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Are you getting bored with your favourite things? It's easy for it to happen; we get so used to our fave foods and experiences that they lose their old lustre.

One study says, though, that we can find joy in old things by experiencing them in new ways, such as eating popcorn with chopsticks.

The research team found that consuming everyday items like popcorn, videos, and even water in unconventional ways helped people find new enjoyment in them.

"When you eat popcorn with chopsticks, you pay more attention and you are more immersed in the experience," Robert Smith, co-author of the study and assistant professor of marketing at The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business, told Science Daily, "It's like eating popcorn for the first time."

Smith, his co-author Ed O'Brien of the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, and their colleagues conducted four experiments in order to see if unconventional consumption methods impact our enjoyment of things we're used to.

68 people came to a laboratory in one study, supposedly for an experiment exploring how to 'help people eat more slowly'.

Half of the group were told to eat 10 kernels of popcorn with their hands one at a time, while the others were told to eat the kernels one at a time with chopsticks.

Afterwards, those who ate the kernels with chopsticks reported enjoying the popcorn more. They also reported feeling more immersed in the experience. The participants said that eating the kernels this way intensified the taste and helped them focus on the food.

The 68 participants were then asked to repeat the experiment, and in this second trial everyone enjoyed the popcorn equally and felt equally immersed, no matter how they ate it.

In their second experiment, 300 people were asked to come up with novel ways to drink water, such as sipping it out of a martini glass or lapping it up like a cat. Those who drank water in new ways reported enjoying it more than those who drank it normally.

In the final two experiments, people were asked to watch a video three times, with the third instance being unconventional for some.

The video shown was filmed with a GoPro camera and showed a motorcycle ride.

On the third time viewing, a third of participants still watched the video the same way, while another third watched the video flipped so it was upside-down. 

The last third were told to watch using 'hand-goggles' – touching their thumbs and index fingers to create goggles with their hands and then tracking the journey by bobbing their head along with the cyclist.

Those who watched the conventional way reported less enjoyment watching the third time around, and those who watched the video upside-down didn't enjoy it very much.

Even though their viewing was unconventional, it is thought that because it was disruptive they didn't enjoy its novelty.

The group who watched with 'hand-goggles' reported the most enjoyment. When researchers told participants they could download the video, three times the amount of people in the hand-goggle group chose to download compared to the others.

"They actually thought the video was better because the hand-goggles got them to pay more attention to what they were watching than they would have otherwise. They were more immersed in the video," Smith noted.

So if you're feeling like everything is 'same old, same old' these days, maybe mix it up with some unconventional consumption methods!


OK, so Scarlett Johansson opening up a popcorn shop has kinda baffled us.

One; well, it's not the first thing we think of when it comes to Scarlett Jo, but also because who says, 'when I become rich and famous I want to sell popcorn!'? 

But, the blonde beauty has gone ahead and opened up a popcorn shop with her hubby in France.

Image result for yummy pop scarlett johansson

Named Yummy Pop (… yep), it will serve top notch popcorn in flavours such as truffle, parmesan & sage and real Vermont cheddar. Very fancy, indeed.

The new venture is going to have a soft opening this weekend where Scarlett will even be serving popcorn to her guests.

Image result for yummy pop scarlett johansson

Yummy Pop is located in Marais, and if it's a hit, Scar plans on opening up in locations all around France.

In fairness, we'd give it a go.


School lunches: oh, how we lamented them at the time. But now? Now we realise just how valuable they once were. 

Granted going outside to clean the duster; cries of "teigh a chodladh", and gloopy bowls of nature table tadpoles were all highlights – but little makes us pine for the classrooms of yesteryear more than thoughts of lunch-box loveliness.

Yes, having been hit by a generous gale of nostalgia, SHEmazing! brings you the top six things that really make us hungry for a traditional primary school lón… just like mammy used to make them.

1. Swapsies  

Your mam just didn’t get it: you don’t like brown bread; you don’t do cheese, and smokey bacon crisps are not now nor have they ever been for the win.

Fear not! Even if your own lunch-box was looking less than appetising, there was always another child only delira to embrace your hand-me-downs in return for their own unwanted ware.

Everyone’s a winner! Except your unsuspecting “oh but you’ve ALWAYS loved under-ripe pears!” mam – who continues to this day to pile you with your least favourite lunch foods.

2. Penguin Bars

The day was always off to a good start when you found one of these gems snuggled in beside your sambo. Those with self-control saved theirs until big lón; others scoffed theirs during 11am sós.

Understandably, the idea of sharing was never entertained; if nothing else, it would have been far too challenging to try to pry apart the delicious, chocolatey biscuit exterior from the soft, sweet centre.

Almost as good – the gloriously woeful jokes on the back. Qs: How does a penguin make pancakes? A: With its flippers. Golden.

3. Billy Roll 

Ah, beautiful Billy Roll. If you strutted onto the playground with a Billy Roll sandwich, you could expect to be on the receiving end of many a jealous stare. You could hardly blame them. Mr Robert Roll was a treat of the highest order.

And even in the days before selfies, those feeling daring might delicately remove Billy’s eyes, nose and mouth, next placing the cold, moist piece of questionably-sourced processed pig on their faces for the ‘larf’. The messers.

4. Milk from a carton

Come rain or shine, you were always greeted at the school’s entrance by piled-high cartons of ice cold milk – all of which came complete with a straw.

You wouldn’t, of course, drink a glass of milk for love nor money at home, but put it in a cardboard box with a plastic drinking tube attached (gently warmed to room temperature too) and you suddenly you couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

Feeling fancy? Strawberry and banana varieties were also on offer on special occasions. And afterwards… oh behold – the pure joy of blowing into the cartons and jumping on them to make a loud bang.

5. Triangle sandwiches 

The traditional no nonsense sambo was cut down the middle, wrapped in tin-foil and contained ham, turkey or cheese (no uppity notions here, no siree). But then – lo and behold! – you also had the triangular strain. And for some reason, triangle sandwiches always tasted nicer.

The one downside, however, was that they couldn’t really accommodate a sprinkling of Tayto, which sadly meant no spur-of-the-moment crisp sandwiches.  

6. Popcorn

Popcorn at school was a BIG treat. A Ziplock bag of the homemade kind did very nicely, though the real Holy Grail was a bag of salt-filled, Manhattan goodness.

Taking the runners-up spot was a bag of Monster Munch.

Unfortunately, your classmates were also far more likely to dive their greasy hands into your bag to help themselves. You had to concede lest you be labelled a ‘scab,’ so a good ploy was to furiously stuff as much as possibly into your mouth before your peers had the opportunity to pounce. 


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