often indicate stress hormone fluctuations in the body – so getting on top of stress in your life is step one.

The adrenal glands in our bodies help to cope with stress, and in our hectic lives, it often gets worn out. Try meditation or breathing exercises to nab anything getting out of control.



A craving for cheese or pizza could mean you have a fatty acid deficiency, which is actually common in most people. Eat foods such a raw nuts, wild salmon and flaxseeds. Regularly eating these types of foods should cut the cheese craving out altogether. 


Red Meat

Not surprisingly, a craving for red meat usually means you have an iron deficiency. Women are particularly vulnerable to this during their periods and head straight for burgers or steaks. 

Eat more iron-rich foods like beans, prunes, figs and other dried fruits. And if you need the meat, choose a lean or organic cut.